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  1. What a great day out . Big thanks to Jeff for organizing
  2. Westfield Sportcar Geriatrics Club please note haydock Island = The last clog emptying station before M6 Leyland service
  3. I assume you will be doing the M6 Northwards to Preston route, so maybe I could join the convoy somewhere around Jnc 23 M6 / A580 Do i need to bring my Bus Pass ?
  4. pistonbroke

    Zetec oil consumption

    I would have a look on the garage floor ! Are you overfilling the sump ? Using 5W 30 on my 2ltr Silvertop , never fill it above the bottom 3rd of the dipstick level marks , I have never had to add any oil between changes , the pressure is always good
  5. pistonbroke


    Could a "full cage " be adapted to use as a roof rack? thinking you could maybe fit a roof box on it
  6. pistonbroke

    Lancashire Area to Settle

    Mmmmm! I can smell the aroma
  7. pistonbroke

    IGM Ford special

    7esc car built by supercar and F1 designer Gordon Murray https://www.motorsportmagazine.com/history/sports-cars/murrays-first-car-igm-ford
  8. pistonbroke

    Lancashire Area to Settle

    Saw them carporn brackets last week , amazing quality and sure to make you up to10mph faster Will deffo help you to keep up
  9. pistonbroke

    The Mini Diet/Track Car Thread

    And you hardly need that thumping great battery , another cwt saved
  10. pistonbroke

    The Mini Diet/Track Car Thread

    those seats must weigh a ton each
  11. pistonbroke

    Type 9 gearbox - End plug for removal

    New a girl once who always kept one in her handbag , she never would say what she used it for . After all those years I now know. It was for plugging her gearbox !
  12. pistonbroke

    Speedo and Rev counter not working after Zetec swap

    Is it possible the wiring is OK but rev counter itself is faulty ? what checks have you made , is the 12v supply good , does the gauge light up when side lights on , if yes then we can say te ground wire will be OK Faulty sensor or wiring to same faulty
  13. pistonbroke

    Time for a new clock

    likewise , my wife couldnt give a cuck what time I get home , as long as I dont wake her up
  14. pistonbroke

    Oulton Park Gold Cup 2018 (W/North Wales)

    Be prepared
  15. pistonbroke

    Propshaft output/damper ring removal

    Removal would shorten the prop shaft by the thickness of the rubber , the extra should be taken up by the sliding spline coupling into the box , so removal is worth a try I don't see the need for a rubber damper anyway and would say any "imbalance" in the propshaft will be amplified by the damper whatever else you do . just my 2 cents worth and probably talking b*****k

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