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  1. Stick it up for sale. Someone with want it Well done for persevering with it. Some people seem to use brute strength when building cars and wonder why stuff snaps and rips threads.
  2. I wouldnt touch an FW . Old skool techology has moved on now Dave. Support for needing parts , which wont exist , new wheels , dash switches getting awkward, even if there were production french things, Hewland box parts could be iffy ( we look after Hewlands a/c ) . But saying that , its a far wack of money for one of those Caterhams and with what a 620 S gives for nearly half , is what I would prefer.
  3. Thrustyjust

    Wiper fuse

    I changed my fuses for auto resetting ones. So, it will stop when tripped. A few seconds ( allegedly ,not had to test anything yet and now doomed it ) it resets and off we go again. But they dont fit under the plastic see through cover, which isnt a problem for me as I fitted the fuse boxes under the dash.
  4. Thrustyjust

    Wiper fuse

    Always been an advocate for Rain Ex .....................but I dont think its the same these days. A lot runnier and seems to have a really short life on the screen. I have just used Gtechniq G1 windscreen coating on the Westie and a bit of effort to clean and put on, but not reviewed as yet as only put it on yesterday. Seems to have good reviews though.
  5. New cover means a stanley knife is the best way to remove. I did put an alloy one on to match an alloy gear knob many moons ago . Looked a lot nicer. If you can them, something like this could look good https://www.amazon.co.uk/Ford-Handbrake-Handle-Richbrook-Leather-Brake/dp/B0049B5YOS
  6. Marvelous stuff Tim. Come on, roll up !! More the merrier
  7. Chris is a country boy Got most of Gabriel stuff on vinyl here
  8. Just because you like banjos and rocking chairs . Nothing too wrong with Genesis .................. especially the earlier stuff ................... as for Foo Fighters, awesome
  9. Are you expecting anything to go straight down the line when the riff raff, such as @Gary Taylor - Scotland AO, @Blatman and our 'example of wscc correctness aka @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary are in the same place now , are you ?
  10. I would not expect the pump to be the the issue. Crossflow pumps are sturdy things. Swop the sender out for another 1 to 5 bar and go from there.
  11. A*** in gear time Blatters . Havent seen the snot machine since the last time Haileys comet spun round here
  12. Ci, before you struggle with it, try the resistance thing first and see what readings you are getting. If it shows they are wrong, I would just get a new sender then you can quickly swop one for another. This states 10 to 184 ohm for the 5 bar sender https://vdo-webshop.nl/en/pressure-senders/314-vdo-pressure-sender-0-5-bar-m14.html
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