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  1. Yesterday
  2. wizzer

    Coscast head

    Does any one have a xe cylinder head coscast thanks Tony
  3. Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO

    SEiW 2002 "The Boghouse Blue" 265bhp/193lbft 2lt n/a road legal Sold subject to payment and collection

    Ooooh good news it’s heading back up here! We hope to see you out in it Simon.
  4. Paul T (tr3m5)

    Wheel spacers ?

    Sorry mate, missed it...will post tomorrow!
  5. Thrustyjust

    Cobra 427 Build

    If I bought an exhaust like Gary, for a car, I would end up with it not fitting one bit. Some people are jammy on getting things to work more than not.
  6. Thrustyjust

    Happy Birthday John (Kernow)

    Sorry for the late greetings . Hope you had a great day. Been with my Cornishland relatives with us tonight , so thats 2 less on the A30 today
  7. Thrustyjust

    oil catchment tank yes or no

    Yes, just remove it and blank it. Made a plate from a bit of alloy
  8. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Cobra 427 Build

    That’s really the cherry on top when it fits so well without mods cracking work and love following your build
  9. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    New member in Winchester

    your in the right place the best “upgrade” I ever did was to join this club, in fact I think it’s fairer to call it a family than a club, such is the friendship, banter and help all so freely given Good luck with your search and don’t forget it’s compulsory to post pictures of the happy event when it happens
  10. Stu Faulkner

    Help with IVA 1C

    PM sent.
  11. Andy (Sycho)

    oil catchment tank yes or no

    It’s the egr valve as said not used in the westy, you can just blank it off with some aluminium cut to size. this is how I did mine.
  12. Striker

    Noob: New Tires

    Hi guys, Hope you are all doing well, I wouldn't know where to start, so, I thought of starting off here. I acquired my Westfield Aerorace with the widened body work about a year ago and have worked on it slightly and then let it sit for a while and now I should be back on track with this car. Not a lot of people own this car here, so, the community is pretty weak. However, I got the car all fixed up and running after sitting for 5 years or so. Managed to track it once with hideous GT Radial tires. The car felt great mechanically but those tires did not do it justice, however I am looking now into acquiring full slick tires for this car but I am not sure of the wheel width, either 7" or 8". Managed to source some tire manufacturers like Hankook, Avon, Dunlop and Pirelli that would offer a lot of tire sizes. However, before I even figure out the wheel width, I was wondering what is a good setup on those cars? Square setup or Staggered setup? It is a dilemma that I cannot get over and I am missing a lot of trackdays already unfortunately. Added to that, the only thing I managed to get was an SBD Dry Sump but I have not installed it yet and I am planning on acquiring a TTS Supercharger kit to make it a little feisty. The previous owner was kind enough to install AP Racing Calipers but I am not sure of the model number to get the pad size as I am leaning towards Pagid, since I have used those for years and they never fail me on track. However, I would like to initially get the Slick tires now to get those done with and get to enjoy the car on track before the season is over. Would appreciate your input regarding the square or staggered setup and anything else that would ease my way into making this car lively again!
  13. maurici


    I could be one big voucher against the Pay-to-post rule... But after a few years I actually I've found it the way to be to be honest... It warrants you a minimum ammount of "b ull s hit" in the forum, (even when I am one of the polemics ones sometime...) the advice is given by a club member, that means zero intention of trolling, That doesn't warrants you 100% accurate advice, but is a start when no trolls are allowed. and has some cool adventages. There is no year when I have not returned the "club's fee" on discount on insurances, or some good deals on buying or selling stuff from sponsors or from this same forum. Just sign in!! its worth it!
  14. Rich201060

    Help with IVA 1C

    Thanks Stu, Good advice I may ask the factory what they do, got to ring them tomorrow anyway. One question you may be able to help me with, I have a sold as seen receipt for my engine and box + all the invoices Ive spent on it, do you think thats good enough ? Rich
  15. Happy birthday John. Mersey tunnels again? But not in the rush hour.

  16. Stu Faulkner

    Help with IVA 1C

    I’d be tempted to put RPM@ 6000 due to the fact that they will noise test at 2/3 peak RPM if my memory serves me correct. 2/3 of 8500 will open the vtec valve and get quite a bit noisier. ( I may have done this)
  17. Rob55

    Catch tank question

    If you need fittings welded on, speak to Jim at Alloy racing fabrications. You could post him your tank and he will modify it to suit. Really top bloke
  18. BugMan

    Sierra handbrake switch

    Have a look at what I did, but by no means would I say my solution was the best here I actually went back and re-did the mounting to push the S2000 handbrake forward a bit Others have found better ways I'm sure
  19. Rich201060

    Help with IVA 1C

    I take it that includes the IVA4 declaration
  20. tc3nitro

    Help with IVA 1C

    You can upload pictures and documents when you apply online yes. Sorry I can’t help you with the s2000 questions though !
  21. AdgeC

    Help with IVA 1C

    My thoughts: 1 - Not familiar with Honda spec! 2 - 4x - No 3 - 5a - No 4 - Believe so Sure others will confirm, or otherwise!
  22. Andy Banks - Chairman

    New member in Winchester

  23. Rich201060

    Help with IVA 1C

    Hi, Im just filling in Form 1C and have a few questions, I have a mega S2000 1. section 4u and 4v I've put 240BHP 8500rpm and top speed 120 ? 2. 4x. Does the vehicle have one or more ECWVTA or NSSTA Certificate . I've ticked no but does it need filling out. 3. 5a. Has the vehicle been modified since being previously approved? I've ticked no but does it need filling out. 4. Section 7 refers to build evidence ? Can you upload photos if you apply online I think thats it thanks , Rich
  24. hammie

    New member in Winchester

    Welcome, also in Winchester, just getting a garage a short walk with no power.
  25. Mole

    New member in Winchester

    Welcome..you seem the perfect Westy owner!
  26. AdgeC

    New member in Winchester

    from sunny Somerset. Great first step joining the club, super friendly, knowledgable and supportive members I've found. Best of luck with your search.
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