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  1. I've done the same Ben! My MK3 MX-5 track thing. It was £1800 from Facebook! 2.0 Sport with the 6 speed and LSD. Cheaper than most MK1/2's! So far it's had new brakes all round (Brembo discs and M1166 pads), a exhaust manifold, Bilstein B14 PSS coilovers and some Michelin PS4 tyres. So it owes me about £3200 all in. Taking it to Donnington this weekend. Its going to take an age to get round with 150bhp/tonne, I really do miss 600bhp/tonne!
  2. Yes. For an MX-5 it'd need, a pulley set up, a different thermostat housing and the PS pump lifting 10mm. Then a tune via a ECUTEK dealer. Not ott work, but work none the less.
  3. No I had it on an MX-5 I've just bought. Its getting sold as I'm building another mental 260bhp+ N/A Duratec for it.
  4. Also this will work with the standard bottom end and head/cams. The 2.9" Pulley @ 12psi will test it a little but in a car as light as a 7, it should be fine. Plenty of people using them in MX-5 as this boost on stock bottom ends.
  5. They use a Rotrex type charger I believe.
  6. Cosworth Supercharger kit Eaton M62 supercharger Cast housing and inlet manifold Inbuilt charge cooler DBW throttle but a cable one will fit too 550cc injectors (brand new) Map sensor Intake temp sensor Idler pulley Auto tensioner Charge cooler kit with pump, radiator and header tank Cosworth fuel rail but the standard one is fine Assorted hoses 3.3” pulley for 250bhp 7psi 2.9” pulley for 300bhp 12psi Will fit 2.0 2.3 and 2.5. Lovely compact unit that should fit.....just in a 7. £2500 £2000
  7. Lovely lovely car. Do I need it, no. Do I want it, YES.
  8. Clio 172 - Supercharged MOT till June 2019 Currently Sorn. Engine- 182 Engine, rocker cover painted white, block painted black.- Rotrex Supercharger kit with associated boost pipes.- Gen90 ECU- Toyosport Intercooler- Custom Roose Motorsport hoses- Samco Coolant hose kit- Magnecor Leads- Mocal Oil Cooler- Mocal Catch Tank- ARP Rod Bolts- K-Tec / Vibratec Solid Engine Mounts- Matched Inlets- K-Tec 3.5" Recessed Supersports exhaust- Megane Injectors- 102k miles, new cambelt, dephaser, aux belt, megane keyweyed pulley and megane crank bolt fitted and timed by Dan@SJM- Powdercoated inlets, fuel rail guard, engine mount and brackets- Bosch S4 battery- Air con delete- Nimbus heatshield- Mapped by RS Tuning, Rolling Roaded at 248.7bhp and 220 ft lb.- 105,800 milesTransmission - New Gearbox- Gripper LS Diff- PMS Race Shifter / Gear linkageHandling- AST 5100 Coilovers with custom spring rates- Northloopcup / BIGASH Roll Centre Kit- Whiteline ARB- Eibach Hubcentric Spacers (16mm front, 5mm rear)- PMS Solid Top Mounts and Strut Brace- Eibach Camber bolts- -2.5 deg camber at the front, 10 mins toe. -1 deg camber at rear- PMS Stud and Nut kit fitted- 15 Speedline Williams wheels with Dunlop Direzza 03g tyres- Cup wishbones fittedBraking- Brembo 4 pots (Megane 225)- Custom HEL braided lines- Custom Chris Powell Brembo brake brackets- ABS delete (incl. Loom), full Cup brake lines and MC setup fitted- Ferodo DS1.1s, Ferodo DS2500s rear.- Brembo grooved HCs (Front)- Renault OEM Discs (Rear)- ATE Super Blue Racing brake fluid- Fog lights removed and no arch liners- brake ductsInterior- 2x Sparco Evo 3 Bucket Seats- OMP Subframes- OMP 3" Harnesses- Custom Oreca / Renaultsport 330mm Steering Wheel- OMP boss- 6 point Roll Cage- K-Tec Rear Boot Mat- Renaultsport Front Mats- Sony CD Player with Ipod Connector- White Dash Strips & Gear Insert- Alcantara Handbrake Cover- Rear Strut BraceExterior - Cup Splitter- Trophy Spoiler- Renault Sport 197 Badge- Porsche 'Bee Sting' Aerial- Lockable Aerocatches It will come with a spare set of black 15" speedline williams wheels with Dunlop Direzza 03g tyres (plenty of tread) and the standard set of 172 wheels with some pirelli p-zeros (although these are a bit "time expired"). £6995
  9. Some bits I have left over from my last build. Doors were seconds from Carbon NV - £80 delivered One with some crimping of the fabric around the deepest point of the bulge and the other has an area of surface 'voids' along the rear bottom edge and also the edge where it curves around the wheel arch on the inside. Omex 600 ECU - Its the Telemetry version which is a little more fiddly than normal (you have to load your map to it each time you want to alter the map). - £400 Delivered.
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