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  1. That's about the most exciting news I've heard in Devon in months , often wondered if there were any other Westies around here apart from David Alexander….. and just 2 weeks after I sold my V8 Westy……still, I'm in the club (so to speak) and now looking at another Westy project at some point….see you at Castle Combe on the 23rd, well done Dave, I look forward to meeting you there…..or seeing you at Stoneleigh. Best wishes Gareth
  2. Yes, I will be going…set up on Saturday, dismantle on Monday…..annual May bank holiday pilgrimage, but not in the V8 as I sold it today to a very nice chap who's going to join the club...
  3. Thanks to a couple of eagle-eyed enquiries a question concerning the engine capacity on the registration details has arisen. Currently the V5C shows the car incorrectly registered as a 3.5. It wasn't until the engine rebuild last year, and the engine dismantled, that it became clear that it was in fact a 4.6. I now have full documentation from the engine builders confirming engine number, capacity, etc. DVLA have been informed and I expect to receive an amended V5C in the next 10 days or so. Whether or not I now owe any arrears on the vehicle tax remains to be seen. Either way, all the paperwork will be in order for the new owner.
  4. WSCC CAR DATA SHEET INFO: Built or Bought: Bought Year: 2008 Area: Devon Donor engine/gearbox: Rover V8 Model: SEiGHT Mileage: 5008 Use: 99% road use, very occasional track day car Registration: VX58KXM *** NOW CORRECTLY REGISTERED ON THE V5C AS 4556cc *** BODY WORK Black/Green gel coat/3M wrap V8 bonnet Ducted nosecone Carbon fibre wrap cycle wings Twin exhaust rear valance Westfield carbon fibre effect rear light clusters Detachable rear arches Carbon fibre effect rear arch protectors Carbon fibre effect dash New carbon effect 53/4” headlights LED daytime running lights Plays-Kool carbon fibre effect front indicator pods Westfield powder coated roll bar Detachable, lockable boot box INTERIOR Westfield Sports Seats customised matching green/black on runners TRS 3” five point harness Westfield RaceTech Dash 2 digital dash Carbon fibre effect panels Battery cut out switch Westfield black carpet set Removable OMP steering wheel with RaceTech boss Fire extinguisher & quick fix tyre repair ENGINE AND DRIVE TRAIN Fully rebuilt 4.6 Rover V8, by V8 Developments, Spalding 240+ BHP and massive torque Fully reconditioned LT77 Rover 5 speed gearbox Baffled sump; LSD 13 row oil cooler Long range fuel tank Weber 500 (Edelbrock) four-barrel carb on Edelbrock manifold Mallory distributor with Magnecor leads, new coil K&N air filter, ‘pancake’ style Power Performance custom stainless exhaust, Westfield V8 sports boxes & chrome tails Uprated cooling system – high efficiency radiator and silicone hoses Westfield wide track front wishbones Adjustable front & rear shocks and ride height Vented disks all round, AP Racing 4 pot front/ Polo rear brake calipers Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 black wheels with Toyo 205/50/15 888’s OTHER Full wet weather gear, inc side screens and hood Hard wired CTEC battery charger/conditioner New Yuasa battery Engine and gearbox rebuild by specialists V8 Developments, Spalding, Lincs Geometry and suspension set-up by ex-Lotus race development engineer at TLC, Attleborough, Norfolk (copies of diagnostics available) MOT to 21 June 2019 Currently SORN Commentary I bought this, my fourth Westfield, in the dark, on a filthy wet February day in 2014 from a trader for £13,500 basing my decision largely on the written description, specification and photos. It had 750 miles on the clock, looked great and sounded ok. Got it back at the workshop, up on the ramps and reality set in. I’m surprised it had any mileage at all, given that the alignment was so poor that all four wheels were pointing in different directions and it was virtually undriveable! However, it had - as in the words of the old Morecambe & Wise sketch with André Previn – all the right ‘parts’ but not necessarily in the right order. Since then I’ve spent at least the same amount again putting the car right. Poor panel fittings, loose suspension components, an underslung exhaust almost touching the ground, overheating problems, oil leaks, thrown in with some dodgy electrical connections…. It has taken me four years to get it to the state it is in now. I’ve done 130 miles in it since the engine rebuild and gearbox re-furb, sorting out one or two minor snags. They often say Rover V8’s always leak a bit here and there. Not this one. So it still needs running in, but I’m entirely happy with it now and that it’s entirely fit for purpose. I will be including 6 litres of 20:50 Valvoline VR1 Race Oil, new oil filter and copper sump washer in the sale as whoever buys this Westy will need to complete the running in process. I'm looking for what I originally paid for the car: £13,500 or nearest offer. In the meantime, I’m looking for my next project…ideally an older Westfield in any state, unused, forgotten or even one with minor accident damage could be considered……. Or possibly even something newer on which I can stick a personal 64 plate! I would consider an exchange/swap, with/without cash balance….Any takers? If you need more photos or info please PM me or email 474gareth.hd@gmail.com or 07771 683133
  5. Hi, All you kind people…... finally all sorted in October! Sorry it's taken this long to bring some closure to this little thread, moving house and business from Norfolk to Devon is starting to settle down, and Christmas is nearly upon us! Ray and the guys at V8 Developments in Spalding managed to sort it out; basically it was an earthing issue, but also the bundle of spaghetti which allegedly posed as my under dash wiring loom had loose connections, etc and all the usual nightmares of a poor original DIY build - different coloured wiring (but mostly black), scotch locks, connectors and not a drop of solder anywhere. I guess the 4,000 or so miles that I've done since sorting out most of the really basic mechanical problems and drive the car, has had a good old shake down of the electrics…… and dislodged some of the connections on the back of the Dash2. Tech help from you and at Race Tech, and huge amounts of perserverance by the guys, has worked and now finally they're well on their way doing the job they were supposed to in the first place, which is stripping and rebuilding my V8! So an overdue thank you and I'm hoping Santa is going to stump up for a refurbished wiring loom and a brilliant local auto electrician who I was recommended to by a chap from Western Power, who whilst surveying for our new electricity connection let slip in conversation that he has two Westfields and a Stryker. Happy Christmas!
