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  2. Bump. Any offer over postage will go to Cancer relief. I need the space, not the money. Let's say postage is £10!?
  3. My recently acquired Westfield has a 4AGE. Mounted to it is the T50 box from Toyota. A common combination in Aussie clubmans. Even the Elfin factory cars had this combo. It comes from many rwd Toyota’s like Celica, AE86 etc. Mine has quaife internals too which is nice.
  4. I do have a disc of build photos, and your not far wrong with the shed. One thing i did notice was the Zetec engine fitted during the build had a red cam cover, its now black! Is there any easy way to visually tell the difference between the different types of Zetec..ie Silver top/black top? And why in this case was the cover red? Im assuming it was bought like that. The last engine i did any work on was a 1.3 cross flow out of my mk2 1977 Escort, these more modern engines all look the same.
  5. Might be that a few have had bottom ends let go? But there’s always more to any failure than just a particular model - and coincidences do happen!
  6. Indeed! Remember it was probably built by a bloke in a shed
  7. Fitted a new braided earth lead today and cleaned and tightened the wire to the oil pressure sender and so far so good, stable oil pressure readings. The more i poke around the more I'm finding to do, water pump seems to have play in it and a melted 15amp fuse (so far can't trace the circuit)..im assuming this is all part of the "fun"..with kit cars!
  8. Just something to consider, red top’s as in just the 2.0 xe, are getting rarer and more expensive to re-build when that time comes. What horror stories have you heard on Duratec’s then? Depending on what you intend to use your Westie for, they are not a bad choice. Modern, can be replaced with a new short engine or from a mondeo. Andy
  9. If your Z4 puts a smile on your face, then use it as your daily! Investment or fun, I know what I would go for.
  10. Sorry - I could have sworn I posted this in the Start Line! I've noticed that values have risen, gutted a bit. I sold my V8 to a dealer tow years ago, who then sold it on with a 50% mark up a couple of weeks later!! I am hoping to make it to Stoneleigh, I will prob make a weekend of it as I'm heading to Shuttleworth on the Sat. I may pop an add in "wanted" and see what comes of it. Cheers,
  11. From what I’ve deducted, then that is correct, sharp right after pits... and on the second lap also... last year on the sunday we only only got one practice as the Saturday overrun... so I guess that with the msa rule change ( min one practice run) then they are trying to keep the same entry numbers but compress the run time to the B championship runners to keep the event on total time.... just my thoughts... but as I said earlier all championships that depend on target times are cocked up for the Sunday...
  12. I'm sure there is something wrong with it. There is no way that my LSD is harsh but it leaves nice 11s when needed!
  13. Yes you can use the 4 speed box Paul Woods has a adaptor bell housing that will bolt to the 4age and your box. If you have a lowline bonnet its a mission to fit it but doable with a bit of machining to the rocker cover (don't ask how I know. Raw will do you a trigger wheel and crank sensor holder. You might have to shorten the sump, I have a spare inlet manifold for either webbers or throttle bodies and a exhaust manifold. Great engine and they rev like mad.
  14. I suspect you turn sharp right just after the pits, rather than going right down to the bottom of the pits straight. If you look up Pembrey Race Circuit on Google maps you can see what I mean.
  15. Ask for "storage and transit" insurance which will also provide cover while its being trailered. i'm currently with REIS but have also used A-Plan for the same.
  16. Right, well that's it sealed then, I'll do that sprint in the ****ter to. Man hugs galore!!!
  17. Thanks for the info, I do regularly grease the UJ and it’s not causing any problems currently that I am aware of. Perhaps I’m being a bit overly cautious with the servicing. Just thought there might be a generic ford part that everyone used.
  18. Hi I could probably do one of the days wot time and wear many thanks Dave.
  19. RWD Corolla or Starlet I believe. But rocking horse poop is easier to find. No idea if they fit a Westfield chassis. Type 9 adapter/ Bellhousing is more usual and since the type 9 is so well supported there’s lots of upgrades available. The 4age is a lovely engine... revs and sounds fantastic.
  20. Oh I see Maybe worth having a chat with bara motorsport he knows his stuff
  21. When I converted my last Westfield to 4age I used a type 9 gearbox. I used RAW engineering they supplied all the bits I needed. Not sure if they are still using the 4age. Might be worth contacting them. http://www.striker-cars.co.uk/contact-raw/
  22. How old is your car? Pre 2000 don't have an issue. I doubt he will be there anyway as its not a Longton event
  23. Welcome back. Moved to the Start Line as it was originally in local area meets section. Although it might be better in the cars wanted? Let me know! That’s a healthy budget and should land you a decent car - but be aware that values have actually risen since you sold your last one! As Andy says, Stoneleigh isn’t a bad place to look for one as there’s usually a few for sale and a huge number of “experts” on hand for advice
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