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  1. Stephen W

    Carbon Half Doors - Omex 600 ECU

    Doors Sold.
  2. Some bits I have left over from my last build. Doors were seconds from Carbon NV - £80 delivered One with some crimping of the fabric around the deepest point of the bulge and the other has an area of surface 'voids' along the rear bottom edge and also the edge where it curves around the wheel arch on the inside. Omex 600 ECU - Its the Telemetry version which is a little more fiddly than normal (you have to load your map to it each time you want to alter the map). - £400 Delivered.
  3. It’s going to be racing with 600bhp Evo’s in the CCRC GT series next year!
  4. Stephen W

    Wanted: Track focused car (Westfield)

    You won’t go round Knockhill faster... https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F113283314537
  5. I was quite amazed too. Getting a 2.0 Duratec to 250bhp isn't too bad. Those extra 50bhp really cost you a lot.
  6. Stephen W

    Binky, Binky, Binky!

    The MG loom would work great in a Westie. Might steal that idea.
  7. You should see the invoices, its enough to make you weep. The bill from Arrow for just the crank and the rods was over £5k before vat!
  8. £19995 Westfield SE Widebody – Aero Race Chassis – 2.0 Duratec – 306bhp - 198lb/ft Road Registered. V5 Present. Power to weight = 570bhp/tonne EngineFord 2.0 DuratecBuilt in 2016 by Premier Race Engines, Brackley and Northampton Motorsport New short block from Ford UKForged Arrow Steel CrankForged Arrow Connecting RodsSBD Slipper Forged PistonsUltimate performance head with over sized valves - Flows enough for 330bhp if ever fitted to a 2.5.SBD 300bhp specification cam shafts440cc InjectorsUp-rated valve train - Solid lifters, shims, guides and valves. 9500rpm capable head.Jenvey 50mm throttle bodiesDry sumped using Titan alloy sump, pump (2 x scavenge, 1 x pressure)Pace alloy tower tankAir to Oil oil cooler55mm Coolex Alloy RadiatorOmex 600 ECUAll rotating and reciprocating parts were balanced by Premier Race EnginesThe engine was re mapped by Northampton Motorsport in May 2017 and produced 306bhp @ 8700rpm and 198lb/ft @ 5200rpm.The engine has done 8 hillclimbs, 1 track day, and a few road miles since build. (18 hours running time)Original engine build cost was £26k.Engine was purchased by myself in March 2018 from the person who commissioned it and was fitted to this chassis in June 2018.ExhaustCustom CSK Race exhausts 4-2-1.Built to exact SBD specs for £1400 in June 2018.Drive trainQuaife all alloy 5 speed Heavy duty Type 9Titan alloy bell housingStraight cut, close ratio 2.04, 1.54, 1.21, 1.0, 0.87SBD super lightweight flywheel and twin plate ‘Super Clutch’ clutchNew Hydraulic clutch release systemGearbox positioned to avoid need for selector extensionRebuilt by Brian Hill at BGH Geartech and has done 7 events since thenFinal DriveEnglish Axle with rare 4.4:1 CWP on a Quaife ATB limited slip differential – assembled by Brian HillSuspensionWestfield Aerorace with AVO dampers all roundAll joints are poly-bushed, and dampers are rose jointedAlloy uprights at frontFront adjustable anti roll barFront dampers rebuilt by AVO in spring 2015Brand new Mini-lites with one track day old Yokohoma AO48R’sBrakesFactory fit floor mounted adjustable bias brakesRace Leda four pot alloy callipers with Hawk ferro-carbon padsStandard drums at rearBraided hoses all roundChassisWestfield race chassis (i.e. additional bracing, but thinner tube, compared to ‘road’ chassis)Chassis manufactured in 1999 (so no need for a catalytic converter under MSA rules)All alloy panels were etch primed prior to painting, and are bonded using PRC (aircraft panel sealant) as well as rivetedAlloy front uprightsBodyworkNew lightweight ZK bodywork with V8 bonnet for engine clearance in August 2018.Playskool carbon aeroscreen, dash, rear deck and glass fibre ‘diffuser’Carbon NV archesInteriorDash2 Pro with GPS speed reading, internal logging and all UK tracks pre loaded.Playskool glassfibre seatsCarbon NV DashSafetyLifeline plumbed-in extinguisherDriver’s 6 point FIA harness (In date)Passenger’s 4 point Willans harness (Not in date)1kg LiPo battery with cut off switchCaged – full FIA race spec cageHistoryThe car was SVA’d when build was completed in 2001, and registered on a 1975 age related plate as a consequence of having demonstrable provenance to a donor Ford Escort.The car remains road registered and can be tax’d and MOT’d.Tax is free due to historic status.The car was converted to a 200bhp Rover K series in 2004 before competing.The car was then converted to a 306bhp Duratec in 2018.It has done somewhere around 4,000 miles in total.The car has been sprinted and hill climbed and is believed fully legal for RAC MSA approved circuit racing and speed events in UK.The car is currently sorn with no MOT but can easily be MOT'd if the buyer wants as all the lights etc are present and working. Can be delivered anywhere in the UK.
  9. When I had an actual MX-5 Turbo I ran with open diffs, they WERE a consumable!
  10. Well Bens or the BEC on racecars direct are a fine bet then. Both will sorted. Or build your own for track work. That’s the best bit. It’s why I’ve done 5 now.
  11. Paul’s a good guy. Made me loads of bits. Not sure on the love of the ECO Boost unit, the Mazda cars are just as good really with more parts and less faf. I’d go for Bens over a home brew eco boost. Turbo 7’s are a dirty word though.
  12. Like I said bolt one on. 30 min job with 2 people. Yes youll have to drill the chassis just like Westfield would.
  13. The cage just bolts onto the chassis?

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