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  1. Blatman

    Ridiculous sportspeople.

    There is much man wasn't designed for. Walking upright for example. But with training and preparation much can be achieved. With regards to the cycling, Froome was found to have a high level of salbutamol. I'm betting plenty of others had high levels too along with who knows what else. So if we were to take the little leap that most of the front runners were doping, Froome still beat them all. Maybe if they were all clean the result would have been the same but without lawyers. We'll never know. Surely though, whoever is prescribing the meds is as culpable as the athlete for taking them? How does one get a 2 year supply of (insert name of drug here), finish it in three weeks and then get another script filled? It's hard enough to buy a box of 24 Nurofen Plus without the pharmacist treating us (well me today) like some sort of opiate addict. Isn't there supposed to be checks and balances in the drug prescribing system? I'm sure there is a suitable painkiller for that. Just don't take too much of it. But if you do, remember this... I used to work for Sky
  2. Blatman

    End of an era for me

    Was it really 50 years at BT/Openreach, or did it just feel like 50 years?
  3. Blatman

    Recommend me an impact wrench

    +1 for Milwaukee.
  4. Blatman

    Landscape gardener and or builder?

    I agree with Stephen. This is their (the owner's) problem to fix not yours.
  5. Blatman

    Is there a doctor in the house?

    Terry's drunk texting... again...
  6. Blatman

    Is there a doctor in the house?

    Busted or not there's not much that can be done as far as I am aware. I've had a toe or two looking like that a few times. They get better and it doesn't take long.
  7. Blatman

    Morris Minor

    I agree. Get it out in the sunshine, get it washed/cleaned then have the plugs out and look down the bores (maybe grab a cheap USB snake camera) and if it looks OK then check the fluids and crank it/start it. No idea what it's worth but it looks to be a nice example from the photos. If you have the history as well (receipts etc) then so much the better.
  8. Blatman

    Ridiculous sportspeople.

    In my head I see a MASSIVE can of EasyStart bolted to the end of a set of throbble botty trumpets with a cone filter on the end...
  9. Blatman

    RFID Thieves

    Who says they are UK bank accounts? The freedom to use our cards in hundreds of countries is surely a two way street...
  10. Blatman

    BoB memorial flight

    I was going to camo wrap my car once but I was worried that I wouldn't be able to find it after...
  11. Blatman

    New London ULEZ

    Proper Harrods/Fortnums customers get their butlers to go shopping for them
  12. Blatman

    Lemans - driving in France

    Toll both? Sacré bleu! Stick to the N138. No toll booths, friendly locals and good coffee, plus the occasional speed trap but they're usually easy to spot
  13. Blatman

    New London ULEZ

    Yup. Just refreshed the page and did it again and I am subject to the ULEZ for both the Focus and the Westfield. I'm going back to the link posted earlier to see what's different.
  14. Blatman

    New London ULEZ

    Must be a SVA thing. My green car is pre SVA and has a 95 red top in there and it's showing as free in the ULEZ.
  15. Blatman

    BoB memorial flight

    I was in Harrow at the time. Heard them before I saw them. Turned to the girl(!) I was with and exclaimed "That's a spitfire" like an excited schoolboy. She looked at me blankly and continued drinking her coffee. Still, she has a nice bum so I forgave her

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