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  1. Sorry we couldn’t make it but if you doing something this Sunday we will be there Julie ☺️
  2. wanted electronic ecu for the spark as ive only got a edis unit on my westy plus a tps aswell many thanks
  3. Sorry guys and girls we won't be making it but I am going out in the westie but going to the caravan
  4. I know ive tried to change it and the pic I have it states its to big file size martyn
  5. hi everyone hope you are all ok long time no see I will see whats happening this weekend and fingers cross we will be able to make it I will let you know
  6. Hi ya everyone Im after a Westfield as I've have sold mine so i can upgrade Im after a car with a decent engine etc but not really wanting a cvh as that's what I've just sold lol Cash waiting for the right car please heeeeelp Please ive around £6500 Inbox me with any details please or ring or text on 07484833442
  7. hi ya is this still for sale please cheers andy tel 07484833442
  8. Big Andy


    hi mate is your car still for sale please cheers andy tel 07484833442
  9. hi mate is your westfield still for sale please and have you got any pices and the price many thanks Andy
  10. Yes it was really great to catch up with Julie glen martyn and sue again even though we wasn't in our Westfield But taken some Pics of the day and hopefully will add them later if they have turned out
  11. i know Julie I have felt lonely through the summer months carnt wait to get back in her again think it will be about 1 ish ill get there will you all be still there
  12. hi ya is this sfs and have you got pics of it many thanks
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