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  1. Well, surprise surprise we’re off and not on holiday so will be coming out to play. Will this be another cakegate!! as it has not been mention in the days activity see you Sunday Andy and Becky
  2. aeg

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Journey on M5 todayour accommodation for the week
  3. aeg

    Westfield 4 Point Harnesses

    Hi, I might have a WESTFIELD branded set in black for sale, I will confirm at the weekend, cheers Andy
  4. aeg

    Warwickshire Area Meeting, Thursday 21st June

    Were there tonight as well, and in the car
  5. aeg

    Rolling road-BHPerformance

    Martyn I’ll bring the printout tonight, but I’m happy with it so far, numbers wise it’s more than Rhett’s
  6. aeg

    Rolling road-BHPerformance

    Well folks, went back today for final mapping. Once again Ben did a great job, after a couple of hours of mapping and adjusting cams he was happy that he had got the most out of the engine, I now have the pleasure of a car that pulls like a train through the whole Rev range so I’m a happy chappy , now it’s finding the time to drive it!! Cheers Andy
  7. aeg

    Happy Cake Day Julie

    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Julie happy birthday to you, enjoy your cake
  8. aeg

    Rolling road-BHPerformance

    Hi Ben, all good so far just finding time to put some miles on it, SWMBO noticed the induction noise very quickly pulls very well and smooth, big change from carbs . But when you haven’t drove it for 8 months everything seems noisy!! and this clutch pedal thing( got dsg box in the Skoda) it’s all a learning curve again, how’s yours running?
  9. aeg

    Rolling road-BHPerformance

    That’s great stuff Rhett, at least we now have somewhere local to go to, back in 2 weeks time to get the rest of my mapping done, cheers Andy
  10. aeg

    Vdo speedo

    And low and behold it comes on tonight when I’m out for a drive I think it knows !!!
  11. aeg

    Vdo speedo

    No it’s sealed, but I’m tempted to cut the back off and look inside to see if anything jumps out at me!
  12. aeg

    Vdo speedo

    Hi, I have a vdo speedo that the lcd mileage screen has gone blank, it’s been going on and off for a while now, done the old drying it out thing and now it’s finally given up the ghost. Anyone know of somewhere to get it repaired ( speedy cables want it for 6 weeks and a £110 for the pleasure) vdo want to sell me a new one and transfer the data for £200, cheers Andy
  13. aeg

    New colour from WF.

    A bit darker than primer greychanges contrast with light conditions, looks lighter in bright light and darker in poor light, but that’s paint for you. Remember where you seen it first, reds and yellows are so last year
  14. aeg

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Today at bhperformance,
  15. aeg

    Rolling road-BHPerformance

    Well folks, very happy with the service from Ben at BHP, My journey has been quite along one from silvertop on Weber’s to blacktop on throttlebodies, I’ll save the full story for later but today was all about getting a base map setup to be able to put some miles on the new engine, Ben has now mapped my Ecu up to 3000 revs, the base map supplied by Omex is really only to get the engine to fire up,Ben said it was way out and was running really lean, he is still surprised by the about of people that still run there cars on base supplied maps, Ben was very thorough in getting everything setup from scratch and has now sent me on my way to put some mileage on the engine before he maps the top end and does a power run. I’m happy with him so far but there’s another Wssc members car in there having some work done as well ( hiding in the corner). My journey home was a whole lot better than going, the sun was shining and the car didn’t keep cutting out, and boy does throttlebodies make a difference

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