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  1. How does one go about finding the right help when the best advise the gp can give is give up your job and find something else ?
  2. Wow she is very talented. The shadow and reflection detail is bordering on photographic. Simply stunning.
  3. You could you a Peli pump through the filler hole. You may not get as much out as if the box was removed from the car. Because the peli has a long pipe you can insert it deep into the box andcas it provides suction it works really well and with fery little effort or mess. If you plan to change your oil regularly, there is a drain plug section that can be fitted to the gearbox.
  4. My heatmat cloth arrived today, so hopefully i will get time on friday evening to fit it. Will update with the outcome for those interested.
  5. now Geoffrey you can't tease like that.....
  6. Sounds like an excellent plan !
  7. Gary glad you're running for the hols. Shame about the V6 i was looking forward to hearing!
  8. Tricky with clam shells !!
  9. They are very cheap costs in the main..
  10. Thus could be true if you dont keep the exhaust on et same side, but the only hole on my car that changed was that the air filter hole had to be enlarged. So it can be done with thought.
  11. I daren't add it all up! What i will say is don't under estimate the little bits and the additional costs of upgrade itis... stainless hose fittings, an fittings for fuel lines, silicon hoses, hose joiners, convoluted sleeving to tidy the engine bay and sleeve ecu wiring loom, new radiator shiny header tank ..... it's staggering how much they all ad up to. Was it worth it ?.. i'll let you know in 2 weeks time !
  12. I ended up buying the switch and connector with a short section of loom wiring as I struggled to find a source for the connector block. Suggest an ebay search.
  13. I've been looking to do the same and was planning on ordering the Heatmat aluminised ceramic cloth that CBS sell. As its sold off the roll by the metre I can cover the length of the bonnet without any joins
  14. neptune

    5 3/4 lights

    I doubt they are e marked. So beware if you choose to fit them your insurance may be invalidated.
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