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  1. 2.0 Zetec Silvertop engine fitted with Weber 45's done 8800 miles Webcon Alpha ecu and the ecu loom Alternator still fitted Coil pack still fitted fitted to the Engine is a mt75 engine box Propshaft included Clutch and Flywheel all still fitted £1550
  2. I have a pair which i've just removed from a car drop me a pm and im local too you
  3. Pm send regarding the jack
  4. Scuttle and screen package Removed from a low mileage Seiw Widebody car Scuttle panel in black Comes complete with heater fitted Screen and pillars are black Wiper motor and wipers and screen fillet are all fitted Washer bottle and motor included Great package for somebody looking to swap from aeroscreen Removed from seiw widebody car with Zk bodywork Pictures available Thursday when i'm back in the uk The complete package to buy from Westfield retail at £1459 ! £800 this is Collection only from Cannock area For sale elsewhere also
  5. The chassis still comes with mounts to fit sierra diff
  6. What fuel senders are people using in the fuel tanks and any problems?
  7. I'm Confused now ! I was asking for a very very good friend in Germany who wants me to find him a red mega s2000 Is the car on the pistonheads link the car for sale with up to date pictures? If the seller want to drop me a pm please do
  8. This is where I remember the car from
  9. Enjoy the car and the great weather we are having That number plate does look familiar
  10. Stunning car sure that will sell straight away Carbon rear arches ?
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