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  1. aeg

    Warwickshire Area meeting 17th Jan 2019

    See you all tonight folks
  2. aeg

    GBS German Sausage Time, Sat 8th Dec, Ollerton

    A nice morning spent catching up with friends, but these AO’s don’t half push there luck!! @Martyn Vann - Joint Warwickshire AOgood luck talking your way out of this Martyn!
  3. aeg

    Ashbourne, Peak District, Sun 28th Oct

    Once again a fabulous day out with like minded friends, and new faces and names to add to the memory banks, thanks again Julie Hall for organising us
  4. aeg

    Ashbourne, Peak District, Sun 28th Oct

    Hi Si, we’ll be travelling up from Birmingham ,so about an hour for us, but I know Andrew Clarke travels along way as does Dave Eastwood , but you have to make an effort to enjoy the gain ( cake ) and company. Hope to see you Sunday Andy and Becky
  5. aeg

    Ashbourne, Peak District, Sun 28th Oct

    We’ll be there keep doing the sun dance
  6. aeg

    Warwickshire Area Meeting 18th October

    Still looking like Westie weather see you later
  7. aeg

    Peak District Run Out, Sunday 14th October POSTPONED

    How the hell I can I watch it from 30,000 feet? It’s sunnyand 40degrees in Dubai while we wait for our next flight, might not see you tomorrow then if it’s p***ing down, I’ll stop in bed and catch up on my beauty sleep!!
  8. aeg

    Peak District Run Out, Sunday 14th October POSTPONED

    Hi Julie, we might make this but a few things have got to fall into place 2 flights to be on time and connect, getting some sleep on the flight, being picked up at the airport by the parents and getting a good nights kip!! If all that works and we wake up feeling ok and it's not p***ing down we'll come out for the day( it's better than starting the washing!!!) take it easy luv Andy and Becky xxx
  9. aeg

    Aeroscreen? Should you wear a crash helmet?

    Glad your both ok but it looks like glen is destined for the garage again in the cold!! I hope the young apprentice will be out there helping him stick her back together!! Take care luv us Xxx ps it could of been one of those cows that took I liking to jumping on you
  10. aeg

    GBS Cars and Coffee, Ollerton, Notts, Sat 22nd Sept

    Only two words for you Julie Hall. DOG HOUSE!!!! And that’s not from me
  11. aeg

    Motorpoint, anyone bought from them before?

    Has no one picked up on the obvious yet!!! She’s only gone and let Glen have a drive of the Westie or did she? Have fun tomorrow guys ,I’m afraid we can’t make it as working again see you soon Andy and Becky
  12. Sorry both, but we’re working ( do you remember what work is) have fun see you soon A&B
  13. aeg


    Has Glen had a say in this!!!
  14. Yes, Thursday night , see you there Andy and Becky
  15. aeg

    Peak District, Sunday 5th August

    What’s this next Saturday!! We’re off Sunday,look in that diary of yours and organise yourself have a great day tomorrow see you soon luv us xx

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