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  1. Yes have a sytec for several years. Does the job Buy from a reputable supplier. Just a suggestion http://www.jjcraceandrally.com
  2. 6carjon

    A Winters Tale; a few upgrades and a bit of a re-build.

    Coffee black and tea orange As to engine bay packaging, I can truly empathise. Best of luck at least it's a proven path but reckon there are improvements you can make given proper drinks and thinking time.
  3. 6carjon

    A Winters Tale; a few upgrades and a bit of a re-build.

    You need to make that tea stronger...... Looking great. Look forward to the whine it makes on a run
  4. 6carjon

    protection under car

    I use ACF50 on anything unpainted such as my anti roll bar and ends of bolts and nuts etc. For everything else I just clean it once a year and keep on top of chipped powder coat. Note I don't use mine in the rain and all weathers.... If you do intend to, then something more protective would be the way forward. Other drivers use more protection such as dinitrol, frost products and traditional rubberised underbody protection . Cheers Jon
  5. 6carjon

    Cheshire and N. Staffs Area Meet, Thursday 7th Feb, 7.30pm

    Shame. I'm still going though. Are you sending a cardboard cut out in your place. I can lend you some felt tips for colouring in
  6. 6carjon

    Projector headlights

    A member on here called Simon bessant put these on his v8. If you search the forum.for v8 rebuild it will be in there somewhere. Cheers Jon I think when I saw the car he had two lights either side and some sort of led strip underneath.cant remember the exact purpose.
  7. 6carjon

    Wilwood break upgrade (disc size)

    I have Sierra hubs and HI spec caliper with the limited handbrake. It works but not enormously well. No issues with hispec quality or customer service, guess I've been lucky as many report issues. I made my own caliper adaptors as I have 300mm rear discs simply to reduce heat as with the standard 240mm I wore rear discs twice to a single front replacement. Now it's fine. I use a brake proportion adjuster on the front to move the braking a little to the rear in dry and track usage. I could probably move from the larger fronts to slightly smaller but that would mean effort and wilwood provide a nice kit. No issues at all with their product. My car is not typical being relatively heavy and a v8. Cheers Jon
  8. 6carjon

    Wilwood break upgrade (disc size)

    If you do decide you want larger discs, I use the 285mm option from Wilwood on my car. They fit no problems under team dynamics 15 inch wheels Cheers Jon
  9. 6carjon

    rough bodywork for some testing...

    Chris I asked the same in November and was told no stock of these. Cheers Jon
  10. 6carjon

    Gauge dilemma

    My vdo gauges are 20 years old and still look like new. They've been rained on, hot, damp and everything in between and still work with no faults. Westfield used them as original equipment and that seems a good decision. I also have Spa gauges and Elliott. These are all working well. Vdo senders are easy to get too as after 20 years they lost some accuracy. No experience of smiths or etb. Cheers Jon
  11. 6carjon

    Wideband lambda gauge and sensor

    Thanks Tony. Good to know. Maybe that's a reasonable deal then. Cheers Jon
  12. Guys Any tips on where to find a reasonable priced one for a project that may or may not work ? Best I can see is an AEM one from Amazon at £192, is there a better/cheaper option of decent quality? Tried the usual sources of Demon, JJC,Merlin and Ebay but all seem quite pricey. Is this the real cost of wideband? Cheers Jon
  13. 6carjon

    Cobra 427 Build

    My 5 litre with a racy camshaft and induction ran an 88 degree thermostat happily from the engine builder I tried a 74 and all it did was make the engjne warm up very slow and kept the oil too cold, with an oil cooler. It dudnt improve overall cooling. I would go for the 88 or close. Cheers Jon
  14. 6carjon

    Buxton, Peak District, Sat 5th Jan

    As your engines out do the do the right thing and bung a v8 in it...?
  15. 6carjon

    Cheshire & N. Staffs Monthly meet, 3rd January, 7.30pm

    Detention for Dowler, staring out the window as usual......

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