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  1. syman84

    Clutch Recommendation

    I think you will need the 190mm clutch plate from a 1.6 pinto Sierra with 23 splines. As for cover for a puma flywheel I can't help sorry
  2. syman84

    13x6 alloys

    I have 2x 6 inch CXR's in satin black pm me if intrested
  3. syman84

    Cheap Sprint car

    Nothing to do with me but looked a good sprint car for a starter https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F143119917278
  4. syman84


    They are now doing new casing as well
  5. syman84


    Compound R5 seems to be the way to go. They now have a 205/60/13 available as well. Until one of us SS competitors take the leap I don't suppose we will have any data to back up the information as most of the stuff I have seen has been fwd hot hatch type cars. I did see one report of overheating but only at hearwood at the top.
  6. syman84

    Type 9 90 degree adapter

    New burton power catalogue arrived yesterday these are now £117.50.
  7. syman84

    Type 9 90 degree adapter

    That's fine. I have found mine so I will sort @Rayzinzerbar if you want to go through you list of people @Banshee
  8. syman84

    Type 9 90 degree adapter

    Yes I have one will dig it out and send pictures. Was fine when removed from my gearbox in November
  9. syman84

    Bottom 32mm S’bend hose

    This is where I got some from previously http://derbyperformancehose.co.uk/
  10. syman84


    I was running 15inch wheels last year so 205 rear 195 fronts. switching to 13's this year so likely to be still 205 rear and 185 front. 235 is to wide for my power I think?
  11. syman84

    Mod prod requirements

    dont worry im signed up for class A
  12. syman84


    Extreme vr2 or nankangAr-1's are my choices Richard I ran Ar1's last season with good results
  13. So it seems like there is a fair few running in class C this year so might be the place to be for good competition. What additional requirements are there in the blue book S12 from S11 It doesn't look like much but if someone could spell it out in simple terms Do you need a full cage? Do I need a HANS device if road going using 1b's on the day? Thanks
  14. syman84


    Class C seems to be the place to be this year. Might have to make the jump up.
  15. syman84

    AdamR contact

    He is also away still till end of next week down under. so not had lots of access to the interwebs

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