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  1. harrypotter

    bent alloy

    Welding torch and a big hammer didn't look quite right to me either!
  2. harrypotter

    bent alloy

    Is it possible to fix a bent/buckled alloy wheel and preferably in the Birmingham area. No it's not a split rim, its a plain old minilite copy.
  3. harrypotter

    Fuel tank foam

    In fairness the interchange junctions nearby have huge radius curves which go through 270 degrees and would never be replicated on normal roads or tracks. Normal road bends may be sharper but only last for a short duration so don't give me much trouble. I'm sure the thirst of the V8 doesn't help!
  4. harrypotter

    Fuel tank foam

    Hi Adam. As Dave said, that looks like the standard tank that I have, not a modified one. With less than a quarter of a tank I struggle on long left hand bends on roads, not track. Modifing the existing tank doesn't seem an easy option without totally taking the tank apart and inserting baffles and relocating the outlet point. The existing outlet is already level with the bottom of the wishbone and is shaped to miss the diagonal braces. Finding someone local willing to do the welding at a reasonable cost is another matter. Perhaps ARM had a different/smaller tank to start with?
  5. harrypotter

    Fuel tank foam

    What size is that? Mine is a long range tank with what looks like a small pot on the bottom. It isn't effective. I presume there is some sort of baffle between the tank and the pot.
  6. harrypotter

    Fuel tank foam

    Sounds impressive. Any chance of a photo. I may have probs with my V8 underslung twin exit exhaust but all options need considering.
  7. harrypotter

    Fuel tank foam

    I see. So it's as I guessed, the pump doesn't have to work so hard. Next question, is it possible to get fuel pipe that narrow, or do you have to put a restriction within the pipework.
  8. harrypotter

    Fuel tank foam

    Excuse my ignorance, but I suppose what I'm asking is why is it better to emulate the opening and closing of a float chamber needle valve rather than having a fully open valve? Thanks for your patience.
  9. harrypotter

    Fuel tank foam

    I'm sure you are right, but as the carb float chamber doesn't have any return I'm not sure how the analogy works, probably because I'm not sure how a carb pump works! Does it mean that the pump does not have to work so hard? Excuse my ignorance please.
  10. harrypotter

    Fuel tank foam

    That's an interesting idea. Not entirely sure I'd want part of my fuel tank hanging down below the exhaust pipes, and your motorbike fuel requirements will be somewhat less than my gas guzzling 4.0 litre TVR engine I would think.
  11. harrypotter

    Fuel tank foam

    I'm contemplating fitting a swirl pot in my system and trying to find the least complicated way of doing it. My return feed presently feeds back into the tank a low level ie. below normal fuel level. Would the 'Overflow' pipe need to feed into the top of the tank or could it use this existing fitting? If i need a new connection to the top of the tank, how do i do that?
  12. harrypotter

    Locking fuel cap

    Ordered from Matt Lewis Racing. £54.97 incl delivery. A relative bargain. Thanks for your help guys.
  13. harrypotter

    Locking fuel cap

    Thank you Pete and David, I'll try those now. I'm still smarting from my stupidity and estimated cost to replace the cap. Many thanks.
  14. harrypotter

    Locking fuel cap

    I've lost my standard locking fuel cap in the usual manner and wondered if there was an alternative to £120 from the original supplier? More care will definitely be taken in future!
  15. harrypotter

    Ride Height V8

    Thank you I'll try that in future.

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