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  2. Hello Mate Do you still have these.? Peter
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  4. Evening Trackday at Brands. Nice and quiet.
  5. I've got my new Fuel Tank from Radtec and it looks stunning (I know.... there's a fetish for everyone).......... Now if BG Developments have finished my Calipers I might just get the All Original ASBO back on the road. Nem...........
  6. You may not be sober right now so when you read this in the morning............happy birthday for yesterday.
  7. Going to avoid the idler if at all possible, the 1.8 Escort pump has been mentioned a few times in other groups, guess the only way to tell will be to remove the old one and compare the impeller. Thanks for your help Chris. Next job will be a mesh grill of some description to protect the radiator, can't believe the size of some of the stones i found in the nose cone. or have i just been unlucky..
  8. 1 week into driving the car again and can honestly say I’m absolutely loving it. I’ve done around 200 miles and it is running and driving great. Of course now I’m properly getting to grips with it I’m finding a few things I want to add/tweak... Seats - Initially I mounted the new seats on 20mm box section which utilised the original runners in the original position. However after the initial few miles I decided the seat position was too high so pulled them out and removed the ally box, moved the runners closer together, trimmed the carpet around the seat rails and mounted the seats direct to the runners. Overall this drops the seat by around 25mm and the position is much more to my liking, the only further tweak I’d like to make is to space the front up 5-10mm to give a more reclined position. Fan switch - when I first got the car and was working my way through the engine issues I realised it had never had a working fan switch fitted (the fan was wired into an old temp sensor!), initially I wired a manual switch in, but wanted the autonomy (and safety) of a temp sensing switch so I tried to get hold of a compatible part but with no joy. Because of where it sits (engine out) it needs a switch in the range of ~100DegC and the standard thread of the housing is 3/8NPT. I couldn’t get anything directly suitable but found a suitable sensor 100-90DegC with an M14 thread, so I made an adaptor from a 3/8 bung and bonded it to the sensor. good job I thought...fits great, so I wire it up to the fan, get the engine up to temp, click - fan comes on but never goes off (doh!) I quickly realised that the fan switch isn’t designed for the electrical load of the fan and should be through a suitable relay So being as I need to install 2 relays for the heated seats, and the horn could do with one too, my next little project will be a bit of wiring (which isn’t my favourite) to add a row of relays to my ECU tray under the dash. One other update was a waterproof cockpit cover from Walker St Clair, seems like a sensible and cost effective way to keep the interior clean and dry when parked up, I did look at the soft bits cover but this was more money and my previous experience with the company wasn’t great so opted for the Walker cover and am very happy with it, the owner Peter is very friendly and communicative, after ordering the cover arrived in two days and does exactly what it says on the tin
  9. There’s a couple of different pumps for the silvertop. One runs the correct way for the simple non-idler solution. I’m not sure which one though I think it’s the 1.8 escort?
  10. While on the subject of cooling, as im about to replace the water pump is this going to be a standard zetec silver top unit? as i keep reading about needing a pump with impellers pumping in the opposite direction due to the engine now converted to run rwd and the alternator now on the intake side?
  11. So as I near completion of my engine install, I found that the standard duratec oil filter fouls the underside of my bonnet. So this was a good enough excuse to buy this: I now need to assemble it and the oil baffle inside has 3 very small screws to secure it: what's the best way to ensure they don't come loose and get ingested in the engine ? If you have fitted one if these covers what did you do? Is lock-tite the right way to go? If so which compound?
