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  1. Icme is a book which has most jobs in them with the manufacturers time to do them. They can be a bit hit and miss on jobs like gearbox removal but a good guide to go by and most reputable garages will know of them. What people have to remember, is that you are not just paying for a quick job that can be done by yourself. You are paying for the building the staff the insurance to back up if they screw up. We get people all the time saying our parts are expensive quoting what they see in a white box on ebay, a bit like comparing a Yaris with a Rolls, yet that is set in their mind. Garages are a business, they have to make money but the golden rule is always get a couple of quotes and always make them ask, with a price before agreeing to any extra work. I still think the labour is a bit high but if you find out time taken you can see what they are getting hourly rate wise.
  2. Engine flush is now recommended as modern oils aren't as good in some areas for cleaning and type of use also important. Fuel injector cleaner is a good idea occasionally especially on low mileage ones. But, they should have explained what they were going to do as all those things are a choice you should be asked to make. garages signed up to the good garage scheme for example will use thes products
  3. Looking at the parts they seem okay to me but are at the top end. The labour you should ask for a breakdown of exactly each job done they should be able to quote you ICME times and exactly what their labour rate was. It is hard to tell but how much diagnostic work for example did it take for the hazard switch hence the need for clarity and their labour rates. You will pay more here than South Wales for garage work that is for sure.
  4. I too have been there, the story is just so bizzare almost beyond belief. They did not only collect Bugatti cars, but workshop tools, a submarine engine and all sorts of things. What we were told was they had got loans from the French government to prop up the business, but used those to buy more cars and it was when the French authorities sent an inspector to find out what was happening to their loan that it all started to unravel. This led to the staff riots (French are good at this) and they did a runner to Switzerland. The Museum was opened and as soon as the French Government saw it was a viable way of getting back their money it was put in protected status and set on the road to how it is today. The scale of this is mind boggling, if you walk up and down every aisle you will cover 15 miles. It is undoubtedly a site to behold but few of these cars ever see the light of day.
  5. Used my Dremel a lot and never had an issue. What is it your want to do with it? I ask as they are meant for small detail work, if it is heavier work a combination of sanding drums and a Black and Decker powerfile is what I use.
  6. Being an MP is effectively a part time job and they are rewarded well for what they do. The salary is just part of their package as they can claim expenses on so many things that further expand their pay. They buy a London home, get extra cash for it for example and then take a profit when selling. I would buy a block of flats on a London Sink Estate and then they live there free as long as they need one. Lose an election and a new MP in. Cheaper security and I guess the area would soon flourish with crime dropping and the economy prospering as the stark reality away from Notting hill sets in. The big thing for me is the crassness of the decision, which they will say was not their choice as it was an independent review body who recommended this. They could of course refuse this but somehow that will never happen so they can further rub the noses of NHS staff and other low paid public sector workers as well as pensioners who have nothing like this package. The only way they deserve more is if they do just one job, nothing else and if they were paid on results they would owe us money at the moment. In the past we had a good mix of people who were MP's, from those who had worked hard in a proper job and then worked up through local politics and then some from the educated process of public school. What we have now is a sad mix of career politicians who have no experience of the world outside the Westminster bubble and inept people who have been selected to stand due to quotas and the need to show just how PC a party is..
  7. I have no problem driving at an appropriate limit the problem is the road safety lobby have one agenda and that has been to reduce speed limits. That is why just about all of Staffordshire, Oxfordshire, Bucks, Gloucester all have hardly any national speed limits left. They have reduced them based on hysteria and cost savings as NSL roads have to be maintained and inspected more than 40 mph and 50mph. Any attempt to disprove their figures and conclusions is met with the same barrage of attacks that anyone who dares to suggest that climate change is no longer to do with science but more to do with big business and government cashing in with green taxes and selling green technology. This is part of a whole raft of "safety features" one of which is all cars must have black boxes fitted. This will allow future road pricing and insurance to be denied or costs increased. If the box says you drive less smoothly than they have set it, next year increase premium. Drive at high peak time like going to work, pay more etc. In the UK we have a third of all CCTV cameras already monitoring our every move, this is the next big step and one which people will accept as it comes wrapped in a shiney wrapper and doesn't look like a camera.
