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  1. Thrustyjust

    Cobra 427 Build

    If I bought an exhaust like Gary, for a car, I would end up with it not fitting one bit. Some people are jammy on getting things to work more than not.
  2. Thrustyjust

    Happy Birthday John (Kernow)

    Sorry for the late greetings . Hope you had a great day. Been with my Cornishland relatives with us tonight , so thats 2 less on the A30 today
  3. Thrustyjust

    oil catchment tank yes or no

    Yes, just remove it and blank it. Made a plate from a bit of alloy
  4. Thrustyjust

    oil catchment tank yes or no

    Nope ....................
  5. Thrustyjust

    Sierra handbrake switch

    What could possibly go wrong ? You never mentioned chassis work to fit it
  6. Thrustyjust

    CNC micro mill conversion

    That is a cool bit of kit . So diddy
  7. Thrustyjust

    1.6 Ecoboost Conversion

    Off cut works Tim. You have the rivnut there to bolt it to, with some black alloy button head bolts will look fine.
  8. Thrustyjust

    Sierra handbrake switch

    Any excuse Tim Quick google finds this place : https://www.gumtree.com/p/car-replacement-parts/retro-ford-parts-parts-for-sierra-fiesta-cosworth-transit-smiley-scorpio-xr2i-xr3i-cvh/1325892724 This place I used to get Ford stuff from might help too. Not too far away , near Hayes area. http://www.speedshack.co.uk/
  9. Thrustyjust

    Catch tank question

    If you unscrew the cap and blow down it, it should blow straight through it. You will see light through it too.
  10. Thrustyjust

    Sierra handbrake switch

    Fit a Honda S2000 handbrake Tim. Half the size, nose dips down and a quality ratchet. May just need to tweek its mounting points .
  11. Thrustyjust

    Sport 250 Selby Build Bucks

    You'll get more wobble from the pedal bushes than anything from filing the holes a smidge more
  12. Thrustyjust

    Catch tank question

    I would just put a grommet in both of those holes. The screw cap on those tanks are open to breath. We have those caps on vacuum pumps at work. So, it doesnt actually need the holes in the side.
  13. Thrustyjust

    SE FW ZETEC - New member/New build

    Looks great and sounds it too. Self centreing sounds like just what you need. My examiner just wanted to feel it wanted to head back towards the centre and not actually be straight ahead.
  14. One of those cars which would never be an issue to sell in my eyes. Its a well built/ loved and well maintained car. Sad to see you selling Jimbob, but the family always take priority. I sold my last one because I had a young family and seemed pointless it sitting there and was too loud for mini TJ's ears , so it went within a few days in December , weirdly. And then I came back now he's older and not sure I am wiser though
  15. Thrustyjust

    Another new build diary. FW

    Looking good Steve and glad to see you back. Always sensible to protect the underside of the car from water and stones now. Wise to fill the diff up now while the plug is easier. As long as you have the adaptor driveshaft is in, which I think they are . Remember they are located with a small metal split ring.

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