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    Westfield Essex meeting when the sun comes out ,so do the Westfield`s.finally got a good weekend to get out and about for a meet up of people with with good taste. thanks guy`s for sharing your styles and tips,lots of individuality.even brought the husband along!see you next time .Westfield owner`s wife x
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    Robin Happy Birthday! Hope you have a lovely day.
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    My Westfield Miata SDV is finally registered! Now it's just a matter of waiting for some warmer weather. After putting her on the dyno, she is producing 114.2 WHP at 6400 Rpm. Not bad for a stock 1.6 MX-5 powerplant. The 289km that I have put onto her so far, have been absolutely thrilling to say the least. A little chilly at 5ºC, but with snowmobile gear and a heater that works very well indeed, it was manageable in short runs. Warmer weather is predicted for next week.....Blaaaat.
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