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  1. Westfield factory Silencer with catalytic converter - 5" and fitting kit. Only used for MOT and completed less than 20 miles. Factory listing 5-6 week lead time and cost of £611.48 for these together. £350 collected, delivery at cost. Gary
  2. GaryH

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    I've kept the decat pipe, and might put it back on, but on first runs this passes the MOT emissions test, improves the tone of the exhaust and doesn't impact performance. Gary
  3. GaryH

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Newly made 200 CAT link pipe by Mark at Wunoff. Wanted to be able to run the carbon exhaust all year round, pinched the idea from the factory S2000 secondary pipes. Gary
  4. Cobra sports seats with harness slots. All black with white embroidered "COBRA" logo. Seats only, no sub-frames - bolt through fixings in the base of the seat, will include the bolts. Harnesses not included, but left in place to show how harness fit through the seat slots. Photos show the seats fitted in our family 1993 SEIW. £300 for the pair, collection preferred. Delivery at cost
  5. GaryH

    Front wheel bearing and front upright

    Try hispec. They have a 20% offer on at present. Gary
  6. GaryH

    Xflow Rocker Cover

    Yep, that's the one. I used a thin smear of blue hylomar gasket seal just to hold it in place while I screwed it down. Hasn't leaked yet. Gary
  7. GaryH

    Xflow Rocker Cover

    Hi Kevin I don't have a torque setting, but might be able to offer some help. What sort of rocker cover do you have? The only way I was able to stop an alloy one leaking was to use a paper gasket. Burton do one. Gary
  8. GaryH

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    It's been a bit of a saga, but at last new seat covers back from the trimmer. Gary
  9. GaryH

    Rear upright bottom bolt

    Dave, thanks and no problem, very supportive. Copper slipped in the pass through shoulders on the upright and threads wiped clean, even used new lock nuts. Measured the lengths with verniers before replacing the rod ends, so should be very close if not spot on. Felt fine on the test drive, will re-torque after a few drives. Gary
  10. GaryH

    Rear upright bottom bolt

    Hi all Thanks for the collective wisdom, job done. Also compliments to McGill Motorsport [rod ends] and the Westfield factory [new bottom stud/bolt] - both got parts to me overnight by first class post. Thanks again Gary
  11. GaryH

    Rear upright bottom bolt

    To reduce the jamming as it pulled through I cleaned the rust off the exposed section of the bolt/stud, it worked on the nearside, but not the offside. Have a new bolt on the way as insurance in case I have to resort to cutting the bolt, and will have another after some more soaking - have now got in plusgas... Thanks again Gary
  12. GaryH

    Rear upright bottom bolt

    Which is why I don't want to be battering it about. I'll leave it soaking and have a go when the new through bolt turns up. Thanks for advice. Gary
  13. GaryH

    Rear upright bottom bolt

    Hi Dave Thanks, I was thinking it was about spreading the load across the upright, so same conclusion for different reasoning. The remaining rod end is fine, it's just not as shiny! I'll talk to the parts department today and get a new long bolt on the way. Gary
  14. GaryH

    Rear upright bottom bolt

    Hi guys, Thanks for replying. Sadly, it's not stuck in the bush as that's already free enough to move easily, the nearside (the one I was expecting to be stuck) did drift out, with reasonable effort. I have copper slipped that one back in. I'm just not keen on battering the really stuck one it incase I crack the upright. I'll clean up the exposed bits of the bolt, wd40 it some more, get another bolt for insurance and have another go at the weekend. Any idea why Westfield went over to one long bolt, rather than the two separate bolts formerly used? I'm considering going back to that once I get this long bolt out. Thanks again Gary
  15. GaryH

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Prospecting campsites for my Duke of Edinburgh's Award group.

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