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  2. A Plan for me also, cheapest by far for my race car and trailer. For years I've been stung by the usual insurers, but A Plan saved me 50% this year. Don't know why I didn't use them before, as has been said they are Club Sponsors.
  3. No unfortunately just the standard black rubber one's, It looks to be the small top hose that's gone..i hope. The hassle i had to get anything even vaguely the right length and shape, had to buy a double 90° hose as it was the only one that had a long enough length of straight pipe so i could cut out a section to make the replacement. Where do you guys get your replacement hoses? All the car accessorie shops in my area say they don't really stock water hose! Again this is all a part of my learning curve, at least i know how to remove the nose cone now..
  4. Lap of the Cotswolds this morning with this wonderful weather!
  5. While this is true, it doesn't seem to be an issue with this engine. Even with an oil cooler the total oil volume isn't much over 4L, plus it has the gearbox within the same oil heating things up too. My water plumbing is a bit 'different', but it warms up really, really quickly (faster than I expected) and the oil isn't far behind. Not sure if the above is the reason, but normally a big air-oil cooler is preferred on these, rather than water-oil. AFAIK the heavy duty oil cooler has slightly thicker walls, for higher pressure and extra vibration resistance - not needed if the cooler is mounted properly IMO.
  6. There are, ok maybe not hundreds, but certainly lots, of minor ignition lives under the scuttle, used for powering instruments, spares for aux outputs, (for charging points, radios etc), there’s really no need to tap into “major” systems.
  7. I robin are you still up for tomorrow at 7 .30 we are going to make one unless you are not please let me know thanks john and jacky
  8. I wouldn’t. It’s switched on and off at engine start, plus it’s a feed subject to high surge loads.
  9. Today
  10. Not ideal if your water rad is marginal, but brings oil up to temp quicker.
  11. I was planning to link to the fuel pump wire . Should be ok, right?
  12. Have to say this club and it’s members, including and especially me, are indeed fortunate to have Mike as a member. I’m so pleased to see how his business has blossomed. If you told me there was a nicer, more clever, and harder working man than Mike in the club, I’d get you sectioned. I thank him every time I’m in my car.
  13. I've not seen the Laminova cooler, will look in to them this weekend to see if they're suitable. Does it not greatly affect the coolant temps having the coolant pass through the heat exchange with oil which would be hotter than the coolant? Might be opening a can of worms in terms of then having to upgrade the radiator to cope with higher temps from the Laminova? I have the CEC track car covered with an M3 I'm having built, all about weight for this one…or lack thereof
  14. A sad day for me but glad it has gone to a good home via the forum. Thanks to Maurici for a smooth sale! .
  15. I get the impression from your posts that you drive pretty hard Tom, have you considered a laminova? That’s what I’m going for when mines back in (Duratec, not Blade) Or solve all your problems with a car engine upgrade
  16. I think I will go down the new cooler route. The cooler on there is a "Mocal 19 row Heavy Duty", do I need the heavy duty version? It seems the only difference is slightly higher pressure rating but it's near double the price.
  17. Thanks for that Gaz
  18. Not just for carboned up race cars Both wheel and dash switches are on the Freewheel!
  19. Well this sounds like an advert, so I might as well cheekily mention that I'll have a demo kit(s) with me at Stoneleigh if anyone would like to see- I'll likely be hanging around the marquee most of the weekend
  20. Just 18 weeks away. This promises to be a great, full day's driving over some scenic and squiggly well-planned southern Scottish roads. For those who shy away from the usual club run that can seem a bit 'frantic', this event is driven at your own pace, but by no means on your own. A lunch stop, fuel stops and a route that crosses over itself means the social element is still there. Since planning this event, a similar day out now on the calendar (the Thames Valley Orienteering Event) has so far 18 cars signed on - so the concept has plenty of merit. August the 24th is the 'Up Norf's version. Don't be shy, give it a try .....any questions, ask here or PM me. Where to chaps?? Join in to find out!
  21. Also, don’t forget that Freewheel doesn’t just work with steering wheel mounted buttons. You can use one with just dash mounted buttons, (connected to the transmitter, as normal) and get all the benefits of the Freewheel logic/switching, like timed indicators, fog lamp control etc. It works so much nicer than the standard rocker switches, like this. If you want, you can even have two transmitters on the one Freewheeel, so one transmitter can do the dash buttons, and a second on the wheel could replicate the buttons you want close to hand, as well. Like indicators and main beam change over. Its so flexible, that it really is down to your imagination what you can do with it. Plus of course, there is the new version, that adds a variable rotary control switch, too!
  22. Absolutely; best practice after an engine blow up that’s put metal particles into the oil system, that have travelled around the engine, always bin the oil cooler. Most engine components and lines can be cleaned out properly, and have core plugs and bungs etc so that you can physically get a brush into the oil ways. Conventional oil/air type coolers are generally pretty much impossible to guarantee being fully clean.
  23. Thanks! Great to hear it's sorted- I love seeing them finished- should be a fair few wheels being shown off at Stoneleigh
  24. Great to hear it's all done now and your spaghetti is sorted! The beauty of Westfields is that most of the wiring is pretty straightforward once you start to trace and identify stuff. Get your head around the way relays work, and the difference between the terms "normally open" and "normally closed" with respect to relays and switches, and you're another good chunk of the way there! Mike really is superb when it comes to pre and post sales service, help and advice. He even did custom firmware for me, to create a proper "modern" car style dashboard controller built around a Freewheel and a Beamstop. Fantastic stuff.
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