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  1. syman84

    Megablade or BEC suitable for conversion

    Hmmm interesting what's the plan. there have been quite a few in the last few days on Facebook if I find them I will tag you
  2. syman84

    type 9 and gear lever extension

    Agree on my old car it was terrible with a standard ford stick but with a quaife one was a nice tight clean gear change.
  3. I arrived Saturday afternoon as my wife was working Friday night and couldn't commit to the full weekend, having spent the morning rebuilding the hand break mechanism that failed a few weeks before at the westfield weekend at Blyton. I Arrived and managed to catch the last couple of runs for the day where Garry and Del were having issues with the Cosworth powered car as the alternator was shedding belts as a result of a broken bolt by the time the BBQ was fired up the front end had been stripped and with the help of some easy out they were fixed and ready for Sundays competition, By 9pm the rain started and with varying reports of the forecast for Sunday I was a little apprehensive as i hadn't driven the car in anger in the wet yet. Sunday Morning arrived and it was Wet still raining a little but the forecast had moved and looked like once we have a few cars on track it would dry up. First Practice and it was very sketchy although i had done a lot better than others in the road going classes but still 15 seconds of my PB but nothing counts until the times runs. The track was drying fast and with every run getting quicker P2 was an improvement although still quite slippy and i had a large lock up into Bishops. First timed run and getting down into the mid 70's so the track was starting to get better and improved again in T2 and T3 we then had lunch and it had felt all morning as though the back breaks were binding a little from the hand break assembly that i had only put back together the day before so gave it one more run after lunch and no improvement. A quick strip down and disconnect again and back out in T5 and 3 seconds quicker and down in the region of my PB. I was then speaking to Steve Carpenter about the weight of my big chunky 15 inch minilight style Compomotive wheels and he said he had a spare set of forces in the back of the truck so a quick swap of the wheels and back out, the car felt so much more alive and the steering so much lighter i did Timed run 6 and 7 on them and on the second run i beat my PB by half a second and got down to 70.68 which is a new Longton and District record. i put my own wheels back on for the last run to see if it was more about track evolution after the rain but i didn't go faster and currently don't know the time until the results officially come out as the time display on the track only works up to timed run 6 something to do with software. Over all great days competition, class win and a decent amount of points.
  4. Does anyone have a link to the timing company or there name I can't remember thanks.
  5. syman84

    Propposed MSA Rule Change for 2019

    Sorry for my ignorance but will this really affect anyone because to run in road going against section S11 we have to have tax and therefore MOT. If you are in mod prod against S12 you don't and can have a msa log book/passport. Or have I got that completely wrong
  6. syman84

    mazda mx5 mk3 lsd diff

    @AdamR @tkm_dave
  7. syman84

    No longer available

    It would be a shame to split up all that development. Although it would make a nice class C car with a sccr type 9. Part ex?
  8. syman84

    No longer available

    are you breaking the car Paul or just swapping the box to make the car more appealing to folk
  9. syman84

    backspace ET CXR's

    HI all looking for information from anyone who runs CXR's on a narrow body and knows the offset ET Backspace. i know there are plenty of variables. but i have a live axle so nothing to change on the rear and the front is standard cortina uprights/hubs. looking at 8 inch on the rear and 7 on the front if possible. I don't really understand so Any info much appreciated thanks
  10. syman84

    Blyton 11 &12 August Sprint

    just signed on and paid for sunday. 29 full weekend competitors 5 extra saturday 4 extra on sunday. BRING LOTS OF FUEL and an umbrella
  11. syman84

    Westfield SE Doors & Hood

    you should be ok with that roll bar and the hood. Only really makes a difference when you put a new MSA approved bar on for competition. I also have a SE and i have a hood for that also so will check that they are both the same and get back to you. thanks
  12. syman84

    Westfield SE Doors & Hood

    SE and pre kit cars are the same width
  13. over rev limiter attaches to the coil. £30

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