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  1. 6carjon


    It is indeed hard to know what to make of it except it's not an obvious straightforward purchase. You will have enough fun with working out how to fix it and upgrade it when you get it. I wouldn't want to spend the same effort working out who owned it or what had been done to it or who might want it back....? I don't know how much they are asking but if it gets anywhere close to the buy it now price you would be missing out on the much better specced white car for sale on these pages? Be careful......
  2. 6carjon

    ECU fan control

    Most ratings are when they start to open. I believe it's fully open about 10 degrees later. Don't place much trust in infrared gauges for water temp as they don't seem to get a good reading. I removed the sensors from the water pipe and boiled them in water and then measured resistance on cooling whilst in water against the manufacturers resistance readings. I useda multi meter set to ohms and a couple of leads with relevant connectors to get a good connection. If you get them boiling and measure the temp and resistance you know water is 100degrees and then see how accurate your infra red gauge is for water. It seems to read metal temp more easily .
  3. 6carjon

    Willwood brake cylinder

    Don't forget the rear brakes too. A lot of feel in the initial pedal bite surprisingly comes from the rear brakes. If you let the forum know front and rear discs and pads there is lots of help here.
  4. 6carjon

    Twin 40's as throttle bodies

    A quick search found this discussion to help you http://www.turbosport.co.uk/showthread.php?t=167875 Not sure if it's the total answer but it will, get you going for research? Cheers Jon
  5. 6carjon

    Zetec oil consumption

    If you are using that much and it's not leaking all over your engine somewhere...? I would expect you can either see it in your rear view mirror as a haze it's an under floor exhaust or smell it in your car if it's a side exhaust? Is there some residue or stickiness on your bodywork from the vapour ? When I had an engine badly rebuilt with no valve stem oil seals it used 5 litres in 1000 miles and produced a fantastic cloud of smoke on lift off. I would imagine you will do the same if it's valve stems ? If it burns that much from the rings you will see it from blipping the throttle when stationary ?
  6. 6carjon

    Lithium battery goodness

    I used a super b lithium ion battery on a small engined race car and it was perfect never any issues. I tried one in my v8 and it didn't work so well. Obviously starting a big engine requires lots of pca. -pulse cranking amps which makes it expensive. I also used multiple cells with bus bars connecting them to work out how big a battery I needed. These didn't handle vibrations well and kept loosening and reducing capacity This led to over use of the other cells and overheating. I'm also had them in a hot cockpit which made life hard. Amp hours were always an issue, lower in an lithium and expensive, which meant it would start the car but only a few times before they were flat. In a road use situation this made it hard to recommend as you are always anxious as you can't predict when you might want it start again. Imagine you set out for a run find you have no fuel and then after filling it locally in a station it won't start again... It doesn't work as well on a cold day either.... All in all, buy with this in mind. I went back to an odyssey and gained 7kg in weight but peace of mind. If you track day on a trailer or race it mostly on nice days then definitely give it a try. If you have a small engine give it a go, it's not so expensive. If you have a hard to crank engine that needs 900pca, it gets expensive. Until technology becomes cheaper, bear this in mind.
  7. 6carjon

    Westfields in Australia

    As a recent passenger in both Dave and Ian's car it's frenetic when you get high revs in an overtake. It's fun even as a passenger.ive driven Ian's car and also an s2000. The s2000 is absolutely the right one for a Westfield. In a Honda it's a great engine but hamstrung by a heavy body and a rival such as a porsche boxster which I chose as it's just easier most of the time for overtaking and driving. In the s2000 when planning an overtake by the time you changed down 2 or 3 gears the moment was lost...... In a westie the weight makes it absolutely useable all the time. Don't compromise on such a key component. All of this from a v8 owner.....? Good luck Jon
  8. 6carjon

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    We're you just bored one Sunday or was there a purpose
  9. 6carjon

    Fuelling system?

    How to bike throttle bodies work at part throttle? I have no experience but reading some rants from Dave Walker of Emerald he asserts that there are issues with linkages not being well implemented and with the range of opening making it difficult to manage small openings in normal driving? I know maximum power is good but wondered in every day driving how they behave? Curious as to why they are not used universally in kit cars if they are so cost effective compared to after market from omex, jenvey et al? Cheers Jon
  10. 6carjon

    Noise after turned off car - Advice please

    It's a good idea but don't forget the current draw on your battery if it's a small low amp hour one.
  11. 6carjon


    I know some of them can be towed with a Citroen 2Cv which weighs 620 kg so a Westie will be heavy enough and certainly powerful enough. I think your biggest issue will be making a tow bar and getting the tow ball height right. The biggest issue with towing a trailer is that the car must be heavy enough to control the trailer. If its not the trailer controls the steering of the car, not fun as I inadvertently found when I went a bit too fast for the trailer and car weight. I soon slowed down. You would be advised to check with your insurance company too as we all know how they need to know everything.... It would be a sight to see if you do get one.
  12. 6carjon

    Hi I'm new! ..and can you identify my car?

    If you remove the rear wheel and check the brakes its a good bet they are the same manufacturer as the axle. Not 100% as its a locost and built to the owners ideas but Ford are a good bet. Remove a brake shoe and find a part number and google. Suspect owning it will be a voyage of discovery of the ingenuity of the builder. As mentioned earlier I would join the locost forum too as there many even have been some discussion of your car (I saw it on ebay from recommended searches) and the original builder may even have posted on there with questions?
  13. 6carjon

    Hi I'm new! ..and can you identify my car?

    Fuel tank ? It feeds into a copper line and has a return ,so guessing it's fuel. Or did you mean the ones on the rear bulkhead. Massive fuse boxes!
  14. 6carjon

    The Mini Diet/Track Car Thread

    You only need one. Who needs friends. They just upset corner weighting....
  15. 6carjon

    Which aero screen?

    I have the Caterham style one and it is fine. Tried a double bubble but being under 6 foot tall gave me visibility problems without raising the seat height, a tiresome task in bolted in race seats..... I always wear a helmet and with half doors it is less draughty than a windscreen and no doors.

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