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  1. Well, I had the sad experience of watching my baby being driven away to a new home this morning, so that marks the end of my current Westfield build and ownership experience. Who's to say it won't happen again, but for the moment, I shall not be renewing WSCC membership. That said, the new owners have strict instructions to take over my membership, so there will be some new faces soon. I'd just like to say thanks to all of you, especially those in the Cotswold group and those of you who shared track days at Hullavington and Abingdon with me - all of whom have made the whole Westfield ownership experience a real pleasure. The fun, friendship, banter and advice during the build and after and the motoring fun over the last 7 years are a testament to what a great club, this is and what a nice bunch of people you are. We shall meet again, I'm sure, but until then, thanks and drive safely. Mooch
  2. Mooch

    1.6 to 1.8 swap

    I'd agree with Dom - less power on paper but lighter. Blink offer lots more horses and is a good route. I used Skuzzle because they are closer, but the basic package I had (ME221 ECU based) has delivered a significant, usable and reliable increase in power. They can squeeze around 170bhp without too much effort from a 1.6 NA engine.
  3. ZK or FW body style shouldn't affect the fitting of your wind deflectors as they use the same scuttle.
  4. I have the Westfield half hood and an MSA roll bar. As a 6 footer, I find the roof bars are essential even with the greater headroom offered. As you say, the novelty of the roof flapping on your swede soon wears off....
  5. As you already have the E plate from 88, I suspect that will be it - whatever goes on now and is taken off later, you have the E plate to revert to. The loophole I think I've found is that by putting on a dateless plate on first registration, when that comes off at some future date, DVLA have no dated plate to refer to, so revert to the year of registration as a Westfield for the new registration plate. Gary was able to put a newer personalised plate on, but reverted back when that plate was removed.
  6. Thanks, Gary, I think that proves the point I made in the OP. By putting on a dateless plate from the off, there's nothing to fall back on regarding donor dated plates, so it's a way of getting a plate current with the year of IVA/registration when using a donor vehicle.
  7. And I presume he's taken it off now he's sold his Westy. It would be interesting to see if he got his old donor dated plate back or a 2012 one.
  8. My Mazda SDV Westfield is up for sale, so I'm taking the private plate off. It's been a pretty simple process through the DVLA on line but I was expecting to get a random 1990 'G' plate to put on it, as that's what it would have had when first registered after IVA because of the age of the donor car on which it was based. However, I put the private plate on from the off so the car never had an 'old' reg no for the Westfield. I was therefore very surprised (and rather pleased in terms of saleability) to get a '61' plate issued as a replacement, reflecting the year of first registration as a Westfield. I can only think that this is because there wasn't a previous plate to re-allocate to mine as the donor car had effectively left the system. Therefore, top tip - get a cheap dateless plate when first registering your SDV based Westy and at some point take it off using the on-line route through DVLA to get a plate registered to the year of IVA/registration. I suspect if I had gone to a DVLA office, it wouldn't have had the same result.
  9. I bought a TT from them a few years back. The car was fine all the way through my years of ownership, but the sales pressure to buy additional insurances was really annoying. I had to tell the sales guy that if he didn't back off then I'd walk. That did the trick.
