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  1. Blatman

    CCTV recommendations

    We compared HikVision and Milestone and Milestone came out on top. That's not to say the HikVision is no good. On the contrary we were looking for a system to deploy as our "standard" offering and Milestone it is.
  2. Blatman

    CCTV recommendations

    Whilst we're looking at options that may or may not fit the budget or expertise of the OP, we have used Milestone NVR's with all kinds of cameras. My reason for pointing this out is that they offer free NVR software for up to 8 cameras. Note that this is software only but keep reading... https://www.milestonesys.com/solutions/platform/video-management-software/xprotect-essential/ And if you think free is something to be wary of, note that Milestone are owned by Canon, who also own Axis, well known CCTV camera manufacturer... There is no "factory support" but the documentation is excellent. The list of supported cameras is here: https://www.milestonesys.com/community/business-partner-tools/supported-devices/xprotect-corporate-and-xprotect-expert/ I recently bought a new server for my place and it was remarkably good value. Something like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DELL-T5500-WORKSTATION-XEON-E5506-2-13GHz-DDR3-8GB-1TB-SATA-FirePro-V3750/292505826664?hash=item441ab4b568:g:HtwAAOSw0UdXvxLv:rk:8:pf:0 I suspect something like this (below) would also work and has 4 HDD bays for storing a LOT of footage and of course you can RAID the HDD's if that was a requirement. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HP-Microserver-Gen-7-N54l-8GB-RAM-RAC-Card-1x-built-in-NIC-6TBs-of-HDDs/163533967104?epid=219661573&hash=item2613624f00:g:OSIAAOSw9YdcXsOR:rk:5:pf:0 My point here is I think an almost professional grade system could be built for a LOT less than pro-grade money. Yes it'll likely cost more than a turnkey solution but with a bit of effort I think one of these would handsomely outperform the turnkey options.
  3. Blatman

    CCTV recommendations

    You sure it's the router? And if you are, what's behind this apparent lack of performance? I'll agree that they are built down to a price but in my experience they are usually pretty good, mostly because they aren't doing much other than getting traffic to and from the internet. BUT... I think folks generally (not pointing the finger here...) underestimate the number of devices connecting not just to the internet but to each other via the router, especially if there are smartphones and tablets loafing around. If you look at the traffic stats, especially for Apple devices, they're pretty chatty over the internet connection and this could be having an impact. Add in smart TV's/Apple TV's (or any other IP TV service)/blu-ray players/Alexa (or any other smart speaker) etc etc, and along with whatever else is going on I'll bet the ISP router will start to be stretching it's compute power. Throw in a handful of 1080p CCTV cameras and I suspect the ISP router could really start to wilt.
  4. Blatman

    VPN services

    With evidence. It's the only way to prove anything to anyone. It matters not that they may not be able to interpret the evidence. In that event the issue continues to escalate until it is in front of someone who can. Whether it's I.T or the video referee or a HR meeting or whatever, at some point someone with real knowledge and a grasp of the facts gets to decide.
  5. Blatman

    VPN services

    Your work I.T policy allow this? Or perhaps there isn't one and you are taking advantage that there isn't one. So perhaps your guilty conscience in this case is well founded. Perhaps the folks with an axe to grind had an axe to grind... And you were talking about something illegal. You said: To be in court in front of a jury you have to have had something more than have a dodgy browsing history which the luddites at work didn't like!!! A browser history that doesn't include PROOF of actual illegal activity isn't going to land you in an actual court. And how can you misinterpret a browser history? It's a factual record of sites visited. If one of the sites was the (now taken down) Silk Road then sure you may have some questions to answer but you'd still be a long way from court. An illegal transaction would have to be proved. Looking at Silk Road isn't in and of itself a crime any more than having random advertising cookies in your history which can be easily explained. I watched Zuckerberg and the Senators but given our radically different interpretations of the law, and the fact that U.S law doesn't apply over here I suspect our conclusions are also quite different.
  6. Blatman

    CCTV recommendations

    To me if there is a power cable involved then each camera gets a TP-Link (or similar) homeplug and bingo, all wired CCTV.
  7. Blatman

    Stuff to watch over the winter.

    I wonder how much is transmitted through the chassis to the camera given that the engine/box is likely solidly mounted.
  8. Blatman

    CCTV recommendations

    What's the budget? Will the camera's be wired, wireless, indoor, outdoor? How much footage do you want to save bearing in mind that you will probably want 1080p images as a minimum. There's a bunch of other stuff to consider once these are out the way. I'm not a security expert but I "do" networks that host large CCTV deployments so I have some insight. I'm hoping ManOnTheClaphamOmnibus shows up in short order... And whilst on the subject I had the opportunity to speak to a SOCO officer who said that most burglars expect there to be CCTV so they wear masks. Burglar alarms are more of a deterrent. This was a SOCO based in London for whatever that is worth.
  9. Blatman

    View from your 'office' window

    Agreed. I can't understand people who are afraid of flying. I love flying and I fly 30 to 40 times a year these days. It's crashing I'm scared of, be it car, motorcycle or plane...
  10. Blatman

    Are our MPs fit for purpose?

    That's another one of his. It looks to me like he said it (sort of...) but he was quoting someone else. https://richardlangworth.com/worst-form-of-government
  11. Blatman

    VPN services

    Not especially difficult to get around age verification. In my view making the various web companies liable for this is helping parents successfully divorce themselves from their primary responsibility which is looking after their children. Some parent finds their kid on an inappropriate website they will go straight on the defensive, throw their hands in the air and shout "not my fault" then blame the web companies for making it too easy. The trouble is far too many parents seem to me to encourage their kids to be out of sight, out of mind in their rooms where they can surf the information superhighway to their hearts content. The kids seem to be safe in the knowledge that their parents, in all likleyhood, lack the intelligence and basic competence, let alone the will, to oversee their progeny. In this day and age saying "I'm not very good with technology" is not a reasonable excuse if the parents then capitulate to their childrens demands for technology. These are the same parents who have successfully managed to make teachers and the police utterly impotent when it comes to disciplining children. Well done militant parenting, now there's no-one looking after your kids for the really important things that could make a real difference to your childrens happiness and safety. Anyone seen the film Idiocracy? If you haven't, try and watch it. It's not very good but in 100 years it could well be on the news as a amazing prediction of the world we (could be) living in.
  12. Blatman

    Are our MPs fit for purpose?

    Wasn't it Churchill who said "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others". The Civil Service is a necessary evil. Obviously it would be impractical to change every employee of [insert government department here] after an election so we elect a new manager in the democratic version of a "hostile takeover". For me the civil service does a great job of steering the new department head towards where they need to be. They don't always get it right of course but as the they are a-political (in theory) they are the folks who really deserve our support and thanks as I am sure much of the good they do actually goes largely un-noticed.
  13. Blatman

    Stuff to watch over the winter.

    Can't believe he can't heel 'n' toe. That's painful to watch. The chicane after the tunnel is putting my teeth on edge...
  14. Blatman

    View from your 'office' window

    Giving me "the fizz" just looking at it. I prefer being at sea level...
  15. Blatman

    View from your 'office' window

    Typhoon refuelling. Sweet

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