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  2. CraigHew

    Dash 2 problems

    As I think you suspect, I'd say its an earthing problem. Did the unit get wet?
  3. DE04*

    Essex Annual Weigh In Sunday 1st September 2019

    Its wife's birthday weekend so I doubt it.
  4. Yesterday
  5. AlexSB

    I think this is too much blow by...

    I've attached a few photos... It's not easy to get a good shot! If they're that helpful, I'll grab some more in the morning. The only breather work I can see is the black box in the photo, with the circular filter on top.
  6. ci_newman

    I think this is too much blow by...

    Can you get some pictures of the crankcase and rocker breather pipework? More than likely something is plumbed in badly and causing excess pressure
  7. Dave Licence - Devon and Somerset AO

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Loving that bodywork combo - I'm tempted to ditch my FW front end...
  8. I've a fairly unmolested Xflow 1600 which is kicking out a fair amount of fumes through the oil cap when warm. There's always a bit of blow by from cold, but once it's hot, there's sometimes a noticeable cloud that emerges from the front of the bonnet when stopped at lights. The car has no recirculation system for dealing with fumes in the rocker cover (it seems most recirculate from the breather back to the air filter?) so I had always expected a small amount of smoke, but this seems more serious. I've uploaded a video from today: https://youtu.be/4ThHeHdG-VI Does this look dire? Especially considering there is no recirculation happening at the moment. If so, is the most probable cause bad piston rings? The engine was meant to have been overhauled only 1600 miles ago, so it seems odd for them to have failed already. Thanks in advance for any light you guys can shed on it. Alex
  9. Dave Licence - Devon and Somerset AO

    Video Added: Gurston Down 20 + 21 July 2019

    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone @Keith the Teeth @Alex Gaskin (and Dad) @cphelps @graham frankland @MarkBishop - it was a great day out at a great venue - one to be repeated next year. Impressive driving from all competitors and interesting to see how times improved so much across the weekend - Adam must be happy with his fastest, it was certainly stonkingly quick to watch. Great to see such team spirit from Graham letting Mark drive his car. Here are my photos and video footage of the day, finally uploaded to youtube - sorry for the sound, I must get an external mic for the iphone. I think I got some footage of all of you. I look forward to seeing you at other events; perhaps one day my car will be in the paddock with you. Dave
  10. Regan_M

    Hydraulic clutch conversion for cable gearbox

    Sorry to resurrect an old thread but did anyone do a guide for this conversion? Very interested in doing this myself Thanks, Matt
  11. Steven (WE51STE) - Joint Warwickshire AO

    2009 Westfield 2.0L Duratec - Fantastic Spec

    Back to the top last chance before it goes on Auto Trader.
  12. Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary

    Megabird - New to BEC

    CBR1000RR does not need acusump or dry sump and just runs an AB Performance baffled sump
  13. thebutler

    Dash 2 problems

    I would phone Race Technology. Their after sales support is really good.
  14. Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary

    Dash 2 problems

    Steves Dash2 is playing up. At Blyton it suddenly showed a water temp of 134 deg C which was not correct. We only read water temp, oil temp, oil pressure and RPM as its a non road going sprint car,. I tried a new WT sensor but no change to display. I am trying to reinstall a new file but today the Dash reads both oil and Water temp at 122C and oil pressure with engine off as minus 18C. I tried checking the earths to the Dash which seemed ok . When I provided. a separate earth wire temporarily with the ignition on the warning lights all came on and then the oil and water temp both showed 44 but on trying again this did not happen and it showed the old readings. I am very confused and cant seem to save a new file to a memory stick and download the changes to the Dash. The dash is not a new version and could be 5 or more years old. Any ideas????
  15. Robin (Red Spider) - Yorkshire AO

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    Oil change before Silverstone.
  16. graham frankland


    I have replied already to this post but the system keeps dropping my log in so it has not gone through! I am not rewriting it all again so please just refer to John Louden who started the provocation towards me earlier today! Thanks G
  17. Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO

    Never thought I'd say this, it's too hot to drive a Westfield today

    You're joking, perfect weather today and defo the best place to be. As someone who is always freezing I could live like this all day long. This is how I travelled today.
  18. GaryH

    alloy hub cycle bracket fitting

    Hi Scott With snug fit to the tyres the brackets on my car fit directly on to the upright. That's with 15 x 7J rims, et 35 offset and 195/50 tyres. Lock washers and bolts to hold them to the upright. Gary
  19. groucher

    alloy hub cycle bracket fitting

    hello all, Upgraded a while back from cortina uprights to westfield alloy ones, the new cycle wing brackets came yesterday. Do they mount directly to the westfield alloy hub?, or do you need to fit spacers, under the brackets, to get snug gap between the tyre edge and the bracket? I would need about 7mm under the top two mountings to make a nice fit. Don't really want to start adjusting these with something heavy. cheers scott
  20. Steve (sdh2903)

    Oil catch tank

    Anyone got one surplus to requirements before I order one? 1L is plenty.
  21. Mole

    Silencer Re-packing

    Steve - on the todo list is getting the car on a rolling road - most likely at Emerald who did it originally when the car was new 6000 miles ago.. however the Emerald ECU has a road and a track setting - and yes the track setting is lean - which is setting for max power..which will also give max heat down the exhaust.. I don't 'think' it is too lean. but best to find out generally when on the rollers again!
  22. Steve (sdh2903)

    Aerocatches input required from all who have fitted them (Bonnet)

    Nice one will look forward to seeing the progress (hopefully not another 5 years)
  23. Yes Steve, using the flush mounted ones still. Going to bond them in with PU adhesive and then lay some fibreglass around the catch for extra protection. I'm not going to use any screws. Strikers look to align with the scuttle top panels so will be fixed straight to them.
  24. Peter Robinson

    Help with Early SE Narrow and how to fill the gearbox oil

    😁 oh well engine out in closed season
  25. Steve (sdh2903)

    Aerocatches input required from all who have fitted them (Bonnet)

    So your still using the below surface catches? Are you going to bond them or use the counter sink screws? How are you planning on mounting the strikers?
  26. Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary


    Graham Your provocative comments do not help to solve anything.The decisions about photographer attendance at various events and the Blyton classes were made in the light of the prevailing circumstances and numbers of attendees. We do listen to a wide range of views but can't please everybody and we go with the majority
  27. Captain Colonial

    Swept or cycle ?

    Itz teh wonke spill chicken on thes sight ewe r supposet 2 bee in charg of maintining. Or r ewe buzy enstalin a nu clutch? 😝
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