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  1. neptune

    Diff, box, prop, engine, ecu/loom

    I have an MCT75 gearbox with westfield quick shift ready for a new home if the above is sold
  2. neptune

    type 9 and gear lever extension

    Mine is fitted to a std type 9 case and std lever and it is tight and as smooth as the original box. No spacers, shimming or careful adjustment required. The key to success I believe is the saddle . I use a plastic one rather than brass as it feels smoother and is definitely quiter. I may have a photo of it.
  3. neptune

    Further shed clearing! Westfield related parts...

    Yep that's the bit please Dave . Please pm cost and payment details .
  4. neptune

    Further shed clearing! Westfield related parts...

    Thanks Dave,
  5. neptune

    Diff, box, prop, engine, ecu/loom

    What is the LSD ratio? And do you know which type of LSD is fitted ?
  6. neptune

    Further shed clearing! Westfield related parts...

    Dave, I'd like part of the heater box ... i only need the water inlet/outlet flange. Happy to pay for the whole thing but if you can remove and post just the flange it might be simpler for you.
  7. neptune


    See parts for sale section today
  8. neptune

    East Midlands?

    Thank you. Hopefully its only a matter of a few weeks. Just waiting for a thermostat to arrive.
  9. neptune

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Finally drivable after 15 months without an engine So very nearly ready for the road
  10. neptune

    East Midlands?

    My car's been off the road for simlar time but is tantalisingly close to going for Mot . I'm in northampton but spent alot of time to and from loughborough . Keen to get out and about again ..
  11. neptune

    Type 9 oil amount

    Where is the breather? I may just make sure it can breath freely as it's practically impossible to check the level now it's in the car.
  12. neptune

    Type 9 oil amount

    My gearbox looks very different : What ere the implications of over filling ?
  13. neptune

    Broken after only 2 days !!!

    It's really unusual for a weld to break so cleanly like that, the tube would usually deform before the weld breaks. How old is the car?
  14. neptune

    Replacement White facias for dash clocks.

    If you have VDO gauges check that you can remove the bezels before you buy any replacement faces. My experience is that they are crimped on and not designed to be removable like the old skool smiths gauges. They don't come off easily and are even harder to refit well.
  15. neptune

    wich polisher

    I have one of those. Had it for 2 years and it has been used on my westfield , 2 tin tops & 2 caravans, 1 of which gas GRP roof , front & rear panels which were very oxidised. Very pleased with it considering the low cost.

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