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  2. Andy Banks - Chairman

    Motorhome site Rutland Water area

    Where did you choose?
  3. Man On The Clapham Omnibus

    Policing in an impossible world

    The nearest significant town to me is High Wycombe and the council/police have been chasing a group of itinerants from car park to sports field to factory site for weeks now. I don't know if it is always the same caravans but their sites seem to be chronologically sequential - from pillar to post with hours between only so I imagine so. The council now have a court order/injunction on 100+ areas of council land so the 'travellers' are now using commercial and private land. It really has got beyond a joke and central government must make trespass a criminal offence instead of a mere civil one. Ireland did this and as if by magic their problem becomes ours.
  4. Steve (sdh2903)

    What have I done now..... V6 seiw build

    Further elecktrickery today. Firstly took a look at the headlight issue. I had the high beam flash working via the freewheel but no dipped beam. After going back through the system I found some stuff i dont remember even doing and even more puzzling as to why. I'd bizarrely fitted an extra relay just to provide power to the headlight switch and it had it's own fused feed which I hadnt written down in my fuse list so didn't have a fuse in. Wacked a fuse in and hit the switch and they worked. Well sort of. I had the main and dipped the wrong way round. I did contemplate switching the pins at the headlight connectors but then that meant the colours would have been wrong, and could have potentially caused issues for me or any poor soul troubleshooting in future. So I went back into the fuse box and swapped them round. I also removed the unnecessary relay to just leave the 2 required for the freewheel. Heater speeds. This was a nice easy one. I swapped the low and high speeds around on the switch and it works as it should, although I'm still not sure why as the voltages are the same. All the other remaining car circuits have been powered up and tested and all is good. The freewheel is doing a grand job, thanks due here to @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary and @Kit Car Electronics with that as I'm using the 'Dave' spec freewheel with the single 'flick' wipe, washers automatically bringing on the wipers and the 2 press speeds. All working perfect. I need to take a look at the handbrake warning tomorrow and then I can start powering up the water pump and work towards a first fire up.
  5. Jude - The Mad Widow

    The Mental Health Thread

    I haven't yet found another solution. It's not for the lack of effort.
  6. tex

    Faile searcher needs help

    Mk2 escort rod ends, lower ball joints off a maxi, I've just put new ones on mine
  7. This Saturday and Sunday - Going for a couple of days into Scotland through the borders and onto Perth, over the lecht, Inverness overnight. Then south via the west tba... Anyones welcome to tag along, stop for refreshments. Weather looks OK so far
  8. Geoffrey (Buttercup) - North Yorkshire AO

    N Yorks. Elvington Air Museum Thunder Day. 18th August.

    Thanks @Never Too Old, Roger. It was great to catch up with you and Judy. @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary, the museum seemed a lot easier on the eye this year. They had moved a lot of things from the main hanger and even though there was less in it, it was more interesting as you could see the exhibits a lot better.
  9. CosKev

    What have I done now..... V6 seiw build

    Yeah top hose after laminova
  10. tex

    Reverse Box

    Will do
  11. Nick - Joint North East AO

    Destruction of Conservative Party Mrs May's legacy?

    The damage is likely to be far deeper than just the Tory party, much of Parliament is severely tainted by this whole fiasco since the Brexit vote. Their credibility with the voters is at an all time low IMHO.
  12. Today
  13. Chris Brading

    Sorry Tyres again again

    Adam just watched the original and you are right! My only defence is I was hitting the Rev limiter on the exit, so I changed to third earlier than I should. I will get some lessons 🥴
  14. Kris Mc

    Garage floor - 2 part epoxy recommendations?

    I decided to spend more on the walls as the floor was made of lots of additions where the garage has grown over the years 4 sections of different concrete all cracked... how thick is the epoxy, will it still cover a bumpy floor (not bothered if it’s not level) and can it be put over regular floor paint? My floor has 2 coats of trade paint from screw fix on a unprepped floor and seems to be fine so far. But I’d love epoxy. ps the parking bays keep the toys in a sensible place so the kit car fits behind without getting out and moving every time.
  15. Rednop1

    Parts clearout

    Sabelt it 4 point 2x Red in colour Used A little dirty £50 for the pair Plus postage
  16. DonPeffers

    Destruction of Conservative Party Mrs May's legacy?

