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  1. neptune

    Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    Hi no problem i'll keep an eye out Thank you
  2. neptune

    Crossflow to Sigma Conversion

    I just cleaned the engine with POR15 degreaser and then the metal prep solution. I'm not convinced the prep is needed on aluminium especially when it is such a rough surface as the engine casting, but I didn't want it peeling and i've always had really good long term results with POR15 products when i've followed the 3 stage process.
  3. neptune

    Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    Very nice Gary, may I ask where you got those from ?
  4. neptune

    Crossflow to Sigma Conversion

    I used POR15 engine enamel on my duratec block. This was the result after 2 coats brush painted.
  5. neptune

    Zetec to duratec

    If your car was built as a zetec, is the wiring harness run on the drivers side around the engine bay ? If so the duratec exhaust is lkely to melt it . You would needs lots of protection or re-routing.
  6. neptune

    Tunnel Panel

    My wiring loom and fuel pipes run through mine. But unless something wrapped itself around the prop shaft, I doubt they are vulnerable
  7. Thanks Nic hopefully it will be running again by the end of week.
  8. So happy days, it all seems to work.
  9. Spoke with the gurus at retro ford yesterday and they stock the longer slave cylinder. They also advised 5mm of clearance rather than 2mm. So today the new cylinder arrived: I doubled checked my measurements and put it all back together. To avoid fitting it all back into the car, I bought a longer piece of pipe so I could test it on the floor. It made bleeding much simpler as I could sit in the car and operate the clutch and bleed valve. Most importantly I was able to put an inspection camera into the bell housing and watch the slave expand.
  10. @RussH I have a spare one sat in my shed. It was from a fiesta st with if i remember correctly circa 67k .
  11. A frustrating evening tonight. Having re-measured, it appears that the cause of the pop was the concentric slave cylinder wasn't sufficiently compressed. Following the rwd motorsport instructions , I need another 9mm of compression. I'm advised that this can't be achieved with spacers, so either a longer slave or a deeper clutch. Any more spacers and the slave won't be located correctly and will only be held in position by the 3 bolts. This slave is 63mm uncompressed and it appears there may be a 70mm long version. So I 'll make some calls tomorrow to see if can find one. From previous measurements this slave was only 60mm before it was fitted, so the spring may have stretched when it went pop. If I can find a longer slave , my dilema will be do I fit with only 2mm or 5mm of slack (removing 1 3mm spacer also) to allow for clutch wear. Advise/experience very much welcomed.
  12. Thank you for the encouragement. I'll re-measure on Monday, hopefully its just a clutch pedal stop that's required.
  13. Doubt it would fit but as my gearbox is new I will persevere.
  14. Beginning to think the hunt for an RS2000 clutch fork would have been worthwile
  15. Tonight the engine and gearbox came out and this is what I found: I'm not entirely sure what has happened but I suspect the limit of travel was reached and there was too much pressure so the seals leaked and filled the bellows with fluid. The pop may have been the bellows popping off . Can anyone confirm or advise what has happened ? More importantly can anyone recommend a solution ? Is it as simple as limit the pedal travel ?

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