  10. Thanks, Gary, Looking at a classic renovation....if it all stacks up, that is....
  11. Reluctantly, it's time to sell my much-loved Mazda 1.6 based Westfield. Built by me in 2011, she has given me a lot of ultra reliable fun on road and track as well as a trip to Le Mans, but it's time for the next project and I need the space. I'm based near Chippenham in North Wiltshire. Please note that the Private plate is not included in the sale - the car will revert to a G plate based on the age of the donor car. The car is a standard Mazda SDV built using ZK bodywork and the Westfield completion kit with the chrome pack - no carbon here, mate,, but she has had a few modifications over the years. I have the history of the donor, a file of all the receipts and build photos. She passed IVA at the first attempt: Engine & Gearbox etc are from a 1990 1.6 Mazda MX5 Mk 1. The donor was a much loved car from within the family and had been very well maintained, which reflects in the current reliability. 101k on the donor and I've put on another 7K, so the odometer reads 108K. Mileage is pretty academic really and as SDV'ers will know, parts are plentiful and cheap, including the big stuff like engines and gearboxes. There is potential to turbo/supercharge if required - a route successfully undertaken by other Mazda SDV mates. There is a rumour that the 'out of the box' performance of this particular car drove some to fit turbos just to get ahead of me, but that's another story.... It has been 'breathed on' by Skuzzle motorsports who fitted an ME221 mappable ECU, flowed the head and re-profiled the cams so it now has @145bhp the flywheel, up from the standard 115bhp. It has the 4-1 Westfield manifold fitted as well as a K&N filter. The car has been faultless from the off and starts first time every time, regardless of how long she's been sat in the garage. The standard gearbox is perfect for a Westfield. Standard suspension with GAZ shocks all round, professionally set up by Dave Gallop at Track Developments Other additions: Westfield half hood Playschool MSA roll bar, chromed. Brand new Toyo R1Rs all round - the front ones so new they've not even been fitted yet! Odyssey Gel Battery Shortened sump (done by Gary Gunn of Loaded Gunn) AA Composites lockable boot box (very useful!) Mintex 1144 front pads Perspex wind deflectors MOT October, but will be renewed before then. The car is in excellent condition, although there are the usual gravel rash marks on the front of rear arches and a small hole in the gel coat on the very bottom of the nearside wheel arch - probably stone damage - although this is invisible unless you crawl around underneath. Also, there's some minor gel coat crazing around a couple of the front mudguard mounting bolts. The windscreen has a 'bullseye' in it, but conveniently, it's behind the rearview mirror and has been hidden by a WSCC sticker for years. I'm looking for £8500 07834 539464 if you wish to chat more or come and have a look.
  12. The adaptor sleeve was missing from my kit, as were the diff arm spacers. There were a number of known deficiencies in the kit so many of us Mazda SDVers have been round this particular loop! A call to Westfield parts department worked for me. Top tip was to put the sleeve in the freezer overnight. It's a tight fit. Flange bolts will be unusable from most donors. I sourced mine from MX5Parts. Diff oil, change it - no brainer for me.
  13. I turned up on the Monday - I'm normally a Sunday chap, but events dictated otherwise this year. The WSCC site as always was the biggest and best, so well done to the team. It's good to see that it's dynamic and changes from year to year - indicative of the vitality of the Club. The Club stand is the prime motivation that makes me head north each May and if that wasn't there, I doubt I'd go again. The rest of the show, I'm afraid, is disappointing, especially if you've been before, and has an air of gradual decline - other club cars were sparse compared to previous years. I went with a first-timer and he left feeling underwhelmed. As others have said, Hall 2 was a few stands crammed into a vast space and felt dead. The other halls had a feeling of deja vu - it seems like every time I go its the same thing in the same place. For example...Hawk cars showing the same 3 cars, and behind them the same Stratos's......I could go on....it needs a refresh and new content if it's going to maintain the interest of regulars. I hate to sound negative, but it's how I saw it.
  14. I passed this article on to Natasha at MSE and they weren't aware of this, which will be why future events are shown. There's only been a couple of events and I'm not aware of local objections - Hullavington was a similar event that ran without incident, so I'm not sure what makes Lyneham different. I've written to Gray, but he's a tw*t. His latest constituency report reiterates his point: "I was very glad to be able to persuade Lyneham’s Colonel Ed Heal that the planned Motor Car events on the old runway at Lyneham were deeply unwelcome, and risked damaging the excellent relations the Defence Technical Training College have with local people. I am not sure he needed much persuasion, and they will not now happen. " As a measure of the integrity of our local MP, he left his wife when she was diagnosed with cancer. Nice man.
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