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  1. Blatman

    F1 pit lane bust up.

    I think back to Jenson (I think) winning in Canada a few years ago in the wet. Vettel had lead for a while and JB was catching fast. Vettel made a mistake even before JB was close enough to have a lunge. It was enough to see him catching that caused Vettel to drop the ball, and as far as I can recall, every time he;s been head to head with LH, LH has come out on top the majority of the time. To be fair Vettel seemed to be able to fend off Mark Weber well enough but I think Vettel was just that couple of tenths faster more of the time, and of course there were team orders so really there was no pressure in the race. I'm ignoring Vettels inability to follow team orders obviously... Multi-21 anybody?
  2. Blatman

    F1 pit lane bust up.

    Vettel seems to be the least strong of the recent top runners and h has a bit of a history of cracking when the pressure is really on. To a certain extent arrogance has to be expected. Plus there's an interpretive element. Arrogance and confidence can be confused, especially when the person speaking isn't a personal favourite. IE one mans arrogance is another mans confidence...
  3. Blatman

    F1 pit lane bust up.

    Max was the leader. He doesn't have to leave the door open for a lapped car. I agree that if he had things would have been different but either way,, lapped cars should pay the leader due respect and not poke theirs noses into a gap that they must surely know is going to close as the leader takes the racing line. If Ocon was that much faster there is no harm in waiting for the next straight which also affords him DRS. 50% alongside is not the rule as I understand it although I'll stand to be corrected The cars must be side by side. Wheel-to-wheel if you like. Anything less and the corner belongs to the car in front. Either way I doubt Ocon will stick his nose in there against Max again, and we saw that on other occasions during the race. It seems Max is marking his territory well. Can anyone think of another driver who was un-compromising when it came to giving up track position?
  4. Blatman

    Stuff to watch over the winter.

    Rally Drivers are alright. Spectators who stand on the outside of bends, they're the nutters...
  5. Blatman

    Completely off topic. Small claims court. legal advice.

    Check with the court but I have a feeling that as the claim was a success, you should get your court fees back as well. Have the court followed up confirming your award? If not, you should ask them for a copy of the judgement. Either way, well done for getting this far
  6. I will, hopefully in the not too distant
  7. Blatman

    Happy Birthday Mr Hurdsfield.

    Same from me. Belated MHR big fella
  8. Looking forward to TJ meets............................ Blatman [/massive ego]
  9. Blatman

    Today, 2 years ago, I...................

    Who's the bird on the left?
  10. Blatman

    What hope for Brexit negotiations?

    This is the man who stated that he would lead the country no matter what the result of the Brexit referendum, then resigns very shortly after the result went the wrong way for him. I wonder if he's bored because when he applies for a job, they remember he has a tendency to not see things through despite commitments to the contrary. I wouldn't employ him either...
  11. Blatman

    One for the LED home lighting geeks

    Had a Sigma 4 on my parents house. They went shopping and I went up on the roof... The rig was on a slide mount under my wardrobe/dresser unit so I could remove it and put it in the car. Both car and house had 25 watt burners. Car had a mag mount antenna, the name of which escapes me but it wasn't a whip, it was hollow steel tube with a wide base mag mount and conical shaped mount/coil which I presume continued up the hollow tube. Car was a 2 door Mk1 Escort, I had all my hair and teeth and my girlfriend was 16...just... Those were the days
  12. Blatman

    One for the LED home lighting geeks

    Not an audiophile or anything but I do appreciate the views of those who are. Just haven't seen an analogue signal meter for ages, not since I got rid of my Cobra AM/FM (and highly illegal) CB radio... with burner...
  13. Blatman

    One for the LED home lighting geeks

    How old is your radio? Do you have one of them new fangled digital radios? Does it affect that in the same way?
  14. Blatman

    What hope for Brexit negotiations?

    Yup, that works
  15. Blatman

    What hope for Brexit negotiations?

    A trading partnership is fine. The EU are trying and have been tying to get POLITICAL union in through the back door of trade. This is not acceptable. Kinnock was mentioned. I'll mention Mandelson and Farage as well. All of them soundly rejected by the UK electorate yet they become EU politicians. This is the very opposite of democracy and if it happens with those we vote out of office I'm sure it happens with politicians from other countries too. In other words the very people we deliberately reject end up being in a position of power and largely exempt from the will of the people. The British government handled this all wrong. The UK is the 5th biggest economy in the world https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2018/04/the-worlds-biggest-economies-in-2018/ We trade with more countries under WTO rules than we do with the EU. We should have said "We're out. If you want us to trade with you, come up with a deal or we'll spend our money elsewhere." And at the end of the day is Germany really going to say that they don't want to sell us BMW's, Mercedes, Audi's, Daimler, Bosch, Siemens etc etc. Hardly. We need to hold out nerve, stare down project fear, keep calm and carry on. The core of the EU are much more concerned about contagion. If they make it easy for us to leave then they will be faced with several other countries wanting to do the same. The harder they make it for us the more unattractive leaving looks to other countries who may be on the cusp, and that is political cynicism of gargantuan proportions. I'm old and I spend a LOT of my working time in Holland, France and Germany and I'm a confirmed leaver. No deal is fine by me. WTO rules will work the way they always have.

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