  8. Today the EU has announced that from 2022 every car will have to be fitted with devices to limit the cars speed automatically. For the first few years they will have an on off switch but later this will not be allowed. The road safety lobby love the idea, even the AA's Edmund King says not that great an idea. My view it is one more nail in the coffin of any expression of individuality and individual responsibility and choice, but on the upside these charities will not be needed along with those who runs speed awareness courses and camera operators and have built empires. Makes you wonder after Brexit has been won or lost how long we will be allowed to build cars or drive anything that is not controllable by big brother.
  9. I had these on my Westfield and Dave is correct to get the best out of them you need an uprated mastercylinder. I bought my disc and spacers from Rally design and they were actually renault ones redrilled. The pads did hangover the edge of the disc a little and you had to space the caliper out to get central. It is a cheap way of getting four pots in the day and they still have a following as they have full dust seals which many of the old alloy ones do not have. I never worried about the weight as I am a fat person so a bot extra isn't that big a deal. I have in my garage a fully reconditioned pair I got as spares when these were in short supply, which I would still use on a road car.
  10. I will stand corrected but wasn't that TFL and Khan who did that?
  11. I like it and I think that they have to show just how much thought goes into producing something like this. The proof will be what it goes like and handles after all the effort to get it just right. The paint finish is already fantastic and they still aren't finished with it. I guess Nitron and Cosworth have given goods free for the publicity but I loved love to know how much this has cost at the end of this, Whatever their workmanship is world class and as we can see they are stacked out with work
  12. I have never seen such a bunch as those in Parliament at this moment in time. I remember watching House Of cards on Tv and thinking it was entertaining, but it would appear it was an instruction manual for the MP's to follow. Plots and counter plots, self interest. Labour trying to screw everything so they can force an election and in the process they all forget us the electorate. Parliament even if you disagreed with who was in power, in the past worked, we have had two years where nothing else has got done, oh except to ban gas boilers in new builds, it is shameful these days.
  13. Andy, glad your daughter is on the up, as others have said that is the most important thing and being the Father of a Dr in the NHS you are right, when something like this happens there are good people all pulling for her. Now back to the car, I would say you need to have a long hard think about the practicalities of having two open topped cars especially when you haven't got home for them both. At one point I had two Westfields and trying to use both, completely different cars meant neither got used enough. You then have two lot's of maintenance, two lots of insurance and tax as well. You are correct about the club but having a Cobra will not stop you being a member and joining in as before, I know how you feel the thought of selling my Westfield was awful, actually doing it worse but right at the time.
  14. I have nothing against Electric cars however they are not the answer yet and polices are not keeping up with the headlong rush into them. For may electric cars are no hardship, they do short journeys and have charging at home, but hundreds of thousands do not have a parking space outside their home and finding charging points is still an issue. Range is still an issue for many of us on the roads and if you have to have a local car and then another for long journeys then that is not a good solution. When I retire range will matter less. As for how we generate the electric that is a huge issue for the UK. The wind and solar farms are only able to function due to subsidies being loaded on them and burning coal stacked against the others. In Germany they are burning more coal than ever with new carbon capture plants as the Greens do not want nuclear after Fukushima went wrong after a natural disaster. You also have to take into account the carbon used in making the wind farms, that will not be offset for years if ever. I would like to have seen hydrogen given more of a chance as it seems to offer the best of both worlds but you still need energy to produce it. What is for sure is the world is changing, in the developing world they are hungry for cars of any type in the UK saying you love cars is met with anger in some corners or apathy unless you are on a site like this one. For example in the UK there has been a 20% drop in young people taking up driving, they have cheap Uber, if in a city useful buses and trains so they say why bother? Petrol and diesel will be here until long after I am gone, which will hopefully be a long time, but we will see things change unfortunately driven by the wrong reasons as more restrictions are piled upon us to drive us to mass public transport.
  15. There was an article in a magazine last week that pointed out that the newest euro 6 diesels are cleanest of all at the moment as all the dangerous particulates are taken out by the DPF. A lot of this hysteria on fossil fuelled cars is because most of the worlds oil reserves are in countries which are not stable. Venezuela, Russia, middle East Africa so the urge to get everyone into electric is seen as a two fold good deal. One is it keeps despots in their place and secondly electric is overall cleaner, if you ignore others by products. I would continue with diesel cars until we know what the policy is going to be longer term. Your dilemma is why Jag are slipping amongst other manufacturers as no one knows what to produce or what customers will buy going forward. We are years away from electric being a real alternative as it needs range, and charging infrastructure before that happens as in the UK we have no spare generating capacity and buy a lot of electric from France's Nuclear stations already.
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