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  1. CosKev

    Newcomer Megablade Westie

  2. CosKev

    Newcomer Megablade Westie

    Mine shows 13.6 at idle and peaks at 14.1 once revving. Looks to be pretty steady tbh. Not a clue on the battery question sorry! Ref electric reverses they are a waste of time really,they will only move the car on the flat or a slight incline.It won't be a small job either fitting one,you will need to weld in mounting points onto the chassis, which will probably mean you will have to remove/refit brake lines and fuel lines. If you don't mind travelling a bit further for a set up/rejet of the carbs Dale at Bailey Performance is a good old school tuner,he re-jetted my carbs and it was spot on. He is really busy though,so don't expect to get a booking straight away unless he has a cancellation!
  3. CosKev

    Mazda sdv 1600 turbo

    Sorry OT Ben but where did you get the vent on the rear of the bonnet from? Sorry to see you are having to sell it,lovely car
  4. CosKev

    Newcomer Megablade Westie

    Digital voltmeter is a good call As you don't have a battery /charge light on a motorbike the first time you will notice your car has stopped charging is when it starts to misfire, you've then got about half a mile before it will stop with a totally dead battery,been there done that
  5. CosKev

    Zetec running hotter

    I think this will have highlighted your cooling system being at full capacity tbh on a normal warm summers day,same as mine has Like mine you were probably on the upper limit of cooling on a normal warm summer day,then the super hot air temp's we've seen over the last few weeks have pushed it past its max.
  6. CosKev

    Anglesey 16th July with Opentrack

    Ah crap They were totally wrong here too,didn't have a drop of rain until tea time!
  7. CosKev

    Newcomer Megablade Westie

    Yeah I would,I've mounted mine in the tunnel out of site below the dash hanging down on its own bracket
  8. CosKev

    Andy's Mega S2000 upgrades

    @Andy (Sycho) is that by any chance a Techniclutch kit?
  9. CosKev

    Newcomer Megablade Westie

    https://m.ebay.com/itm/SHINDENGEN-MOSFET-FH020AA-REGULATOR-RECTIFIER-KIT-NEW-GENUINE-SHINDENGEN-/380704480069 That's the type of kit you want,you run the new red and black cables direct to your battery as they are a better cable than you will have in the old bike loom I bought mine off the site below,great seller and really good videos on his site to diagnose and test stator etc http://www.roadstercycle.com/index.htm
  10. CosKev

    Newcomer Megablade Westie

    Ideally you want to get yourself a mosfet regulator, newer technology so produces less heat and a more stable voltage. You can buy kits that come complete with nice new plugs and wiring. Use some electrical contact grease in the plugs when you do fit a new one. That melted plug is past saving IMO to give a reliable connection
  11. The Dowty seals are the black parts you can see in between the nut and the filter take off,not sure what that whiteish melted looking thing is on the fitting though!
  12. CosKev

    Anglesey 16th July with Opentrack

    It's looking better than when I checked earlier in Anglesey,so hopefully you get a mainly dry day But not so good for where I live and the route to Anglesey
  13. CosKev

    Ignition lead help - urgent!

    I think I would try and get ones that fit the coil pack, then modify the spark plug end as above if needed. They don't need to fit in the head properly as long as they connect to the plug OK
  14. CosKev

    Anglesey 16th July with Opentrack

    If the forecast rain is correct we won't be heading up to spectate
  15. CosKev

    Adge's Sport 250 build

    What pads are you using? Funny coloured dust coming off them!

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