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  1. For anyone interested: Since announcing the sad closure of Rockingham our track days have seen an incredible rise in popularity as people try and get out on circuit for one last time. With this in mind we have decided to open up an additional open pit lane session on Sunday 25th November. This date has not be advertised anywhere else and can only be booked by contacting Cassie Clarke directly. Places are limited and will opporate on a first come first serve bases so to be in with a chance please get in touch as soon as possible. The day is being run as unsilenced and costs £135. To book your place please contact Cassie on 01536 271542 or via email Cassie.Clarke@rockingham.co.uk Hope to see you there! All the best.
  2. Such a cool car.. https://www.autocar.co.uk/car-review/morgan/aero-gt/first-drives/morgan-aero-gt-2018-review
  3. jabiqq

    Half Hood Vs Full Hood

    @Dave (OnliestSmeg) - Manchester AO That`s useful - I have a suitable piece of steel, just need to find a way to cut it neatly.
  4. jabiqq

    Half Hood Vs Full Hood

    @Skypeller Thanks; I paid £369 for the half hood with drivers side zip and screen channel, lightweight bag, delivery and fittings (no bar).
  5. Outdoor carcoon. Works just fine.
  6. jabiqq

    Half Hood Vs Full Hood

    Fitted mine yesterday & had a dry test drive today so I`ll add my 2p: + nice and warm inside the cabin, so less weather gear needed (some 5-8 degrees today) + my doors without the holding straps (not fitted yet) stay in place in the corners! + I felt a bit more anonymous (if you don`t like all the attention) + perfectly fine with MSA bar up to 60mph, buffeting probably okay for short-mid distances at 70mph + no need for glasses / sunglasses +- feels much more like a regular car with the hood on - I can see why leaving the hood off as much as possible is still the preferred choice - I`m pretty worried about the longevity of screen channel. Quite impressed with Soft Bits quality.
  7. jabiqq

    oil from crankcase filter

    Thanks for all the replies. I`m not too fussed about having a bit of oil to clean up as long as it`s mechanically all ok. I fitted an oil catch can to my tin top turbo engine, not sure I really need one for Westy. Maybe as a future upgrade. Before that - still a few upgrades on the way.
  8. jabiqq

    oil from crankcase filter

    I noticed I`m getting a bit of oil coming from the crankcase filter (car was driven hard lately); dipstick shows oil at right at maximum level. Is it okay to leave it like this or what`s the best course of action?
  9. jabiqq

    Donnington 22 Oct Novice Only - £125

    I guess 1:38 and and 1:58 is the boost part of Ecoboost.
  10. jabiqq

    Donnington 22 Oct Novice Only - £125

    Decided to get a few pictures from MSV, so will flood the post a bit
  11. jabiqq

    Donnington 22 Oct Novice Only - £125

    Really enjoyed the day & it was nice to meet you guys. @Scotty72 will you be uploading anything from your gopro? A few pics from today below.
  12. jabiqq

    noisy exhaust after 1500 miles

    I`ll be looking into additional an mounting point at the front after Donington. I keep a spare rubber mount in the car just in case - are there any heavy duty versions that you know of?
  13. jabiqq

    noisy exhaust after 1500 miles

    Had the exhaust done today. Seeing how big can they wanted to put I opted for your solution. Going to keep it for Donington as it`s super quiet, then will take off. It does neuter the car of all the nice sounds, but I can image it`s better for touring and probably okay for any track day. Should be a fairly quick thing to put on and remove. Quite pleased with the end result. It`s a straight through muffler, so should not affect performance (just had it weighted at 570kg + 185hp on a dyno).
  14. jabiqq

    noisy exhaust after 1500 miles

    Yes, I think it`s a standard 5" can. I do like your setup @Nic Surry - it`s a great idea; but with my time constraints at the moment, I decided to get a new can from a local workshop in Walsall. going there next Saturday, hopefully it will be good enough.The workshop will be able to measure dB before and after. I`m going to Donnington on 22/10 - see you there.
  15. Hi Dave, Thanks for the thorough explanation. Not a nice thing to see 0 oil pressure on the dash. I had a quick check yesterday and think it must have been due to a loose earth bolt on the engine, right next to the oil pressure sensor. I`ve tightened it up, but haven`t had a chance to drive the Westy yet. Oil level was fine on the dipstick. I started the engine for a moment & the values with engine on & off seemed to be back to normal. So hopefully that was it - will check it further when I get the chance.

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