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  1. Rednop1

    2x steering wheel crash pad

    steve just pm me your address and I will get it sent on Monday
  2. Rednop1

    2x steering wheel crash pad

    Steve the way I read the message he is having the lower one?
  3. Rednop1

    2x steering wheel crash pad

    Send me your address I'm not bothered about the cost of the postage more hassle than it's worth and it's not going to be a million pound Ash
  4. Rednop1

    2x steering wheel crash pad

    2x westfield steering wheel crash pads One old style One new Free to good home
  5. Rednop1

    jasic tig 200p welder

  6. Rednop1

    Westfield msa half cage

  7. Rednop1

    Westfield msa half cage

    For widebody
  8. Rednop1

    Westfield msa half cage

  9. Rednop1

    Full Cage half hood

  10. Rednop1

    Westfield sport turbo seats

    Westfield brand new sport turbo seats (pair) These are black with orange piping and diamond stitching and knee supports These are £1200 from westfield with the optional extra knee supports £950 collected I will not sent them
  11. Westfield front and rear spec calipers both in black Fronts are new but have never been used they have been bolted to the upright but were removed for a different colour caliper £265 plus postage Rears are brand new never fitted in black designed to fit golf rear uprights these are £407 from westfield £340 plus postage beat the 3 month wait from westfield
  12. Rednop1

    Westfield msa half cage

    brand new from westfield complete with fitting kit £260 collected
  13. Rednop1

    toyo r888r 205 60 13 4x

    as in the title 4x brand new never fitted 2018 date code £320 collected

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