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  1. 6carjon

    4-AGE in a lowline

    Really glad your making progress. Crack on Dave. Get it done
  2. 6carjon

    Steering rack

    Hi Jon If you're looking for enhanced response and feedback from your steerjng try these first if you don't have them. https://parts.westfield-sportscars.co.uk/suspension-braking/steering?product_id=531 It might be all you need. Cheers Jon
  3. 6carjon

    Cheshire and N. Staffs Christmas Curry, Thursday 6th December

    Scorched that one. We did a private p.m. to discuss dress code...... I'll be in pink
  4. 6carjon

    Weeping Silicone hoses. Any tips?

    I'm getting used to regular coolant changes as I experiment with my car. I use silicone hoses and mikalor clamps and beaded pipes. Never used gasket sealer additions and no leaks. However they do take several heat cycles to seal. I recommended to run the engine and let it cool several times to let everything move and contract before you get full seal. Mine takes 2 or 3 goes tightening progressively in different places as everything settles. Rubber is better as it hardens but a pain to get off again whereas silicone is a cinch. Even if you tighten one hose properly it can loosen after something else moves. Don't overtighten. Use your smallest ratchet or a screwdriver attachment works best. You shouldn't need it too tight. I nearly sent my radiator back for leaking before I loosened my hose clamp..... Good luck and just walk away if it's too frustrating
  5. 6carjon

    Battery kill switch on road car?

    However. My car still has steering lock and proper road car key.its been added later for easy kill switch use for track issues and long term battery preservation. All could be added later as Adge says
  6. 6carjon

    Battery kill switch on road car?

    IVA.... I don't even need a proper emissions test for my MOT
  7. 6carjon

    Battery kill switch on road car?

    Yes exactly. It has a rubber weather proof plug cover for use when you remove it when parked.. I use a Velcro tether to the stalk of the mirror in case it ever came out whilst driving......
  8. 6carjon

    Battery kill switch on road car?

    Mine is on the scuttle on drivers side under the mirror. I can reach from drivers seat when belted and anyone can reach if I have an accident....
  9. 6carjon

    Mega S2000 Build By Si

    High resolution screens are not a benefit........ Ouch ! Hope you got tea and sympathy or was it, why did you do that you daft lad
  10. 6carjon

    Stuff to watch over the winter.

    Words can't cover that. Oh my....
  11. 6carjon

    Westfield Tandem Master Cylinder

    This is why I'm a member of this club
  12. 6carjon

    The Lobster (88 SE Rebuild)

    Just remove the bodywork and pretend it's an Ariel ? Enjoy getting covered in cow poo on a morning drive
  13. Perfect thank you. Will place an order. I will be cutting it to make it an s shape with a rubber joining hose. Thus bead roller suggestion really the complete answer. Thank you. Nigel the Deeside suggestion great thanks, will store that one, sure ill need it in the future Cheers Jon
  14. Guys . Ordered a 32mm diameter 90 degree bend pipe at 300mm long ,but unfortunately ASH have no stock and no re order date. Any alternatives you can suggest? Did an eBay search and only found AP who stock ASH....... Happy to source from eBay or somewhere near Northwich. Would like stainless ideally but happy to listen to alternatives as it might only be temporary use. It's only a £10 part so don't want to go too far. Thanks Jon
  15. 6carjon

    SE FW ZETEC - New member/New build

    You're probably going to need a Halfords headlamp bulb fitter with long fingers and flexible joints. They do amazing things for bulb fitting. But it's probably just a photo issue.

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