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  2. neptune

    Fuel filler hose

    Hi Tim I have some but am away until early October. If you dont have any luck in the mean time let me know.
  3. Yesterday
  4. neptune

    Parts clear out - added bits/reduced

    Hi Dan, Can I take the pcv breather blanking plate please?
  5. Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

    Good brakes

    Annoyingly, and BMW are terrible for it, so many modern cars that are intended for the performance saloon/hatch/et al market segments have started to exhibit the same thing over the last few years. Stupid, stupid brakes, that are designed in such away that even relatively gentle pressure generates a disproportionately fierce initial bite; this in turn gives the impression of a car with much more “brakes” than it necessarily has, not that I’m saying the brakes aren’t necessarily good, just that on the whole, they’re not really that much better on than on their non-over servo’d, non-artificially manipulated competitors models. Its all just smoke and mirrors to make the driver think the brakes are better than they actually are. (PS, I’m talking about the regular braking setups, by the way, not physically upgraded versions, Carbon ceramic options, etc) Ive had the same thing, climb from my old five series with its razor sharp brakes into a Westfield with AP Race brakes and good pads, and initially, it feels softer and less bite, till you switch from having to delicately brush the pedal, like the beemer, to applying properly modulated force, at which point the tables turn completely!
  6. Greenstreak-Andy D

    Parts clear out - added bits/reduced

    Hi Dan I’ll take the electric mirrors and switch please. Please PM your details. Will sort payment on Tuesday as I’m away for long weekend in Germany. Mandy
  7. Kevan Purton

    Omex 600 rolling road map - engine stutter

    Hi I've had my blacktop zetec on a rolling road remap today. It wasn't running great, felt like over fuelling. Was hard to drive. Car has a newish (probably year or two old) omex 600 ecu with omex tb's. The original map wasn't the standard omex one, someone had tweaked it. Not mentioning any names... Collected the car today runs beautiful, until you go from 1st to 2nd and stab the throttle pedal. It then starts to lurching like it's got kangaroo petrol. Engine revs dropping in and out. Took it back and showed the guys, who I must say were very helpful. They changed the TPS, made no difference, then changed the ecu for a new one and reloaded the map. Still same problem. They've captured the data logger and sent of to omex to see what they suggest. One suggestion was perhaps a poor earth. The ecu earth looks to be wired to the coil clamp on the engine. The guy suggested trying an earth wire directly back to the battery. Am also wondering if whoever put the omex ecu and tb's in knew of the problem and tried to mask it out by tweaking the map... Welcome thoughts, comments, suggestions I must say the car now drives beautiful and if your gentle on the loud pedal you can avoid the jerking. Booking it back in for some more diagnostics next week.
  8. AdamR

    2019 Trackday chat

    Nope! I think all circuits are different though depending on position of mic, side of exhaust can, wind direction, etc. I'm fairly sure 92 drive-by at Oulton allows louder cars than 98 drive-by at Donington, for example. I've known some really loud cars have no issues at Oulton. For reference, my car blows 101 static.
  9. MrPoseidon

    Red 4 point harnesses

    I have some mate.
  10. Andrzej

    13" x 9 or 10 rims

    Hello, I am looking for a pair of rims to suit 240mm tyres so rather 10" , or I consider 9" too. I prefer Compomotive CXR black or other lightweight but robust one, in god shape mechanicaly, no cracks etc, the paint , little scratches , cosmetics dents etc - not important. Ford 4x108 , 63,5mm . ET - will check soon, but something like 15. I am from Polnad, so shipping (on my cost) only.
  11. Andrzej

    Good brakes

    Yes, it seems to be hard to develop this hard pressing. But it is not. Give it a chance. Before Westfield I have never drive a car without the brake servo. But one visit to track, and it was enough to know, that this brake system design (without servo) it the "proper" one. The main clue is that rather than brake pedal _travel_ like in regular cars, we apply brakes by _force_ . The pedal is hardly moving. I have in Westfield similiar brake system (brake bias bar and two master cylinders) and still possible to block the wheel (slick, hot tyre) on dry. If You insist , maybe a longer (from axle up) brake pedal would make a difference ? And, I decided to change pedal pads (including brake pedal) to wider ones than original westfield , and with some more friction material (something like this : https://www.rallyshop.pl/index.php?p149716,nakladki-omp-oa-1000) ,. beacuse original ones was to slippy for me (especially when wet from the engine coolant... but it is another story ) . Oh, and it is important to mount a heel support under brake pedal - much less effort ane more confidence when braking.
  12. Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO

    Parts clear out - added bits/reduced

    Just spotted this - bit late to the party but still surprised - as being a Mac user I never have any issues!
  13. Scottc88

    Pro race 1.2 13" et23

    I’ll take that as they don’t do a 6j then? 🤐
  14. Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO

    Pro race 1.2 13" et23

    I’d be gobsmacked if they are less than 7 😁
  15. Scottc88

    Pro race 1.2 13" et23

    6j or 7j ?
  16. DanDud

    Parts clear out - added bits/reduced

    Some bits added and others reduced.
  17. Storvite

    Good brakes

    Pressing the brake pedal hard is so difficult to get used to, I have a m5 as a road car which has ceramic brakes, I can blow on the pedal and they put you through the screen so I have bothered ends of the scale to deal with🤦🏻‍♂️
  18. Storvite

    Good brakes

    Ha ha thanks nick 🤦🏻‍♂️😜
  19. Andy (Sycho)

    2019 Trackday chat

    Do you not struggle with noise at 92db drive by?
  20. Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary

    Yorkshire meeting, October 1st. Scalextric night.

    I will be there
  21. Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO

    Yorkshire meeting, October 1st. Scalextric night.

    Oooh... brill Wish I could make it.
  22. KugaWestie

    Cobra 427 Build

    Bonnet now hinged. The hinges are only tack welded so need completing, then cleaning and painting. It’s taken me a few hours to sort it out as the bonnet front edge kept binding on the nose. I got there in the end though The panel gaps need some attention but at least it hinges
  23. Blatman

    Is a Mondeo a good idea ?

    I'm not passing judgement. My mate offered his opinion in good faith and I shared in a likewise manner. That opinion was challenged and I dug deeper to find that rather than a single voice on the internet there were legitimate and respected reports of eco-boost failures and Ford's response to them. I shared the link so that a fuller set of facts was brought to the attention of those reading this thread. If you feel that I am still spreading hearsay or rumours then please report these comments to the moderators for their considered opinion.
  24. Steve C

    Another new build diary. FW

    Thanks Mr Pid. In fact its going so well that I have booked and paid for my IVA. All set for 8th Nov 2019. Getting worried now. This is what Wanda looks like now.
  25. TableLeg

    Tunnel top panel with no carpet. What handbrake gaiter?

    Not to worry I've heard back from the manufacturer and it is indeed wrong. Shame I've waited all week for it arrive just in time for the weekend to be wrong! 🙁
  26. John

    TY CROES Oct

    We will eat in there one night
  27. AdgeC

    Non-Westfield build

    Think you're wise to maximise maintenance access. Could you use button head bolts with the heads sprayed body colour before fitting, and touch them up if/when they chip as and when you need to remove the panels. Alternatively there's a variety of coloured aluminium bolts available, might any be a reasonable match, or even contrast the body colour you have in mind? Just my random silly thoughts! Keep up the good work.
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