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  2. An interesting read here
  3. Arm

    Cracked chassis

    Difficult to make out if it's a crack in the paint or powder coat. Maybe have a scrape with a screwdriver .
  4. Yesterday
  5. Jackv4

    Photo of 13" Pro race 1.2's (not black)

    Hopefully get some piccy's up for the weekend
  6. CraigHew

    Simple wired in tracker - are they ok and which SIM to install?

    my biggest worry for the XYFindit is that it's bluetooth technology. Granted it has a (claimed) range of up to 300 feet but to be honest, I can usually see my car from 300 feet... What they're selling is the hope that a stolen / lost item is passing within a couple of hundred feet of another user so the item's position can be relayed to you. Clearly there are problems with that approach....
  7. As per title, looking for an adaptor or just a 3 bolt quick release. cheers
  8. Paul T

    Blacktop Raceline sump.

    Hi mate, Just FYI there are 2 types (LH and RH starter motor) but I believe all fit both ST and BT (might help your search). Also there are 2 different windage trays for BT and ST - if you find a silver top sump, I have a spare BT windage tray 👍🏻
  9. Paul T

    Photo of 13" Pro race 1.2's (not black)

    Nice one, I’d be interested to see a pic when they’re on, Anthracite CXR’s are on my wish list for a future purchase 👍🏻
  10. Paul T

    Half Hood Install help

    Thanks Andrew, yeah Dave mine only have the single set of straps
  11. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    Up Garage JDM heaven

    Ah RipSpeed, there's a name from my youth.
  12. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    Half Hood Install help

    Note, Westfield half hood's don't have that extra set of rear straps to the harnes mount area, not unless the design has changed recently, anyway.
  13. AndrewBClarke

    Cracked chassis

    We don’t want you having problems with Rita! Can’t really place the issue from the photo but I wouldn’t be much help anyway. I can only offer support and sympathy! Hopefully those who know will be able to offer their valued knowledge. PS - my welding is not good enough for anything that needs to be held together.
  14. Alan France

    Bark of a V12 Honda

    Lexus USA sold 3 new LFA in 2019 despite production ending in 2012 and there are still 4 news ones left if you have the cash.
  15. Mark (smokey mow)

    Adding myself to the members map

    Above the map click on my location and then select update location from the drop down menu.
  16. We, the Dorset Area, have booked a club display area at the Historic Vehicle Gathering at Powderham Castle, Devon, on 11th & 12th July 2020. Link here: https://historic-vehicle-gathering.info/ The event features classic cars, commercials, steam engines, military vehicles, motorcycles, car club displays, auto jumble, arena displays, refreshments etc. It’s an enjoyable event with a relaxed atmosphere, in a picturesque setting beside the Exe estuary. If you want to join us and display your car, an entry form is available via link above. Please highlight that you wish to join us on the WSCC Dorset Area display. Camping is also available on site. Alternatively if you’re in the area and just fancy a visit to the show, please come and say hello. Any queries please PM me.
  17. Jackv4

    Photo of 13" Pro race 1.2's (not black)

    Well finally made up my mind and went with a set of Anthracite CXR's in the end, Also went back to 13" from the 15's and got a set that will completely fill the rear arches, Ta again for the help in this thread
  18. Dave.

    Dave’s SDV 2.0 Zetec Build thread.

    Hello Matt Fit bonnet vents Fit nose grill Fill with coolant Fit immobiliser Fit timing belt Fit seat belts Fit driver’s seat Load zetec map onto ECU See if it will actually start! Balance throttle bodies Iva Trimming Looking at IVA in April. Should be on the road for May. I hope!!!!!
  19. Barnsley John

    Simple wired in tracker - are they ok and which SIM to install?

    look you are trying to help no need for any apology thankyou for your time i am shure we will get sorted thankyou john
  20. kevo2711

    Westfield SEiW MX5 Turbo-powered

    oh it is an absolute necessity! Lol Holset HE221W - should be good for 350bhp and still spool faster than the current TD04
  21. Hi John, Apologies, I was trying to do 4 things at once. Will catch up on the thread now. So there are 2 main types of hand trackers for personal devices, not so much cars. Blue tooth https://www.amazon.co.uk/Tile-Pro-Item-Finder-Pack/dp/B07W87124X/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8 GP/Sim https://www.amazon.co.uk/GEGO-Lugloc-GPS-Tracker-Bluetooth-White/dp/B07F47YCYS/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?creativeASIN=B017RWSBAY&imprToken=4zp2NQljER6ZKAxroj7wMw&keywords=LugLoc%2BLuggage%2BTracker%2B-%2BThe%2BWorldwide%2BSmart%2BLost%2BBaggage%2BGSM%2BLocator%2B-%2BTrack%2BThe%2BExact%2BLocation%2BOf%2BYour%2BBag%2BGlobally%2B(not%2Bjust%2Bbluetooth%2Blike%2Bothers)%2B-%2BRechargeable%2Bbattery%2Bthat%2Blasts%2B15%2Bdays&linkCode=g13&linkId=7dd7fa08c47bda24b359e573e982f581&qid=1581973894&s=electronics&sr=1-1-fkmr0&th=1 The one I currently have is Sim and I got it for 3 months free sim and I put it in my bags for travelling and also in my hire cars week to week and there fine. I know you can get thatchum Just to confirm when I sent that first link fore some reason it copied as a scam Item, so I really do apologise about that. Regards Ross
  22. Barnsley John

    Simple wired in tracker - are they ok and which SIM to install?

    no problems still interested if anyone comes up wit a good system you just have to double check with everything these days or read the small print thanks for trying watch this space my hmp tag works well and it was free if i leave barnsley they knows were i am got caught in a strip club in sheffield once
  23. AndrewBClarke

    Simple wired in tracker - are they ok and which SIM to install?

    Checked it on TrustPilot Reviews. It appears that it only works in Bluetooth range which is not as advertised or what I want. I therefore cancel my offer to get some. Back to trying to find a good GPS tracker without the need for a SIM contract!
  24. Paul Aspden The 2nd

    Assortment of parts, standard and upgrade,

    Just realised this is for a carb setup so not for me
  25. MattV

    Dave’s SDV 2.0 Zetec Build thread.

    Getting there @Dave.! Can’t be much left to do before IVA now?
  26. Barnsley John

    Simple wired in tracker - are they ok and which SIM to install?

    so your saying these are a scam and the real ones you have to take a contract etc
  27. Barnsley John

    s2000 2005 belt tension pully

    you seem to know a lot about me craig
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