  12. Sounds like a nice spec. You must have ticked most of the boxes on the options list (with a bit of "help" from Mr Westwood I guess? Hope he throws in a WSCC brollie ) Not being critical, personally not sure on the anti roll bars are necessary for mainly road use. Presume the quick release steering column is ok for any inspection needed in your country. Don't believe it will pass the IVA in the UK. I bought mine from WF and fitted it after I'd been on the road for a while. Half hood and side screens won't fit in the FW boot! Be worth making sure a bag is included for your hood. It can just sit behind the seats, strapped to the roll bar I've got the "race" brakes. They certainly stop the car well. The fronts were, noisy particularly at low speeds, tried appropriate grease, then tape, then both. Worked for a short while but noise returned! Consulted with HiSpec, advised to try chamfer on leading and trailing edges of pads. Much improved noise wise, particularly when used hard. Can still be noisy in gentle urban driving. Some are of the opinion they are over the top for a Westie. But I'm content, they work well, which given the performance on tap is important IMHO. I went for the standard shock absorbers and springs, to date they've been fine. Never had the car bottom out, even touring two up with luggage! In terms of sump clearance, here's some photos to show difference. Original standard sump: Side view Front view Shallow sump: Side view Front view Sumps compared Before changing, the sump was lower than the chassis hoop. Now the chassis hoop is the lowest part, ground a bit flat to prove it! A lot of the 250 build will be the same/similar as the FW special you've built already, with some obvious differences: The electrics are a bit more challenging with the Ecoboost loom, and incorporating the Aim dash. However once you get your head round it, basically it's "plug and play". The plumbing, water and air will be different, but straightforward once you work out what goes where. My car was 675kg in IVA trim. Not sure if 250 build manual exists yet, know one is/was in production. But to be honest whatever route you go down, would highly recommend creating a build thread on here. It's a great way to tap into a wealth of Westfield expertise. If you go the 250 route think there are four build threads including mine on here already. Build threads of all models provide a good insight, often with unique useful ideas. Hope that helps, shout if you've got any further queries.
  13. One of many abiding memories for me was the Saturday afternoon and how quickly our esteemed @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary and Mike @Kit Car Electronics managed to strip the air filters, carburettors, coil, fuel pump, distributor, and plug leads from my engine and thinking they’d probably be very good at running a chop shop, breaking up stolen cars to bits in a very short time.
  14. @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary that vent looks superb it's very discrete . This is what I plan to use as I don't want the opening to be too big: Close up view: It will only sit 5mm proud of the bonnet . Tonight i started to mock up the blower cover, with the rain issue in mind. So here's my first attempt: The grill will sit over the valley and my thought process was that the inlet hole would be on the higher part just before the curve. This should allow the water to run downhill and not into the blower compartment. I have about 15mm to make a lip and mount similar rubber to @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary current arrangement . I then need a way to allow the water to escape. Thinking i may mount some aluminium tube and route it through the blower compartment and out the bottom through the lower panel and into the transmission tunnel to keep it discrete, or maybe just seal the scuttle well and let it run off the sides. Ianyone has any better ideas i'm all ears. Hopefully I will have more time tomorrow night to ponder some more. Oh and the Westie passed it's MOT today so very relieved about that. Also booked a rolling road session for a week Friday, so if all goes well Stoneleigh could be my first road test!!
  15. I'm on the verge of needing to buy some seats. I've been a fan of JK in the last 2 builds but for a number of reasons I'm looking at tilletts for this car. Has anyone had both jks and tillett b6's to give a back to back comparison? Does anyone use the (expensive) suede pads? Also if there's anyone in Scotland with tilletts who fancies letting me have a try then that would be fantastic
  16. Oh bum - thank you Paul. I had no idea that this was the case, so I would have eventually soldered the old pipe back on and wondered why on earth it didn't work!
  17. Happy birthday Mr Smeg, the only one. YDG this year, be a shame not to?
  18. Is it possible you have an air lock on the system? I've had to refill mine over the weekend after a split hose repair, i fill mine slowly with the engine running, topping up as the level drops until the thermostat opens and the fan kicks in. At that point i refit the cap, i was surprised at the amount of air that was trapped in the system it took ages to clear.
  19. Thanks all. Time to have a try I think.
  20. Ive added a few essentials, the new console just hooks onto the dash above and is pretty solid . This is just a prototype but may become permanent as Im not getting much time in the garage with the weather. If i do get around to it I'm planning some stitching and fold the corners a little better. The base is 16mm plywood with 3mm foam on the front, then I folded a strip to run inside the curve (this is where the stitching could be) 2mm alli backing plate screwed into the plywood , it sort of matches the dash I reckon.
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