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  1. Thanks for posting. I wondered what was inside mine. That’s a nice bit of kit.
  2. Top work. Troy does know his stuff. Those wheels are going to need sorting out.
  3. Very nice Stu. That is a bit different. I feel strangely drawn to gold wheels.
  4. MHR Kev. You probably won’t have time to read this!
  5. Did Dave Eastwood do this on his current car? Or have I got my wires completely crossed?
  6. Episode 23 is on the Tube. Coming thick and fast now. Met them at the Raceretro show. What a nice couple of blokes, very genuine.
  7. What he said. This is very impressive work and a very educational read. Keep it up Adam.
  8. Hi Andy I have a pair of these brand new. To be clear are they the brackets that allow the shocks from non widetrack to be fitted to widetrack wishbones? nic
  9. Think you should have taken the drip tray out of the footwell
  10. See you there. Saturday until Monday. Can thoroughly recommend the volunteering experience.
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