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  2. Hi Gary, it is yes and thanks for the oil filter info too 👍
  3. Hi Sam If it's the 1.6 zetec se/sigma engine it's a ford specification 5w-30 SAE oil and a mahle oc606(or equivalent) oil filter. I use my local factor or opie oils for mail irder. Gary
  4. We've only driven about 160 miles in it but I certainly wouldn't describe it as fast or having much torque however I may not be the best judge of torque as for the last 12 years I have driven a succession of 3l twin turbo diesels so a Zetec is always going to feel much less torquey.
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  6. Not really. All the pipes are heat wrapped. It feels like not enough amps getting through to it - but why only when engine is hot?
  7. Surprisingly if needed all Westfields can be designated FW400’s for the day.
  8. Does the exhaust sit very close to the starter motor. I made a shield to protect mine.
  9. Se with xflow and twin carbs - wife in it and stalled when hot at a junction. Engine won’t turn over on the battery. Otherwise starts fine when cold and runs fine. Battery getting too hot - not powerful enough ? Any suggestions? Thanks
  10. The car is now sold to Michal who is now driving it 1000 miles from Stansted back to his native Poland ! Couldn't have sold it to a nicer bloke and apparently its only the second Westfield in Poland Thanks for all the interest.
  11. You need to get to the weight of lobster with duratec power....and of course Adams driving skills!!!
  12. My eldest has bought some deep dish wheels for his Mini, they look great but don't fit, they catch on the wing. So, it looks like I'm going to have to grind off an inch or so to allow the wheels and tyres room to turn. Before I go down this drastic route (it's a sound car bodywork wise, feels like sacrilege to cut it about), I'll see if there are other options he would entertain like sending them back and making do with the std wheels, but he seems keen and they are "supposed" to fit and understand some modification is expected. As far it'll go right lock Yep the are fat and out there! Full left lock only being stopped by the offside tyre hitting the wing but a bit more room (not under weight though) My plan, which I need advice on please, is: With a suitably sized grinder, cut away just enough of the wing to allow free movement of the wheels under load Q: Should I aim to replicate the folded edge and trim that, won't I crack the paint by bending it or would a straight edge be ok? I don't think the replacement arches need the lip for mounting and the rivnuts are where they need to be, clean and solid Clean, sand and treat the bare metal edge Q: what should I use to treat the bare metal, how long should I leave it to "set"? Then while masked up, give the new edge a couple coats of matched BRG from a rattle can - I'm no good at this but I think it needs a coat or two and it will be hidden by the replacement arches anyway. Objective here is to keep it sealed and rust free rather than pretty With the same BRG rattle can, give the new fibreglass arches once sanded and holes drilled for the rivnut bolts a few coats Q: for a quality job I guess I need to do this under cover e.g. shed and dust free and ONLY apply a coat or two and allow to dry for a few hours before applying another couple - is this about right? New arches attached using the existing rivnuts which are all in good condition; whilst a similar size to the originals are actually shallower i.e. designed for wider wheels so they won't need chopping about My other plan of course is to explain to him the error of his ways and send him packing to a local body-shop and have him pay to get it done professionally. Advice welcomed before I take possession of @Ian Tolfree (tolf) - North London AO's grinder!!
  13. Back from my passenger laps at Cadwell in the Lobster. What a machine, truly breath taking in the literal sense. My Westfield isn’t slow, I’ve been in some super quick cars on track. The Lobster is another level, the best comparison I’ve got is to an aerobatic flight. Truly insane. Great build Adam.....is it too late to change my mind on this Duratec rebuild...
  14. Noticed last week that my steering is pulling very slightly to the left which is made worse when applying the brakes. I had a full Geo setup at Blink about 12 months ago and all was fine until recently. What can cause this and what things can i check and rule out? Thanks in advance
  15. Hope the lobster is not getting too hot!
  16. For sale, Golf fitment rear hi spec / westfield brake calipers with spot handbrake. Supplied with handbrake and main brake pads including all fittings. New type with handbrake adjustment screws. Trial fitted to a car but not used as i made the mistake of ordering golf not sierra type fitment. Postage to be arranged upon purchase. (collection welcome) Please feel free to call on 07999 980091
  17. It’s Westfields, or it should be, not enough FW400’s on the road in the UK for a parade, I wouldn’t have thought! Essentially, you need an anniversary to celebrate, to get the parade laps, if you’ve been going as long as Porsche for example, with as many memorable events as them, you can practically find one a year! We have to work a little harder, 😆
  18. What is classed as an “eligible car” on the above post ? Are they only letting FW400 Westfields on the parade lap?
  19. That sounds like a great idea! I'm only in Calne so a the Ivy would be a great shout. Lots of good local roads in that area too if anyone wants to go for a blat afterwards!
  20. Not far off that here today, AND Russ is here! 😂
  21. Quick update. Fitted the ECU tray with threaded screws 4mm. When trail fitting the WF rollcage to make some more room in the garage, we have found that the holes for the side bars have been welded to far forward. I have referenced 3 other build threads and all have them further back on the frame. So have emailed pictures to WF.. await result. Quick question when attaching the loom is there a preferred P clip or zip-tie system to use?
  22. This is just my opinion, but IMO your never going to hide that, I would look at how I could make a feature out of it, even if that involves. a low bonnet scoop. If you try to make it flat and level it will always be visible.
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