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  2. I am going to refit the carbs tomorrow in an attempt to join you on Saturday. I will keep you posted.
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  4. IMHO. Prep is the key. Bevel edge. Lightly grind under side to rough up where your going to apply new matting to give a good key, degrease. Cut a cardboard patch. This will give some depth to filler. If you can encapsulate in vinyl or cover in tape. Coat the underside in wax polish to aid releasing from Matt when finished. Fit in hole and use gaffer tape to secure from top side all around edges and over the top of the cardboard. Matt from underside maybe 2 layers. Second a bit bigger than the first. When resin has gone off remove cardboard. It should leave a lower level from the outside to fill. Iff slightly proud sand down first
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  6. Yes please! Let me know your address and when’s convenient to collect....
  7. As the weather gets more into resin-friendly temperatures, I start thinking about patching the hole for the air filters in the bonnet. Well, it's been cut open for a tad more than the air filters. I have a few ideas, starting with bevelling the edge of the cut, but I wonder if someone had a go in a way that does not involve sanding until the end of times. My main concern is how to have kind of a mold/patch that follows the shape of the bonnet. My current stupid idea is : fill the hole with foam board, with the foam standing proud this great big gaping opening. shape it with either hot wire cutter following the bonnet rounded staircase profile or knife, then sand it flat and nice, fill the edge gaps with plasticine, candle wax or whatever putty I have at hand Once I have the hole filled with a correct profile, use a lot of brown packaging tape to seal the area make a cast of the outer shape, either using armed plaster (fragile but harmless) or glassfiber (potential catastrophic mess risk) to have an outer mold. Have locating surfaces on the bbonnet to ensure nice position. Remove and wax the mold, then remove the foam and tape, clean with brake cleaner, hot glue the mold to the bonnet and start stratification from the inside with woven fiber layers, bonnet resting on the mold. Then once cured, sanding with a long block will hopefully be minimal. A full respray will happen down the road. Would there be another (simpler?) technique ? (I alas do not have the missing bit that was cut a long time ago, and CTRL + Z did not work either) Thanks a lot.
  8. Yes I have the standard setup from Westfield, I will check the TBs are balanced correctly. Incidentally this is what the wife thought we should do. We have a popping sound when we take our foot off the accelerator whilst going along. Thanks for for all the advice from everyone!
  9. Funny, how life gets in the way... I'm using cura right now, still don't like it as a printer control software, but it couples nicely with octoprint. I like adaptative layer slicing, supports are not noticeably different for when I'm cornered into using them (i.e a mess). Got into fusion, but I merely make a threaded bit and import it into offline cad. And even though for small threads I still prefer tap, I ran into issues with awfully non standard (though metric) somehow large threads. And being able to design the threads themselves was key. Guess what this is for ? (Hint : it might be a tad overengineered to save a few banknotes) Wait.... Wait..... Yup, it's an adapter to fit a cheap gear knob worth a tenner, that came with a tube (m22x1) and plastic adapters for the gear stick, and fit on the m10 x 1 threaded gear lever. I added a m3 pinching bolt to secure the adapter at the right angle on the gearstick, the knob is located by bottoming. And the two flat parts are needed so that I can wrench the thing on the very, very sad threads on the gear lever itself. Hard to measure, went to 17 iterations to get tolerances right. Last ones printed standing on the small lip, slow and steady. But hey, got a shiny knob engraved with the correct gear pattern for not much.
  10. Thank you, I’ll try that
  11. Marto please retain your dignity! I need you at the event to help me! If they can't use Westfield classes as other clubs do, at our own flagship event then the demise of the SS is closer than even I had estimated! Hopefully common sense and continued enjoyment will prevail! Glutey
  12. Yes please Jared. Just one though...
  13. Well that car is a fixture without question... so I meant the beautiful woman!
  14. Floats I think are set correctly. By flood, I am not talking about fuel over spill from the float chamber but in fact a drain of the float chamber into the combustion chamber after key of. Im not sure exactly where your fuel is escaping, can you clarify? If fuel is pushing past the needle valve then it will fill the carb completely, overcoming the float and will exit all possible vents and jets.
  15. Car, girlfriend or both! That is a stunning piece of art
  16. Usually come out with a sharp whack of a 5kilo hammer, if not heat will free them.
  17. Wanted rear diffuser for widebody many thanks
  18. Thank you all who attended Stoneleigh 2019 and helped to raise money in aid of The Air Ambulance, we had some of the guys from Air Ambulance on site this year helping which you will be able to read all about in the next issue of WW, safe to say they really enjoyed it and are keen to attend again next year . We can also thank the team at Westfield Sports Cars Ltd @Julian Turner - Westfield Sportscars Ltd @Simon Westwood - Westfield Sportscars Ltd for their kind and very generous donation this year Here is our certificate from Air Ambulance with total amount raised : -
  19. Yes, the best colour to attract the flies, I’m often followed by a cloud of them. By the way to the club.
  20. Hi Andy Yes I have the pair. Last items now are the dashboard and lights (and clamshell brackets). Sorry all other items are sold or pending me sending them! Would consider selling the hardtop now so pm if interested! Thanks Simon
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