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  1. Oily Steve

    Raceline Wet Sump VDO Oil Temp Sender Size?

    Hi Andy, it was just a standard VDO sensor with M10 thread to suit a 52mm VDO gauge. It was a couple of years ago but I think I got them both from Demon Tweeks. Easy to fit and has worked well since.
  2. Oily Steve

    Cadwell 27th Sept

    A delayed video from me, trying hard to keep up with Andrew's car from around 1:40 but not succeeding very well
  3. Oily Steve

    Cadwell 27th Sept

    Agreed that it was an excellent track day. Cadwell is an amazing track, the weather was perfect and great company
  4. Oily Steve

    Cadwell 27th Sept

    Andrew, out of interest how do you see the number of places left on the Javelin site?
  5. Oily Steve

    Cadwell 27th Sept

    I'm booked as part of the @Trevturtle Derby group. looking forward to it
  6. Oily Steve

    Breakdown cover? AA alternatives?

    I'm also looking for new breakdown having used AA for many years but with increasing premium costs. I saw that GEM have come out top in AutoExpress reviews for several years running.
  7. Many thanks for all those who organised today's track day. The briefing was good and concise, the weather was good, great company and overall I had a great time! Thanks also to Adam for his help with my set up. Hope all goes well for the sprint weekend. Steve
  8. Oily Steve

    Rear Springs 175 Lb/in - DISPOSED

    Ok, no problem.
  9. Oily Steve


    Is that to ensure that the 'hot' pressures are about the same for dry and wet conditions i.e. the tyre pressures will increase more in the dry than the wet?
  10. Oily Steve

    Rear Springs 175 Lb/in - DISPOSED

    The inner diameter is approx 2" so they should be for the 1.9 size. If you want to try them let me know. Steve
  11. Oily Steve

    Rear Springs 175 Lb/in - DISPOSED

    These still available and if anyone wants them I can bring to Blyton on the 13th July.
  12. Oily Steve

    Donington 2nd July with MSV

    Not too bad although there were several red flags, one that took awhile to sort out due to a car in the tyre wall at the top of the pit straight. Otherwise, it was perfect conditions to enjoy a dry and sunny Donington The only problem I had was running low on fuel and hadn't brought any with me because I thought I could buy fuel on the night but it wasn't open! Now looking forward to Blyton on the 13th
  13. Oily Steve

    Donington 2nd July with MSV

    Nice smooth driving Andrew. Looks like you and the car were going very well
  14. Oily Steve

    Donington 2nd July with MSV

    In the big blue plug as shown.
  15. Oily Steve

    Donington 2nd July with MSV

    I ran my Duratec for several years doing track days without an oil temperature gauge. When I fitted one a couple years ago I found I was up to 135C and presumably had been at that level on many occasions before but had not experienced any problems. Having said that I have now fitted a small modine cooler which has helped a little, but I was still up to 125C after several laps on Monday evening at Donington.

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