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  1. No problem. Just email me at ( username) @hotmail.com and we can sort this out
  2. Thanks Tim. Will see if Robin is Ok with that.
  3. Anytime Chris, you owe me a run out in yours You have my number.
  4. Like this : https://parts.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=265&search=grille&description=true Posted £25
  5. Sorry Robin, wont be at Stoneleigh. I may be able to get @Tim (TimDave25) - Joint Thames Valley AO to meet you there and exchange though.
  6. Only out the bag for the photo, so brand new unused £40 delivered.
  7. Thanks for all the emails regarding the car. It is still in the club and heading to Devon. It will also be at Stoneleigh with its new owner. I have a few more items to clear out in parts later this week and then I will be signing out from the cub. Onwards and upwards.
  8. Thanks gents for the kind words. I have updated a few bits. Will be putting up on Pistonheads later and Ebay. As for spending my money @Tom (T3OMF) - Cotswolds AO Its already allocated and not a car to replace it in sight .
  9. Decided to move on with the car now for another project. Its a full factory kit Mega S2000 . Bought in June 2016 , built by me by August 2016 and registered and on the road for November 2016. Car is ready to go, although need to collect the cat pipe from the welders as has a new cat just fitted. Currently has a link pipe in its place. Fully upholstered interior, Racetech QR wheel hub and SPA steering wheel. Padded dash upgrade and heater installed. New Mazda LSD 46k mile donor engine and gearbox and car has now done 3900 miles which will increase as time goes on until sale Has a full compliment of carbon exterior parts from Carbon NV , including cycle wings, rear wheel arch protectors, wing mirrors, indicator pods, roll bar covers, Also has a carbon exhaust silencer and mick made chassis rail protectors. Protech shock upgrade Fitted immobiliser Factory doors and half hood AD08 Yoko tyres fitted 400 miles ago. Hi Spec 4 pot brakes with Mintex pads. Uprated front hubs also fitted with good quality bearings. Car , wheels and windscreen have been ceramic coated to make life easier to keep clean. Car kept in a dehumidified and heated garage on a battery conditioner. No MOT until November 1st and I have a service booklet of work carried out in its life. No tyre kickers or dreamers please. I am in no rush to move the car on . Car is in Thatcham, Berkshire £23,500 Please email me (user name above) @hotmail.com for more information and details. I will update when I can think of more. But the car is a ready sorted car. All post build niggles are sorted, so just buy it and enjoy it.
  10. I have decided not to do this now , so we wont be putting any more time into the event for the charities that have been discussed. Thanks
  11. Sad really , as thats how it was . But you can be happy now
  12. Wifes given me the nod for the pillars next winter to be done
  13. Is the cut out on the transmission tunnel big enough to allow the gear to go into gear and latch properly ?
  14. Was allowed out the office yesterday to pop to Salisbury ( avoiding ruskie perfume sellers obviously ) to look at a new works van . Ford dealers there, commercial sales is in the body shop, so saw this. Lets hope the training was done safely hey !!
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