  6. Thanks Dave, yes lost hazards as well. Yes as far as I know from the guys at the garage indicator fuse ok, unless it's not located with all the other fuses located on bulkhead. Will try that as well…. it's just that the car is now 2 hours drive away so I have to gather whatever info I can and then go over there. In practice the guys doing the engine work only need an oil pressure gauge - so they may be able to rig something up temporarily, but dash instrumentation would be ideal and if I can't fix the electrics/dash then it will mean trailering it home to fix…..and I'm in the middle of moving from Norfolk to Devon. Happy days!
  7. ok thanks, Terry, will do
  8. I have a Westfield Race Tech Dash 2 on a 2008 registered Seight. I don't have access to the original build file and notes at the moment as I'm in the middle of moving house! I don't have any software or instructions, but I have downloaded the manual from Westfield website and as I'm not the original purchaser I've looked at the knowledge base on Race Technology help forum, but am unable to find any type of trouble-shooting guide.I drove the car two hours to Spalding yesterday for some engine work. (Note to self, don't try fettling with your Westy when moving house) Two miles from destination the speedo LCD display froze and then went to zero. Then all the six green, yellow and red lights on the top of the unit lit up flashing like a disco, then stayed permanently on. The LCD dash display disintegrated into dots and dashes and then went blank.In the process I lost my indicators, but lights still worked, and the car kept running fine. Once stopped I isolated the battery (cut off switch), left it for five minutes, hoping it might 're-boot' then re-started no problem, but again no display and no indicators. Is the unit faulty/broken? Is it easily /cheaply (!) repairable?All fuses are intact. I'm waiting for Mark Walker at Westfield to hopefully call back, and having followed a forum thread from March last year about Dash 2 software, I have been recommended by Mike Rowland at Kit Car Electronics to contact 'Mistercorn'. I haven't sent a PM to 'Mistercorn' as his post last year indicated his preference to use this forum. I hope I've got that right. I don't want to bother 'Mistercorn' at work and so if you're reading this 'Mistercorn' or if anyone else can help with this I would be very grateful. Thanks for reading.
  9. Good to hear, Stu……………..unfortunately Mr Squeaks is back after only a ten minute drive. Seems it only starts squeaking once the car warms up. I will try getting fork oil into the bushes whilst they are under load….unless anyone has any other tips?
  10. Thanks for the reminder Stu……and congrats on the new club job…by the way did you get the number plate sorted?? and thanks Terry, although I had been warned that WD40 might swell the rubber??? Anyway, I've just bounced the car fairly firmly and not a squeak……perhaps the fork oil has done its job over the past 24 hours? Will go for a test run this evening…fingers crossed. Thanks for coming back to me guys…...
  11. I know this is an old thread, but I have the same problem with squeaking rear suspension…. I'm almost certain it's the wishbone bushes as there is no squeak when the car is cold, but after about 5 minutes of driving the squeaking returns…so I reckon that rules out a moving fuel tank, etc. I've tried the motorcycle fork oil in a syringe with a long piece of poly tubing to reach those hard to get to places (!), but despite trickling it between the tiny gap between washer and wishbone, etc I ended up with more oil down my arm and on the floor than seemed to be going where needed. A couple of months ago when I had a go at solving the squeaking, someone recommended using silicone spray. It didn't work and I'm now concerned this may have coated everything in silicone so the oil won't get in or get absorbed. If I undo the Nyloc nuts and loosen the bolts to get better access for the oil, would that work? And if so, can someone tell me the torque settings please for when I tighten them back up? Any advice/ideas would be most welcome, thanks.
  12. Hi if you're still looking I'm about to put up my 4.0 V8 for sale priced within your budget. Professionally rebuilt and set up by ex Lotus race development engineer. Cost in excess of £20k. Sounds glorious, performance assured, but will tour as well. Last seen at Silverstone Classic. Message me or call 07771 683133 if you're interested. Cheers Gareth
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