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  1. Since an order didn't arrive on time and I needed a set for the weekend I've ended up with two sets of Scroth Harnesses. These come with all the fixings to bolt them straight in, they are pull up lap belts and pull down shoulder belts and the lap belts are 2". Also all FIA approved as well. So they are brand new not been out of the box, they are handed so have the drivers side and the passenger side, retail they are £255 a set, I'll do the pair at £475 delivered.
  2. No standard ones are actually 1/2" Thread and 1/2" bore which is why they have those tiny irritating little sleeves! No bother at all, just shows I really need to get out more!
  3. The Thread into the wishbone if it's a standard item is 1/2" though, so these would be the right ones https://www.merlinmotorsport.co.uk/p/aurora-rod-end-7-16-bore-with-1-2unf-right-hand-thread-xam7t
  4. Looks like you've got a hairline crack next to the arrows I've put on your pic too.
  5. Could you not change the sampling frequency so it filters small blips like that out?
  6. Give me a call Adam, depending what your up to I may or may not be able to help bud
  7. I'll take the Calipers please Ash
  8. @Dommo I don't I'm afraid
  9. Should be able to adapt it to other throttle bodies, depending on how wide the spacing is. We machine a backing plate to suit the throttle body setup normally, it'll just be a case of how wide your spacing is as to whether it'll fit inside the polycarb plenum
  10. The rotrex chargers come with oil canister and cooler as standard. More than happy to talk you through doing this and costs etc. We can supply all the parts and mounting kits to do this & have a Polycarbonate inlet plenum rather than a carbon one.
  11. Sorry yes R888R, I'll drop you a text @Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO
  12. Certainly do Toyo Tyres 195/50 R15 would be £86.50 a tyre 205/50 R15 would be £97.50 a tyre
  13. What sizes are you after?
  14. Plays-Kool

    Gen1 Busa Oil

    Millers ZFS 10W 40 Oil http://www.plays-kool.co.uk/acatalog/Millers-Motorsport-Motorbike-Engine-Oil.html Really good stuff!
  15. You could get away with changing the ARB without removing the tank, it'll take a bit of wiggling but should be able to be done
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