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  1. GaryH

    High mileage

    Hi all After reading that average Caterham owners don't often modify their cars, or keep them them for very long I thought you might like a look at this link found by one of my mates at work: https://www.adrianflux.co.uk/forever-cars/seven-heaven-the-teenage-dream-that-never-died/?utm_source=c12w2fccaterhamsevenlink&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=c12w2 Perhaps I'd get out in the sunshine this week... Gary
  2. GaryH

    Sigma Cambelt Kit

    Hi all The one I used on mine was "Timing belt and pump kit - focus 2007 1.6 type water pump" from my local motor factors Gary
  3. GaryH

    Alpha webcon standard Westy sigma ecu ?

    They are really good, but give very noisy induction on the family project crossflow running through a megasquirt ecu, with the computer programme we can play with settings on that as much as we like! The sigma engine is so light, and mine already has a slightly larger than standard single throttle body at 142 bhp when NMS had a working dongle so I can't decide whether to go for it or not. To be honest I like the car looking a bit of a sleeper, so I don't want to cut the bonnet, and I reckon the increased induction noise would drive Joy nuts... Gary
  4. GaryH

    Alpha webcon standard Westy sigma ecu ?

    Hi Jody I'm trying to make my mind up about moving to GSXR throttle bodies, which would need a remap. When I researched it Dave Young at mek motorsport ìn Cheltenham told me he still had the kit to remap the alpha ecu. My knee replacement took me out for a while so I never got round to it. He might be worth a shout. Gary
  5. GaryH

    Sigma inlet touching chassis

    That's about it, doesn't seem to have ever hit the chassis rail. Gary
  6. GaryH

    Sigma inlet touching chassis

    Hi Jody Just had time for a better look at your first picture on a PC monitor and realised that you are writing about inlet 4, not as I first thought inlet 1, looking on my phone the phone was tricky to make out. There's not much in it when I compare inlet 4 positions, so most likely will be okay. There's a small flange on the inlet 4 in the same position as the chip on your car, the chip might be the result of that being cut off. Photos the manifold and engine mount attached. Gary
  7. GaryH

    Sigma inlet touching chassis

    Hi Jody Just got home and had a quick look. The inlet point you mention is 30mm above the chassis rail on my car. The engine mount is on a platform about 30mm high welded to the lower chassis rail. Gary
  8. GaryH

    Sigma inlet touching chassis

    Also check the engine side, sound silly but make sure it has the correct bolts and is tight. How thick are the rubber mounts on the chassis? The manifold is pretty close on my car, I'll check when I get home. Gary
  9. Hi Josh Dayco 1203 does the alternator job and is more readily available, I'm not home now I'll look up the cambelt details when I'm home. TM factors in Leominster (or Hereford) for local bits. Gary
  10. GaryH

    Sigma/zetec intake air filter pipe

    Sump kit from Caterham parts. The sump is made by Titan, came direct from Titan in Titan branded wrapping, but Titan aren't allowed to sell direct as they are under contract with Caterham. Gary
  11. GaryH

    Sigma/zetec intake air filter pipe

    Hi Jody Well done, good to hear you've found a car you like. The Caterham sump is a wet sump, the real advantage is the ground clearance it gives. I trimmed the clutch bell housing to match the angle of the sump, which made clearance good right through the underside. Changing the sump involves a new wìndage tray and pick up pipe. It could be done yourself, but needs a ramp, or more mobility than my creaky old front row back for lying around under the car. I've also just had the cambelt changed, I didn't have the locking tool so I got Paul Benson to do it at Oldfields. Have fun with the car. Gary
  12. GaryH

    Sigma/zetec intake air filter pipe

    Hi Jody You're welcome to pop round and see how the induction is set up on my car if you like. There's an air temperature sensor on the kidney, but not a flow meter as far as I know. Gary
  13. GaryH

    Crossflow to Sigma Conversion

    Hi Kevin Here's the thread I was thinking about, Gary
  14. GaryH

    Crossflow to Sigma Conversion

    No worries, glad to help. The other thing that I did to further improve the ground clearance was to trim the clutch bell housing to match the angle of the sump. I used a mulltitool with the gearbox and engine in the car, but with the engine and box out of the car it would easier. I think I posted some photos on here, if you can't find them I see if I can find the originals. Gary
  15. GaryH

    Crossflow to Sigma Conversion

    Looks good. Fitting the Caterham sump made a big difference to ground clearance on my car. I used the original dipstick and tube, but reshaped the handle to help it fit around the inlet manifold, and to make sure the gearbox end stayed in place when pulling out the dipstick I rigged up a new fixing for the top of the dipstick tube. Also the sump reduces the oil capacity by about a litre, so it's worth checking the level as you fill before first run. Gary

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