    Once Mrs May had tried and failed 3 times with her Withdrawal Agreement, then went on pointless tours of Europe (who didn't want to see her and had no intention of reopening the Deal) and UK, and then blamed MPs as enemies of the people in what was an extremely dangerous move considering the murder of Jo Cox, it began to dawn that the Tories had created a conundrum they seemed very unlikely to solve and may still be seeking a way out. As you say, we'll see what happens in 73 days.
  17. Ben (bunje)

    Sorry Tyres again again

    if it were me id take my car to @AdamR and get the alignment checked. best thing i ever did with mine. or do a trackday where adam just happens to also be and ask him to drive your car
  18. Ben (bunje)

    s2000 engine main fuse why blown

    i always thought the fuel pump was fused twice on the standard loom but never queried it.
  19. Thanks for the comments and advice guys. I think I'm going to go ahead with the epoxy option rather than tiling, but it does look like surface prep to provide a good key for the epoxy is the most important part of the operation. The concrete in my garage is over 10 years old and other than now being a bit dusty and with a few cracks is in pretty good condition and has a smooth finish. I'm also looking at using a specific epoxy primer suitable for garage floors with oil stains that also claims to offer some protection against damp. My garage has always been dry, and has dried out very quickly after the pressure washing so hopefully no problems with damp to worry about, but I think it's worth the primer coat to penetrate the concrete as much as possible to ensure a good key for the top coats and stop any issues from the odd oil stains. It all adds to the cost but it feels like it will be worth the investment...
  20. IanK (Bagpuss)

    Sorry Tyres again again

    I’ve run both T1R and R888 on my S2000 powered car. My R888’s weren’t likely to get me to Austria and back in June, but still had some miles left in them. Hence I put the T1Rs on for our trip. They squealed everywhere and quickly went off with the typical 30 degree ambient. Reviewing video from the trip, I was still able to corner with less drama than a similar car on R888R’s by driving progressively and being delicate with the controls. I also survived a lap of the ring without spinning off. on arriving home, the 888’s went back on and immediately the car felt better connected to the road etc. I run 18 psi all round with both. I’ve driven 3 sisters with both tyres and I was clearly faster on R888’s. If I push on with the T1Rs, the front starts to understeer first. I’m running Siltech ARB front and rear.
  21. IanK (Bagpuss)

    s2000 engine main fuse why blown

    @Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary, unless I’ve sketched it out wrong, the fuel pump is fused twice! See attached (this was from when we were helping @Greenstreak-Andy D Diagnose @westyjord87 fuel pump issue. @Barnsley John this diagram may help. The Vtec relay should be near your ECU and should be labelled. If not, I help you work it out. I’ll add more detail tomorrow to show the vtec feed in relation to this diagram.
  22. Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary

    Motorhome site Rutland Water area

    sorted now
  23. Steve (sdh2903)

    Sorry Tyres again again

    Tyre pressures?
  24. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    Curborough Sprint Course, Sat 24th August

    Will try and make this one!
  25. AdamR

    Sorry Tyres again again

    I see, so I guess the audio isn't quite properly synced in the video? What I'm seeing / hearing here is engine induction / exhaust noise, then it quietens down, then the tyres start squealing, then the car rotates. Back to alignment... 'professionally set' is great but do you know what settings they put on? I'm going to guess it's a modern SEiW and as such has rear toe out on squat (ie. under power). You therefore need a significant amount of static toe in (completely different to most other performance cars) to prevent exactly what happened in your video...
  26. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    TPS set up for Sigma engine on Ford induction.

    Thanks to Westfield for their help this morning; turns out my copy of the Weber Alpha fitting instructions is missing the last few pages of addendums etc, which also happen to include the TPS set up instructions! So here is the complete guide!! Weber Alpha Sigma 1.6 S instructions .pdf
  27. Chris Brading

    Sorry Tyres again again

    Alignment was professionally set, no it was power on oversteer, always the back end letting go. don't worry about being blunt. personally I still think it’s the tyres Im a brilliant driver LOL! Reminds me of the time I was trying to keep up Jason Plato who lived nearby I was driving my Impreza with a Christmas tree tied to the roof, needless to say I couldn’t keep up.
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