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  1. Very heavy tail wind down into Turn 1 Furthest the new speed series t shirt has traveled I expect
  2. It's just this time of year start of race season. Wait till summer you'll get them no problem
  3. yes they are 1B and i think Jez is going to run them on his car in the speed series this year. once my AR1's are dead im going to give them a try. breaking lots of records in road car classes so we will see
  4. Looks like one of those hospital p*** pots. Does it come with a free iMac
  5. Well now there's a story. Should be able to double seal it then leave it under the floor. Except the building control guy has been out to check the footings before we pour the concrete and said because the waste that runs under where the extension will go and is over 150mm we need a build over agreement. So I'm waiting on Yorkshire water to come out. Could be as simple as seal it, could be as bad as building a full new brick man hole at the side of the extension. We will see plenty of other stuff to do. Kitchen gets ripped out next week so I can knock a wall down. How I convinced Mrs W that it was worth being in one big mess all together I will never know. Anyone need any soil
  6. Digging holes for the extension footings. Exciting times but was a bit worried what we were going to find once we got to a decent level
  7. Seen this on a popular social media site.
  8. Sweating horse power I believe
  9. It was a test day for mainly sprint cars so don't think there will be many.
  10. Think I have the pre-lit 7se one will have a look
  11. Steve is in Stockport so not far from you really
  12. Starter has died on completion of my winter rebuild. Does anyone have a frs614 or equivalent.
  13. Sorry tomorrow's job is finishing the rebuild before testing next week. Once you have wiggled round the peaks your all more than welcome to come grab a spanner and help at waterfall racing headquarters chesterfield
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