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  1. neptune

    GoPro Camera SOLD

    Pm sent re manfrotto mount
  2. Appologies for thread hijacking, please remove or separate if inappropriate Dave, Your post made me review my heater install. This position you commented on on @MrMgoo install , it seems has alot to do with the westfield heater. The tape on the header tank is the max level from my old fiesta header as positioned in the car since it was built circa 20 years. ( always bled fine ) Above you can see the top pipe tail is inline with the top hole on the bulkhead ( the heater is reversed to help show pipe positions) . The dilema is that the heater cannot be installed much lower on the bulkhead (only about 10mm) So my question is what would you do ?
  3. neptune

    Full Zk seiw body work set. Reduced

    Is it genuine westfield bodywork ?
  4. Russ I made a payment to you on Monday, so you should have 1 more to add to your list
  5. Russ I'm in please pm me payment details
  6. neptune

    Car Trailer and Caravan mot's

    Not sure how they would manage any form of traceability on this to link an mot to a specific trailer.
  7. neptune

    Set of 4 Axle Stands - SOLD

    If not sold I will have them please
  8. neptune

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Looks like one of those garage door stickers to me Far too tidy to be real!
  9. Currently asking £450 on ebay
  10. neptune

    Fuel tank differences

    With a std carb tank there is is much more chance of fuel starvation with a F.I setup than on the injection tanks as the fuel supply pipe is level with the bottom of the tank . On injection tanks from westfield the is small reservoir below the tank. The swirl pot helps to eliminate the fuel starvation as you empty the tank. Here's how I fitted mine as I conveted to f.i. I used my cube fuel pump to supply the swirl pot and then a bigger pump to supply the engine. I had an 8mm pipe welded into the filler neck as the return inlet. Finding a suitable position for the injection pump is a challenge when the fuel tank outlet is central. I wish I had realised this as I would have had it moved when I had the return inlet welded on. Good luck with the upgrade.
  11. neptune

    Wide body scuttle wanted

    Pm sent
  12. neptune

    Wide body scuttle wanted

    Doesn't matter as they are similar enough for the prototyping I want to do
  13. neptune

    Wide body scuttle wanted

    Any colour. Condition not so important as it will be used for prototyping.
  14. neptune

    Westfield SEW Upgrades and supercharger !!

    Sounds like a really interesting and different project . Please keep the updates coming .

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