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  1. jeff oakley

    Trailer test

    And to add to all this, if you want to tow a trailer in the EU going forward, the trailer has to have it's own registration number. It says basically any commercial trailer needs to be registered and any over 3500kg. What is not clear is what is not commercial? If you tow a car trailer to say the ring which you own is that none commercial. You can bet certain country police will take the cash even if it is not. Good luck with the test https://www.gov.uk/guidance/trailer-registration
  2. jeff oakley

    Are our MPs fit for purpose?

    There are several points in this thread in my opinion, the first question about MP's being fit for purpose? Well I would widen that and ask is our system of Government fit for purpose now? In the main I would split MP's into various groups, those who are career politicians, these are the worst, no experience of the real world caught in the Westminster buble from the day they left University. Labour has a lot of these ideology driven but with nothing else to offer. Then we have those who are there because they were expected to be, following on from parents who did the same, some bad some good. Then we have those who have wealth and want to put back into improving the country for the rest of us, they are are experienced and mean well but are caught up in the baffelling archaic methods they use, unable to do things as the system grinds them down. Then we have the stars who are ambitious, surround themselves with good people, capable leaders who other follow, few of these on both sides. Then we have the rest who are a mix of skills but really never do anything well enough but nothing wrong enough. People of quality can make a lot more money on the outside of parliament so getting top class people to do an MP's job is not attractive, ours was a junior manager at Lidl but no one expected him to win, yet he did and his lack of gravitas shows in every way but he will prosper and never be a minister but will find his loyalty rewarded longer term with directorships etc. It is the speed and system of government that is wrong, run by the civil service who are top educated, top intelligence who run rings around ministers. Watch "Yes Minister" now against the backdrop of Brexit and you will see it was a documentary not a comedy show, how delays and problems can be put in such a way until they get what they want. The system of committees is just time wasting, in any other walk of live prevarication on every task is not accepted yet it is expected. Examples like Heathrow expansion , HS2 where we haven't really done anything for years and yet blown millions in doing nothing. We need government to govern, tell us what they want to do, we vote and then they get on and do it. Examples of poor decisions abound, the latest this morning; they gave a contract to a company to provide shipping to clear backlogs in the event of a no deal Brexit to a company who has no ships and has no said they cannot provide ships, you could not make this up and those involved in that from ministers down should be sacked, but they will not. And changing government will not help as they still have to go via the same civil service as they all do.
  3. jeff oakley

    A respectable Granny

    I am interested how you got it properly registered in France. There have been many threads from people who have tried and failed to get them registered in France so keep them on English plates and return every 6 months or so.
  4. jeff oakley

    Stuff to watch over the winter.

    I fell upon this Youtube and it really is worth the time to watch, a real craftsman.
  5. jeff oakley

    Something is sticking out (compacting engine job)

    The ones that Thurstyjust has pictured are Escort ones and yes they do uprated ones of those. I haven't seen those on a Westfield but anything can be made to fit. The picture below is the mount you have and these were Westfield mounts. The rubber mount screws into the bottom of the round plate then the other side through a hole in the chassis
  6. jeff oakley

    Something is sticking out (compacting engine job)

    Just saw the last pic, if you look on the westfields parts you will see how your mounts are made, round plate at the bottom and the box section going up to the block. The picture you posted shows the two rubber mounts, you need two of the thinner ones. That is exactly the same way my Vauxhall engine is mounted
  7. jeff oakley

    Something is sticking out (compacting engine job)

    The ones that Thurstyjust has pictured are Escort ones and yes they do uprated ones of those. I haven't seen those on a Westfield but anything can be made to fit. If you look on the Westfield parts store you will see the round rubber mounts
  8. jeff oakley

    Something is sticking out (compacting engine job)

    Sorry I misunderstood, I thought you were wanting to get the filters out of the way as well. Regardless the engine needs to be centralised so lift the engine up after undoing the bottom mount and then move it over to where it is central then mark where the new holes need to be in the chassi plate. Then remove the mounting and cut the flat plate off where it bolts to the block and lower by the amount you need to lower the engine to gain your clearance, probably 12mm or so reweld. Repeat on other side and refit, that should give you enough room to work with whilst leaving reasonable ground clearance. You might not even have to cut and weld as the engine mount rubbers are available in differing thicknesses, but where you are if they are in good condition easier to cut and weld
  9. jeff oakley

    Something is sticking out (compacting engine job)

    The way that engine and box is in there looks all wrong. Ideally you want to get it central and as far back as you can. That will push the carb back further under the bonnet as it is. You also need to look at the ground clearance to see if you can actually lower the engine once it is central and that all depends upon your ride height as well, but also the spring rate as a harder spring will not allow the car to go as far down as a softer one. After you have done all that then you can consider your other options. Getting rid of the distributor would then allow you to lower the manifold and think about all the other options. You don't say where you are in the country but usually there are members around who have a crane willing to lend, which you will need to do the job
  10. jeff oakley

    Clarkson gaffe re. new Top Gear presenter.

