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  1. Mine has gone a bit sticky so if you put it in place nothing happens then a second later it clicks in. Mine is 1998 so its lasted well. Can you make your switch work with a little extra pressure?
  2. It's often hard to find inside the nose cone and a tinker to reach without removing the nose cone. Nose cone off and it's there laughing at you Econoseal lock nicely in place when connected
  3. Happy birthday. You are looking your age :p

  4. Ill be there too. Car passed it's mot then broke down on the way home. Love pushing it up hill in busy traffic. Thanks for the help, no one........ where were Dave Andy and Ian when you need them eh, Check my strap line, you need to track me on WhatsApp and be there
  5. Hi Dave. I have covered the bottom of each wishbone with some spare clear paint protection film I bought last year for the lower edges of the body work.Not sure which is more resilient, your helicopter tape or this stuff? Good luck and see you Thursday.
  6. Yep. Will put a photo up. See me at the monthly meeting and I can give you details if you like the look of them
  7. Try orange Westfield centre cap badges, worked well on mine
  8. Don't forget the chrome and then add some chrome.....
  9. That is just crying out for a v8 type bulge to add your great stripe back in ?
  10. Sensing a bit of tension here.Go and lie down in a darkened room and breathe deeply... Does the forum have a counselling service for users impacted by poorly supplied parts?
  11. Yes convex for me too and flat for my centre mirror for realistic distances
  12. if you want me to - i can measure distance between centre of the holes?
  13. You could just fit a smaller lighter mirror My SPA ones do the job and are much slimmer and lighter....., not even that expensive.....
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