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  1. syman84

    Pre-Lit wet weather gear

    Yes I still have them
  2. I did enjoy the track. So would possibly attend again but not really an event for atmosphere or the usual club banter
  3. syman84

    2019 WSCC Calendar

    Mine arrived today. Looks great apart from not being in it
  4. Organisation was appalling. Paddock was crap. No toilets available after 6pm the night before. Apart from that is was great.
  5. syman84

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Does this count. It's some of the Westfield
  6. Well done everyone looks great. Just one thing is knockhill a typo two events but both on the same day?
  7. syman84

    Type 9 speedo blank

    i have the box being re built so made sense to blank the holes off i have ordered these now so should do the job https://www.bearingkits.co.uk/Ford-Type-9-gearbox-speedo-drive-hole-blanking-off-core-plug-kit/624.htm cheers
  8. syman84

    Type 9 speedo blank

    I have rang Burtons and the company they got them from has closed down so they wont get any more. back to the drawing board any suggestions
  9. syman84

    Type 9 speedo blank

    does anyone have a link i cant find them on ebay. and burtons don't sell them any more cheers
  10. syman84

    type 9 gearbox tail housing SORTED

    Sorted now @John @BCF has a spare and is sorting me out this week
  11. syman84

    type 9 bulk rings

    It's @stickymint I think @RussH
  12. syman84

    gearbox oil leak found

    Trev at Tranzpower has said that we could weld it was just seeing if there was another option of just putting on new. i can get a brand new one for £150 but was trying to weight up the options cheers
  13. syman84

    type 9 gearbox tail housing SORTED

    Thanks i had seen those one was just seeing if there was anyone with anything laying around
  14. some of you will know that i have been having gearbox oil leaking all season so out it came for a strip down. all looked ok and we suspected the speedo drive so we deiced that we would blank it off. Today after the main case and tail have been aqua blasted the tail is cracked quite badly from outside down and under the bottom to the other site all the way through, So that's where its been leaking I have put a wanted add out but if any of the speed series collective have anything knocking about im after a type 9 tail housing or a knackered box i can steel it off. just glad its the tail and not the alloy main case £600 cheers

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