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  1. 6carjon

    FW special build project inspired by Lego

    'Then they did ride height and corner weights and the little chubber came in at 649 kg with a full fuel tank' think it needs the couch to 5k after Christmas
  2. 6carjon

    Brand new unopened Aerocatch pack

    I have a set if you need them and don't get a reply cheers Jon
  3. 6carjon

    MAF , Lamba, TPS... thinking aloud..

    Thanks Mike will take your comments on board. I have omex 710 so not sure if its 3d? Am I right in assuming the main benefits of using wide band lambda is fuel efficiency and emissions? I understand once it's mapped wide it then runs narrow if that's correct in case a spark plug fails and the wide band tries to correct and overcompensates at the expense of engine damage. As you can see this is my limited understanding.
  4. 6carjon

    MAF , Lamba, TPS... thinking aloud..

    Its a great question, would love to track your progress. I have a similar concern. My engine make plenty of power at 2000rpm and still only does mid 20's at light throttle cruising. I dont expect 50mpg from a v8 and don't mind about the cost. However if it were more economical on my light throttle journeys it means range is much improved. This removes that anxious where's the next fuel stop going to be moment and will they have super unleaded? I think dual wideband lambdas is probably my next development, does that make sense ? I currently have no lambda boss or cats to consider, just a tps and open exhaust.
  5. 6carjon

    Car WIFI OBD 2 OBD2 OBDII Scan Tool

    Sorry not me, Fraser took me for a ride in his very impressive supercharged MX5 but no information on how it works with a tablet. To be honest I prefer to concentrate on the road not a screen. I cant imagine something phone or tablet sized being easily readable in a Westie at speed with safety. I find SatNav distracting enough. I must be too old.
  6. 6carjon

    Ross & Dave's s2000 Build

    I believe that is a Davies Craig fan. You can probably buy it cheaper from a motorsport place https://www.demon-tweeks.com/uk/davies-craig-high-performance-fans-953226/ or an equivalent Spal one from here. ://www.malpasairflow.co.uk/s/c/spal-blowers-fans/axial-cooling-fans/12v-spal-radiator-condenser-fans Cheers Jon
  7. Insulation tape wrapped over itself makes it stick to itself but still slide up and down to adjust straps.
  8. 6carjon

    Peak District Run Out, Sunday 14th October POSTPONED

    As you can probably notice, it's a bit blustery, watch out for trees down and loose branches, it's a nasty dent in tin top and a lot worse in our cars
  9. 6carjon

    Steering Universal joints loose on splines

    Iirc is if i recall correctly. It's very polite from someone who clearly is modest.
  10. 6carjon

    Hi-spec Caliper alignment page2

    Yes my standard one is Ap also. It's not ap racing just standard ap. It still works fine as my earlier post
  11. 6carjon

    zetec starting - again!

    Its a good idea to check your battery cables for resistance end to end. Also undo and check the main earth from your negative cable to ground. Check it's connecting to clean bare unrusted metal. Also check your engine ground wire too. If so, these are good then next step could be a new battery or starter solenoid perhaps.
  12. 6carjon

    Non-Westfield build

    Proper shed engineering doesn't get much better Im embarrassed to go into my shed now
  13. 6carjon

    Aeroscreen? Should you wear a crash helmet?

    Always a helmet. Even being hit in the eye by rain at 70mph hurts. I hit a pigeon at speed with my nose cone. Still made a very nasty mess on my helmet. Don't want to think if had no helmet on
  14. 6carjon

    Hi-spec Caliper alignment page2

    Good move. I don't honestly think you must have the ap cylinder. I use the standard master cylinder and installed a bias valve on the front line to reduce the pressure and move the brake balance rearward. This suits my taste and allow a good range of adjustment for pads and taste. I use wilwood front and HI spec rears with bigger discs. It stops my seight absolutely fine with good feel and retardation. I ensured I cut the pushrod as tight as possible to reduce slack on initial application and they never made me want more. They're not the same as servo,they are better! They have feel and progression, very much not vw audi
  15. 6carjon

    Peak District Autumn Action, Sun 7th Oct

    Did anyone get a photo of Julie's secret hot water bottle and blanket oops. Come on Bill man up you're from the north, act like one and get some shorts

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