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  1. Rednop1

    fw hood & contoured dash for sale

    If steve doesn't have the dash .i will have it .
  2. Rednop1

    New colour from WF.

  3. Rednop1

    New colour from WF.

    I have too be honest the quality of the bodywork is outstanding and westfield have done an awesome job of matching the colour i got them . I was having my doubts when waiting for the bodywork if i had made the right decision but now its here I'm over the moon with it Ash
  4. Rednop1

    New colour from WF.

    How did you get a picture of my bonnet before me?
  5. Rednop1

    New exhaust (Carbon)

    Is 5" not on the small size?
  6. Rednop1

    Cage half roof for sale. SOLD.

    Pm sent
  7. Rednop1

    various things

    Calipers sold to luke
  8. Rednop1

    various things

    Clutch master is sold!
  9. Rednop1

    various things

    Gear knob is sold !
  10. Rednop1

    various things

    Front uprights Used been blasted and repainted Lefthand passengerside was dropped by the blaster doesnt affect how the item does its jobs please look at the pictures £175 postage on top
  11. Rednop1

    various things

    Westfield rear lower wishobone Again this is used Coating is flaking but still very useable Can be used for drivers or passengers as there is no anti roll bar mount welded on it £50 plus postage
  12. Rednop1

    various things

    Pair of rear calipers For golf uprights These are used Loads of life left in the pads One of two light marks but you will not see them when fitted £180 plus postage
  13. Rednop1

    various things

    Front wishbone Standard track Used Has a small dent £25plus post
  14. Rednop1

    various things

    Pair of rear top wishobones Used Coating is flaking in places £80 plus post
  15. Rednop1

    various things

    Battery tray Westfield item these were used for their bike cars and its designed to fitted pc625 battery they have stopped making these now Top strap is missing but easy to make another £5 plus post

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