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  1. Stephen W

    Carbon bonnet v8 type

    They don't have one. Just a couple of guys making them!
  2. Stephen W

    Carbon bonnet v8 type

    You can order them from Germany.
  3. Stephen W

    type 9 and gear lever extension

    Mine was terrible with a ford shifter but great with a quaife built one.
  4. Stephen W

    Lithium battery goodness

    If you abuse one it’ll burn. Same as the 20 litres of super unleaded behind you in the crumple zone... Just use your noggin and you’ll be fine.
  5. Stephen W

    Lithium battery goodness

    I have this one. Seems fine. http://www.plays-kool.co.uk/acatalog/Lithium-Batteries.html
  6. Stephen W

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Ha that was last night. Whipped the cage off and just kind of kept going. Getting a body off on your own is a ballache though!
  7. What did you use? I don't want to just use the grinder on my new bonnet.
  8. Stephen W

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Impromptu body swap.
  9. Stephen W

    Mounting a new body

    Pilot hole and what width self tapper?
  10. Stephen W

    Mounting a new body

    What ways are people doing this now? Are people going for the removable route or is riveting on still the norm? Looking for some ideas before I start my re body at the weekend.
  11. Stephen W

    roadholding aids

    Make sure what ever you do is balanced.
  12. Stephen W

    Duratec Coolant routing - Whats yours..

    The orange is the rad bypass on the SBD drawing which I don’t use either.
  13. Stephen W

    Duratec Coolant routing - Whats yours..

    Thank you! it appears I’m a moron and have plumbs the expansion tank into the heater feed! I’ll cap that off and run it down to the cold side rad feed!
  14. So my saga has taken another turn today.... The engine passed a comp test, leak down test and the coolant hydro carbon test. So the chances of it being a head gasket problem are slim. Which can only mean I have my cooling system piped wrong.... Here it is now: Excuse my MS paint skills! At the moment the 8mm line from the rear of the block to the expansion tank seems to draw all the air out of the expansion tank, into the main cooling circuit thus pulling the coolant out of the circuit. After this has happened the air in the coolant system expands and pushes all the coolant out of the now full header tank. As soon as the engine is switched off, after a few moments the air is drawn back to the highest point and the expansion tank is essentially empty. So should I just block this 8mm tee off? Or do I run it round to the inlet for the thermostat. My current thermo stat has only the 32mm rad line to it, the other lines are capped off.
  15. Stephen W

    Towing with a NON homologated CAR

    That was what the first part was about. You cannot.

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