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  1. Rednop1

    Cage half roof for sale. SOLD.

    anybody interested in this i've decided I don't need it I've not even taken it out the postage bag that stu sent it in
  2. Anybody else heard anything about car trailer and caravan mot's being introduced from Jan 19 Cutting a very long story short I met somebody that heavily involved with Dvsa and the Police and he told that me that they were introducing mot's for caravan and car trailer from Jan 2019 Which in my eyes wouldn't be a bad thing it would help removed a lot of the home built trailers some of which are very dangerous and some of the 10-15 year old trailers and caravans that have never had their brakes serviced from new but could this also be away of also catching people that are not driving with the correct licences? He said the test was going to be around £40 anybody else heard anything?
  3. Rednop1

    5x alloys wheel et38 4 108

    No contact has been made so they are off to the scrap yard this afternoon
  4. Rednop1

    5x alloys wheel et38 4 108

    yeah give me a call on 07523249617
  5. Rednop1

    5x alloys wheel et38 4 108

    Still available Wolverhampton
  6. Rednop1

    5x alloys wheel et38 4 108

    £50 will buy these before i scrap them
  7. Rednop1

    Spare Parts Clearout

    pm sent
  8. Rednop1

    Image alloys 2x 7" 2x 9.5 13"

    Original post updated Now selling fronts aswell Fronts could do with a good polish but still very useable
  9. Rednop1

    Westfield Rear Hi Spec Calipers

    bump will include uk postage
  10. yes just weighed one I have and its 1100g
  11. Westfield reverse gearbox Genuine 620 mile from new I will included the front and rear propshaft (prop flange for freelander diff) £800
  12. Freelander Diff with Quaife Atb Fitted these have done a genuine 620mile from new! you cannot buy the driveshafts anymore from westfield ! removed from BEC £800
  13. Rednop1

    Image alloys 2x 7" 2x 9.5 13"

    These are still for sale and i have some fronts that i will do somebody the right deal it get them out my way

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