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  1. GaryH

    Christmas presents.

    Hi all, Here's my Christmas present; daughter home and having a drive of our family project car! Gary
  2. GaryH

    longer stud installation

    If it helps when I did my longer studs I rotated them until they lined up with the previous spline marks and with a combination of tapping from the back and pulling through with washers and nuts I managed to get them in place without redrilling. Took ages and was quite hard to do, but it worked with the ones I had. Gary
  3. GaryH


    Pm sent
  4. GaryH


    Pm on the way Gary
  5. GaryH

    Dot 3 or dot 4 fluid?

    I didn't grind down the pad area on mine. I reckon it clears the disc centre easily and gives a few extra square mm of braking area. What I did do was use a dremel to grind off a section of the integral anti squeal shim to make the metal back narrow enough to allow the anti-rattle springs to fit over it as they did on the original pads. Only done a hundred or so miles, but it seems to be working so far. Gary
  6. GaryH

    Rear Suspension Rod Ends - which ones are best??

    I got mine from mcgill motorsport. I ordered their own brand stainless and teflon 1/2 x 1/2 right hand thread and went for the sleeve to bring the rod end down to 7/16 to match the bolts/long studs used on my car. Thought about using 7/16 × 1/2 to avoid using the sleeve, but in the end I decided to stay with the original specification. Count threads or measure really carefully when you swap them, and you'll get close to keeping the geo setup consistent, but you may want to get it re-set up commercially to be sure. Gary
  7. GaryH


    Hi, any of you running R1Rs in the winter? I'm considering fitting a set myself, but while my tyre man says they are a good tyre, he reckons their temperature rating will be use limiting in out here in sticks. Any thoughts? Gary
  8. GaryH

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Too good to miss, quick spin round the Elan Valley. Gary
  9. GaryH

    Sigma 1600i oil capacity

    I'm pretty sure that Zetec-S is a trim level, not an engine designation, most likely it was a Zetec E engine, not a Sigma/Zetec SE engine. The engines are different with no interchangeable parts, there's a good section on engine types on the Burton website: http://www.burtonpower.com/tuning-guides.html Scroll down the list to find the link for the Zetec SE. I'm away at the mo, so no photos possible, the dipstick has a yellow hoop handle, don't remember seeing any numbers on it. The engine number of mine is begins with a "D", has 4 numbers and ends in "R". I've put uprated bulbs in my headlights, they are fine for what I need in the westfield at night: https://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/h4-twenty20-daylight-120-12v-60-55w-472-halogen-bulbs-pair.html Gary
  10. GaryH

    Sigma 1600i oil capacity

    Hi Josh As well as the volume of oil, it's worth checking the grade and specification of the oil you used. I use a ford spec SAE 5w-30, usually Millers Oils. With the standard sump [like yours in the picture] mine took 4.3L, with the Caterham style sump this has come down to 3.5L, consistent with full on the dipstick in both cases. The ford specification filter is motorcraft EFL500, in the equivalent charts of the motor factor [TM Factors] I use it comes out as a Mahle OC606, which is what I use. As far as I know it's a 3/4 thread. No problems with cold or hot oil pressure in either case. The Zetec SE 1.6 petrol engine was used in a range of fords from 1998 to 2002, you could try a search for a car in the range as a double check. Checking with power torque to see if they've got any records for your engine number would also be worth a shout. The engine number in my factory car follows a sequence different from the standard ford engine number patterns, so most likely both are are what are often refered to as a "crate engine" . Gary
  11. GaryH

    Your Daily motor- photos :)

    Here's mine: Octavia VRS - 220bph, 38mpg on a run, 4 ecu/suspension modes, built in satnav, massive boot, interior a bit plasticy, but there you go - the development cash has been spent on the engine and the suspension. I might have a play with the ecu when it's out of warranty, but to be honest it's pretty good as it is. Gary
  12. GaryH

    selling parts

    Just right person, right time, right distance and possibility of club courier service. I've sold some bits and not sold others. I think it's the difference between a club site meeting a specific need and commercial site meeting a general need with a general trading agreement. Gary
  13. GaryH

    Hi-spec Caliper alignment page2

    Hi Jody, From Luke at Playskool motorsport. One of the club suppliers, no need to worry about which disc you need, clear advice, competitive price, really quick delivery all round a good person to deal with. Gary
  14. GaryH

    Seat recover/upholstery

    When you've got an estimate from the nationals don't rule out a local trimmer or upholster. I contacted some local to me and just asked if they'd look at my sports seats - found two who had already done car seats and their prices came in under the national quotes, was quicker to get done and the quality is excellent. Gary
  15. GaryH

    Hi-spec Caliper alignment page2

    Just had the brakes on my car apart, for discs (new grooved) and pads (mintex1144) clearance is about the same as your car before and after and it's been fine.

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