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  2. well ive found some steel plate to fix the floor so the rusty racer is still ongoing lol
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    Lumpy Idol!

    Would value your opinion please folks, before I start delving? I have a Honda fireblade 919 engine installed in our Westy. It was put away for the winter months previously running sweet as a nut. Started it up, at the weekend (started off the button) and went down the road for a couple of mile, when I noticed the fuel was low! came back home and parked on the drive. When running on idol and just blipping the throttle, it sounds lumpy as if running on three cylinders. Topped fuel thinking it may have been that, but its still the same. However, this only appears on idol not when driving. Obviously something is a miss, what are your thoughts?
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  5. Be careful painting fence panels, check the lap direction or you might have an angry neighbour complaining about their new stripey fence.
  6. You be quiet mr 'adding a supercharger to give his engine some poke' Eastwood
  7. Still all looking very neat, impressive stuff Especially given how much wiring there is!
  8. So far, i have bought a vice metal bending set (£52) and now a deberring tool for £6... Great thread - Multimeter - LED rechargeable lamp
  9. rechargeable inspection lamp, no cables, gets into most places
  10. You mean compared to the Ford Mini Van pulling torque of his soccer Mom engine?
  11. Morning. Well. It wasn't a bluff, my spanish mate is propperly interested in the car. If is not too far from mine's... I could do an expedition there to have a first view... Where is the car located and what would be your availability?
  12. Haynes manuals. Flexies. Spacers. Exhaust clamps all now gone. @Trevturtle PM me your address and I'll get the fuse boxes posted.
  13. That's the plumbing and wiring now complete. Everything bracketed, clipped and tied into place. Nose cone fitted again too. Took a lot longer to do than you would ever imagine but I am pretty pleased with the outcome. Won't get back in the garage again until tomorrow evening, plan now is to drop the car off the lift and fire her up! Under the scuttle panel can be like spaghetti junction in most kit cars, I am reasonably happy with how this has turned out. There are three looms (MBE management, Stack dash, and then my custom road/switchgear loom). So there are a lot of wires. The carbon scuttle top has still to be fitted, this will hide the main cable run into the transmission tunnel, and then drop the scuttle panel on to close the whole thing up so there will be very few wires visible from the engine bay. Everything is pretty much contained within the two drop down panels under the dash, which are hinged and on velcro straps for quick access when required.
  14. I hope @AdgeC you gave TJ a good explanation of how your hairdryer engine gives you loads of torque and what he's missing out on. Great write up as always @Thrustyjust
  15. Yet more meticulous work Mark. Great to see it with body and wheels on. Very sleek machine. Keep up the good work.
  16. With a bit of careful planning you can keep the existing switches, I'll reply in more detail later to your email, Nigel
  17. No, they don't, not always, not if they can't spin it, and that's part of why it all annoys me. I'd bet not many people know that on the 27th of January, in the Philippines, a Jihadi walked into a catholic church and blew up 30 people. The man who committed the Christchurch atrocity did and he also knew that the media and establishment buried it, there's a BBC news article if you search, but it was never front page or easily accessible when it happened.
  18. I've had some good news over the weekend, the car has been given a registration number and it's age related so I'm quite happy. I just need the V5 and then I can hopefully allocate the ageless plate I had on the MX5. I couldn't send the retention certificate with the paperwork as I had forgotten to change my address when I moved last year.
  19. https://kojaycat.co.uk/epages/950000457.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/950000457/Products/Econo-2WF-Conn is it not just an econoseal plug Russ
  20. Eek was waiting for pics Terry . Would have had them.
  21. Low profile trolley jack with 1.25 tonne limit Perfect for track day exploits as it's a smaller jack therefore a bit lighter! Slots under a Westfield no problem In perfect working order Collection from Redditch £35 takes it!
  22. Set of 2 brand new never been used Toyo T1R 195/50 R15 Still got the stickers on! Collection only from Redditch Looking for £60 or nearest offer
  23. Set of 4 part worn R888 195/50R15 What were the front tyres have loads of depth all across the tyre The rears are somewhat lower - I think just about legal but I'm not claiming that! Would make a great track day tyre Collection only from Redditch Looking for £75 for all 4 or best offer.
  24. The rebuild rumbles on, and will soon be requiring @syman84 muscles for manhandling the featheweight duractec lump back in. In the meantime, the previous owner had permanently soldered the the Coolant Temp Sensor wires, thus making it difficult to remove the engine as there was no connector to unplug. Obviously this has now snapped, and I want to put a proper connector on. What do i need? This is the sensor, sorry for the huge image. @Kit Car Electronics
  25. You can get a child's drink bottle (aluminium I think) from Tesco. At least you used to be able to, as I used one as a breather catch tank on my diff. in my old car. Light as a feather. Not sure of the capacity, but I don't think it is more than about 1/3 of a litre.
  26. Thanks Steve. Been reading through your build this morning. The car looks great. Some really nice solutions to problems you've encountered. top work!!
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