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  1. syman84

    3 Sisters Sprint

    blog posted
  2. I arrived Saturday evening with Tony Smiley and got settled for the night, A member of staff from the track approached me and asked if many more were likely to arrive that evening being unsure i said probably up to 10pm. He handed me the key and said well can you lock up tonight and open up in the morning. We walked the track using the double lap formation for this event and soon realised that none of the videos portray just how tight and technical the circuit is. The track has been re-surfaced over the winter as is no longer the 7 different types of blacktop it once was. Sunday morning up at 6 to open the gate and prepped for the day. set off in P1 massive misfire issues managed to get round but nearly 20 seconds off the target time. Checked everything over added 3L of fuel just in case and went out for P2 a little better but out of the tight hairpin onto the back straight again a bad misfire an improvement but still nearly 7 second off the target. Ian Davenport who was attending who also has a K-series offered up a spare set of pugs in case that was the issue but in conclusion we thought fuel starvation from a standard road size tank and i don't run a swirl pot .over my first few events i have been keeping the fuel level quite high on the gauge as my old car read terribly and was unsure just how much was in the tank. T1 with a full tank no issues the balance felt good a little loose on the back end but 100% better than the practice runs, over the finish you have to be committed and the track falls away massive lock up and came off the breaks to get it turned away from the wall and in to the pit entry. My time showed on the left 82.13 boom i went mental in my helmet punching the air, Howard Gaskin and Alex Gaskin watched from the pits and walked over as i was heading back to my trailer "enjoy that did you" yes it was brilliant i beat the target time by 0.94 seconds. T2-6 the weather changed and it got much cooler I felt like i was getting faster but the times weren't showing it, i tweaked a few settings and pressures but didn't help so T1 was my fastest and hopefully if my calculations are correct My first 101 points from an event and new class record. Overall a fantastic day a class win points in the bag and a new class record. Lots different to the circuits I have driven so far, I'm having a month off now until the WSCC Blyton weekend with a few jobs to do on the car.Just want to say a massive thank you to Longton & District Motor Club for putting this event on with so few entries. It was a great event so if you have time please support the other three sisters events.
  3. syman84

    Three sisters 17/06/18

    great day thanks everyone
  4. i noticed last year that there was also an event on the Saturday but not part of the SS. does anyone know if there is this year who's running the event and if we can enter. I'm there on the Warwickshire track day on the Friday so wanted to make it a full weekend
  5. you must have rad my mind regards upgrades :yes:

  6. syman84

    New boy

    from Derbyshire
  7. syman84


    well as we have saved you £100 then you need to put that saving toward your first upgrade and we require pictures
  8. syman84


    Aplan are very reasonable. I'm 33 and both of mine are a few pounds either side of £150 fully comp
  9. syman84

    3 Sisters Sprint

    I noticed that but was unsure because I had never heard of them.
  10. Hi All i am booked on for the full weekend track day Friday and the sprint. A guy that lives across the road from me has a grandson (17) with cerebral palsy that is car mad. They have been to Byton to watch the sprint and i said come along to the track day and i would happily get him in the car as a passenger and take him for a spin round for a few laps. Just wondering is anyone else would give a young man a few laps to make is day. cheers Simon
  11. syman84

    3 Sisters Sprint

    I make it 8 @terry everall but with only 45 entrants in total it's going to be a hectic day. Not going to have time to get out in between runs. @Tony Smiley are you heading over Saturday. I may join you.
  12. syman84

    Day trip to the Nürburgring

    Take it you are going the obligatory route past Spa to doth your cap at that amazing circuit as you pass
  13. syman84

    3 Sisters Sprint

    I have signed on just need to pay tomorrow @terry everall bring lots of fuel then
  14. Bargain for someone. These are class winning tyres. Well they were on Sunday

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