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  2. BigSkyBrad

    Clan McWesty Braemar run 14 July

    Short of pestilence, we're planning to do this run. Would be really nice if you could arrange nice weather this time, last year was a bit cold and soggy!
  3. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Peak District Run Out,Sun 23rd June, Matlock 10.30

    @aeg the blue MG that you were following when you were coming to meet us (overtook the slow car when the Z3 wouldn't) was Tracy from the Burton Car Club and she snapped you too. Stolen off facebook, what a small world we live in.
  4. litcoat

    Caption competition

    It's good to see that hypocrisy isn't dead
  5. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    Things still need tidying up a bit
  6. David-hrv

    Clan McWesty Fort Augustus 7 July

    It's the gate house to Ardverikie Castle, which was Glen Bogle in the Monarch of the Glen tv series. The gate house was seen in several episodes. Hope you enjoy your stay Chris. I'll bring along a spare alternator:-) I'm ok for the run on the 7th. We're back from holiday the day before, so fingers crossed that the car starts!
  7. Trevturtle

    Cobra 427 Build

    All good reading.. Thanks keep it comimy.
  8. Tim (TimDave25) - Joint Thames Valley AO

    Wilwood Compact Remote Reservoir Brake Master Cylinder

    Wilwood Compact Remote Reservoir Brake Master Cylinder 0.625 Brand new (fitted but removed as wrong size for my application). £40 posted within UK.
  9. Stu Faulkner

    Cobra 427 Build

    It’s starting to get a bit busy under that bonnet.
  10. Today
  11. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    After the radiator alterations and revised mounting location/angle, the position of the bottom hose had changed so I needed a different angle of bend. This bend arrived today, so I have now fitted the coolant tank and refitted the cooling system. This meant I could restart the car and bleed the system. This is good news as now I can manoeuvre the car around under its own power. The the tank is not the highest point on the system but this doesn’t matter as I have a bleed off point at the highest point in the top hose.
  12. Kevin Pullen - WSCC Treasurer

    Ebay buyer criteria rant.

    What was it let someone else buy it for you then leave a statement reflecting your experience with them
  13. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Peak District Run Out,Sun 23rd June, Matlock 10.30

    Lovely pictures there Andy, oh to be sat outside the pub now with the cars, dream dream Anyhow, Tracey from The Burton Car Club snapped us on our way home through Matlock Bath, so I have thieved it off facebook and posted it here. There were lots and lots and lots of motobikes there.
  14. Andy (Sycho)

    Cider King new build diary

    Some basic settings here @Steve Smith - AO Hampshire And Isle Of Wight http://www.manikllc.com/manuals/Westfield_Sport_1800Q_-_Build_Manual-2000-01.pdf
  15. Steve (sdh2903)

    Ebay buyer criteria rant.

    Made an offer on an item on Ebay and it was declined (fair dos it was a bit low) went to make a second bid and it came up with a message that the buyer will not accept any more offers from me. Weird never seen that before so messaged the seller (a business). Get a reply stating I dont meet the criteria to buy from them! Further digging reveals they wont sell anything to me because I have left 1 neutral and 1 negative feedback over a year ago. I could understand if I had a low feedback score or no feedback (over 1000 feedback at 100%) but I find that ridiculous they can do that. If I was a punter off the street or over the phone they wouldn't be able to 'vet' me (their words, they vet all their buyers) I was quite happy to avoid the seller and go elsewhere but really ended up quite annoyed and wondered if what they were doing was legal or not? In effect they only want customers who leave good feedback. Not those who have good feedback left for them. bl**** Ebay
  16. Tom (T3OMF) - Cotswolds AO

    Sat 17th Aug - Llandow Private WSCC Track Day

    I have just added a list of attendees to the 1st post, if you don't see your name down and you think you should or want your name on the list, please massage me asap as we only have 10 places left.
  17. Burgerbob

    Advice on what type of car to go for

    Thanks all for your input. helpful advice. First job, which may be a winter project, is to build a garage to keep it dry. That'll give me time to ponder the sort of car to look for and hopefully pop along to a couple of meets. I do like the idea of getting the speed be right from the off. I may not be after the fastest car on the block. But at the same time, I don't want to be itching for more power from day 1. But lets face it. I reckon there are very few people who buy these cars who aren't continuously thinking of the next upgrade!
  18. Stu Faulkner

    More power, or new friends....?

    I fitted it and installed it as a 25bhp kit. The beauty of it is that I gives an additional 25bhp at any revs so the pickup is impressive. I upped it to a 50bhp kit and ran fine until it forced the rings into the bores and sized the engine. This appears to be the main problem with Nos. Before the engine issue, oh it was fast.
  19. Alfascozzesi

    Clan McWesty Fort Augustus 7 July

    The main road to Newtonmore passes this place. I didn’t know you could rent it all the times I have driven past 😲 I am up for this and will probably drive up to Kingussie, meet you there then double back and around.
  20. marcusb

    Unsightly / rusty harness clips

    Tie wrapped the belt for clearance
  21. si_salisbury

    More power, or new friends....?

    How did it drive? Did you have it fitted or was it already on. the only thing that I worry about it I had Nos is the pistons melting and fusing to the wall of the cylinder.
  22. shrops-paul

    15" Tyres for road use

    Hi. Me again. I’ve measured properly and they are 7.5 inch. So 195 should be fine. One last quick question. I’ve often found the R1R on some sellers twice at two different prices. They also have different SKU codes. I’m i right in thinking the more expensive ones are later manufacture dates? All the other details are identical except cost and SKU code.
  23. Mark (smokey mow)

    Team Dynamics Monza Wheels with Toyo R1R Tyres (Multi-fit Mazda/ Ford)

    Provisionally sold
  24. Dommo

    More power, or new friends....?

    I'd agree with that! Power is expensive, doesn't really make you faster around most circuits (beyond 250ish) and can make the car less usable. It is bl**** hilarious though, so there is that.
  25. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Clan McWesty Fort Augustus 7 July

    No problem at all Brian will wave back
  26. H.7

    Clan McWesty Braemar run 14 July

    I'm a possible for this, Gary, very much weather-dependent. It's a 360 mile round trip which is about as far as I'd like to travel in a day in a car where the tyre sidewalls provide the only suspension. I'll confirm during the week before. Cheers, Brian.
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