    We got Amazon prime at Christmas and I have been watching "The Grand Tour" on it. It was so refreshing to see Clarkson do what he does best and that is inject fun into life. The BBC had made him a eunuch with the petty PC driven agenda where they shackled the three of them.TGT is like watching Top Gear without the agenda to avoid the tut tutting from the perpetually offended. Top Gear was an entertainment show and they forgot that people have a sense of humour which can differentiate between an act and if a person is a sexist, racist bigot, which Clarkson is not. As Blatman says, never confuse what a persona on tv or film is, with the real person. I have yet to meet anyone who has had time with Clarkson and found him to be anything like his TV image. He shouldn't have punched the guy, but the BBC then had an easy way to move the agenda. The new pairing I suspect will be rubbish as apart from Harris they are not car nuts
  11. jeff oakley

    Engineering Shop in the South East

    CTM are pretty good from reports, a bit further afar but Burton Romford are very good and one that is up there with the best is Vulcan Engineering not far from Brands Hatch. IIRC they do all the engineering work for Harris performance who build some very quick Ford engines and are highly rated.
  12. jeff oakley

    Are the days of the private car really over?

    Some of those things might well be true, but in the UK there is just a 5% reserve on generation capacity at this moment in time according to some sources, so where is that going to suddenly come from if we all up take electric cars? There needs to be a fundamental change in policy to generate much more electric from renewables, wind, wave and solar are unpredictable and cannot be stored easily, but if you look at the Hydro power station near Snowdon, that uses electric through the day to pump water up to the top reservoir to produce it when needed instantly by running turbines in the mountain. That could be a way to convert power that is not needed instantly, to power when needed as an example of how we could use it. At the moment some wind and solar farms are paid to switch off as they cannot use the power at the time they can produce it. Nuclear is a good option but look at that over a life span the costs are insane. On the radio today the BBC reporter was in Las Vegas at the technology show there. He was taken for a ride in an autonomous vehicle and he said we will never get to have total self driving cars in the near future as the task is simply too complicated to be 100% safe. Trucks might come first as there is a shortage of drivers world wide it would appear and for Hub to Hub near to main roads they might make sense, especially if they are more drone like, with a remote operator to shut things down always on hand. For me I have no issue having an electric car if the range and speed of charging is there, which will get better as more mainstream manufacturers have jumped in and are throwing billions at this. Over Christmas I was at a party where there was a guy from BAE systems who is working on AI product development and we got talking about cars. He felt it was years away for cars to be 100% autonomous for two reasons, technology and public acceptance. Planes could take off and land autonomously now assisted by remote pilots, but there are so many possible things to go wrong, hacking just one of them but how many would happily get on a plane if the pilot back up was sat thousands of miles away and his life was not at stake. We are years away from that so I confidently feel I will still be choosing cars for years to come, how we will be allowed to use them a different discussion
  13. jeff oakley

    Chinese moon landing & Moonbase plans.

    This shows that there are some bigger things to worry about than Brexit. China has said it intends for Taiwan to be reunited with China by force if necessary. They are aligned with NK and due to Western policies Russia as well, not exactly stable leaderships there. Will they attack anyone other than Taiwan, unlikely but they are determined to be the number 1 super power, so whilst the West is busy discussing having third genders on a passport or Megan Markle, they are busy educating their people, building infrastructures and expanding their armed forces at a pace that the west can only dream of, all funded by the West buying cheaper goods made in China. The even worse bit is we are still giving aid to help them. China has the capabilities and will to do what they want, hopefully they will not provoke action as there would be no winners if anything kicks off in the South China Seas. To get anything on the Moon is an achievement, to the far side is even greater
  14. jeff oakley

    SBD Type 9 bell housing to c20xe, clutch drag

    It would appear then that the plate was slightly too thick. If you ever take the engine out you could have the flywheel machined down by 1 mm and do away with the shims. At least you have a solution.
  15. jeff oakley

    The kitcar business

    Only the fit ones

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