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  1. Rednop1

    Carbon aerosceen widebody

    yes drop me a pm
  2. Rednop1

    Carbon aerosceen widebody

    Hi Nigel your sounds like westfield aeroscreen the height from the flat bit on top of the scuttle panel to the highest point on this aeroscreen (the tip 110mm) I can see you are in Rugeley not far at all I'm by j1 m54
  3. Rednop1

    Carbon aerosceen widebody

    £250 will buy this before I put it in the loft plus postage cost.
  4. Rednop1

    Andy's Mega S2000 upgrades

    if i'm honest I would only purchase from a genuine Honda dealer
  5. Rednop1

    Broken hub

    The best way to remove that bearing is remove the upright and get it pressed out and the best way to refit the new bearing is it put the upright in the oven and bearing in the freezer . As for the hub i think that is a westfield only part if your struggling to get one in time drop me a pm Cause could be the hub nut not being tight enough
  6. Rednop1

    Protech shocks Fronts

    Pair of Protech shock these came from the factory with a mega s2000 kit These are widetrack length and the spring rating is for s2000 and 250 been trail fitted but never seen the road or the outside of the garage £180 plus postage
  7. Rednop1

    Protech shocks Rears

    Rear Protech shocks (pair) these come from the westfield factory with a mega s2000 kit but these spec are used on all the current westfield seiw cars These have been trail fitted but never seen the road or outside of the garage these have the springs fitted £180 plus postage
  8. Rednop1

    Westfield alloys 5x

    As in the title Come from a factory built 2005 car 6.5" 4x108 et38 15" There are 5 of these need them out the way All in good used condition they may be the odd mark £120 collected One still rim still has tyre fitted which is close to the limit
  9. Rednop1

    Sports seats(pair)

    need these out the way £200
  10. Rednop1

    WSCC courier Service.

    As i have had no pm or reply from rusty here and the parts i have on order from the factory have arrived early this morning i will be going to the factory today and not tomorrow. Ash
  11. Rednop1

    TOYO 205/50ZR15 86W TL PXR888 TYRES

    If you are there saturday i will have these please
  12. Rednop1

    WSCC courier Service.

    Right I'm going to Blyton Saturday. But I'm not going into Birmingham at this moment in time but rusty's son works at the westfield factory so if he could take them to the factory Friday I could collect them from him and bring them to Blyton for you
  13. Rednop1

    Front m16 calipers

    Ive sent you a private message
  14. Rednop1

    Tilllet b6 carbon seat

    Sold! Subject to collection
  15. Rednop1

    Front m16 calipers

    I still have them for sale

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