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  1. Seconds dibs if @Oliver1 doesn't have them please
  2. Are these for solid disks or grooved and vented ?
  3. I Swapped the bleed pipe for flexi hose so the I could have the bleed nipple conveniently located. i had to open out the holes to fit spacers behind my release bearing rather than to get the pipe fiitings in. Parts were bought from Retro Ford.
  4. A simple relay with normally closed contacts. Coil powered from side lights so that drls go out when sides go on. Only 4 wires simples !!
  5. Hi John Pm'd you too
  6. neptune


    Welcome from Northampton . As has already been said we love pictures
  7. John thank you. WilI check my gauges when i'm back home tomorrow and pm you.
  8. Thanks chaps. It definitely fuel on the plugs as it is clear and smells of petrol. Maybe its just not enough? The pump is priming as it is supposed to. Have checked the disi cap and rotar arm. All good . Before i changed the amp i had dry plugs and no spark, so was hoping it was a simple fix! Now I have both and the car was a runner. It seems too much of a coincidence to have more than 1 simultaneous fault. Static timing appears to be good. A question will tdc on the exhaust stroke still provide compression in the bore as the cylinder rises. I have compression and rotar arm is set a few degrees before no1 plug as it was before it was removed to change the amp. Just wondering if by pure pluke if i've managed to rotate the distributor one complete cycle ? Taking the rocker covers off this engine is a half days work, so would prefer to avoid if possible. Thanks
  9. Can any one advise please. I have a 1994 3.9 v8 range rover Last weekend i drove it out of the garage to make room to work on the westie. Went to put it away and it wouldn't start. No spark from coil king lead no fuel to cylinders. Few tests later i thought i deduced a dead ignition amplifier. Today I fitted a new amp and fitted a new coil for good measure. Now i have sparks at plugs and wet plugs but she stil won't start. Battery is fully charged fresh fuel in the tank ( was virtually empty and 10L fresh fuel added) and i've even tried jumping while starting from my van. Still no joy. Can anyone suggest my next step please ?
  10. Would you mind confirming if it fits as i will need the same Many thanks
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