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  2. Passengers need to pad their own knees as can't add extra weight to The Lobster. Great lap--enjoyed.
  3. Get to any BARC Classic Touring Car[/url] event and re-live those days. I went with my brother to the Brands Hatch event over Easter and it was a good days racing. It's rare we stay to the last race at any meeting but the end of this days racing caught us by surprise as we were hoping for a lot more!
  4. Title says it all. I'm helping son fix his Ford Fiesta - we are short some hex head self tappers which hold on the power window motor to the door card. They screw into a blind plastic hole, of diameter 4mm (uncut). If there were machine screw I'd know what to do for std sizes. But self tappers? Do Ford use standard sizes? Are there any standard sizes?
  5. Might be worth checking the earth strap from the engine / gearbox to the chassis - or even doubling it up. With this done, it may be better able to cope when the hot engine makes unreasonable demands. A lot more years ago than I care to remember I had a similar issue with my BMW 2002Tii rally car. Cleaning the existing earth strap and fitting an extra one sorted the problem - a lot easier than going 24 volt starting that was all the rage in those days! Simon
  6. I assume you've spoken with Guy at Omex? He's usaully very helpful with this type of problem. Are you connections from the ECU to the TPS all clean and tight etc. You will always have a small amount of jitter with an analogue to digital signal but not from 34-42, sound like the TPS is faulty to me.
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  8. Hi all I believe my throttle position sensor is failing, but thought I would check on here before spending more funds! 2.0 Zetec with omex throttle bodies and omex 600 ecu. Throttle bodies have been set correctly as per omex guide. Using map4000 software for all readings. With ignition set to on but engine off TPS raw fluctuates at idle between approx 30 and 31 with occasional forays to 32 (TPS min set to 33 to accommodate) When moving the throttle (at the bodies or pedal) through full movement, the reading jumps around and sometimes pauses before catching up. When driving with foot wedged in fixed position at 30mph and with the help of my able assistant, TPS raw readings are jumping between 34 to 42 and the car drives very poorly and is not a pleasure in traffic (that’s the polite version of events!) When accelerating moderately with foot still wedged the effect is less noticeable, but the reading is still fluctuating. All other sensors appear to be working eg they are changing in response to changes and the car is fully up to temp before driving. If if this is the TPS is there a better sensor out there than the OMEX version as the car has less than 3k miles on the clock! Thanks in advance Dave
  9. made it in with mine today lads. just leaving for home now in brilliant sunshine... Mart.
  10. Hi Dean have a great trip.. unfortunately I am working today and tonight loading up for Blyton track day tomorrow.. enjoy the lovely Norfolk coast.. Are you working this way for a bit?
  11. Ooo, that actually might be the same part. I looked through the website and all their linkages appears to be quite different, to the en where I was expecting to have to buy a whole linkage kit, and hence was trying to work out who might have made the sync arm linkages on my carbs. However it looks like thats what it is, all be it with a diy botches lash up between the sync arm and throttle cable. As you say, they don't appear to me various lengths, and while some designs appear to have the tongue in such a way as you could trim it down, as you will see in the photo above if I cut 5-6mm off mine I would cut off the very tab which the sync adjuster links too. Its obviously not just a sync arm but also the linkage up to the cables. Maybe I just need to bite the bullet and hand £100 over to eurocarb, and or even buy a new inlet manifold to go with it. Grrrr cost!! Daniel
  12. Paul T


    Mine is 3.62....but would consider different ratios, still looking
  13. I do too. Dave advised me to use one as it makes it easier when getting cold starts setup. He advised me how to set it up and I followed his instructions and it did make a big difference to idle control.
  14. I've got the IACV set up just to assist with warmup on mine, use ignition for stabilisation. As DW often said, you cannot get air down a wire, so having an IACV to provide a bit more air as it warms helps IME.
  15. Thanks @Julie Hall - AO Representative, Peak District AO I still plan on fitting the carbs tonight so, barring any issues, I ought to make this.
  16. Feedback for closed loop is Rpm 0-2000, Load sites 0-4.
  17. Pair of Westfield sidescreens These are from a seiw used Drivers side has normal usage marks Passengers side has the usually usage marks but has a couple of dull patches and a scratch I will try to show these in the pictures they could well polish out or you could just use them as they are . both are still very usable and I think the pictures make it look worse than it is come and have alook for yourself £100 collected no offers!
  18. The route is sorted, we will have a wee stop half way, then head to the back roads of Buxton, have lunch before enjoying more high roads to finish 5 miles North of Leek for a cake stop. The table is booked at the lunch stop for 1.30pm and I have included for you @BillyPee in the hope that you get sorted, no pressure then.
  19. Blyton 18th& 19thMay 2019 Well after a slow start to the season with low numbers of drivers this event proved very popular with 9 Westfields and 4 Class J2 single eaters taking part. In addition to the Westfield class competition there were good class battles on the day for both road going and modified cars mainly running on slicks. Del and Gary were back out with the upgraded Dick Spanner supercharged Honda machine which now has even more power and is off the scale. My brother Steve had his first outing in the car now nicknamed as “Terry’s spare car” as it is a clone of mine! I actually prefer the colour of the car better than mine. It had taken us 7 months to build and is a real challenge for Steve in class G as he has never driven a BEC, used slicks or paddle gearshift systems. John Hoyle was back out after having to miss last year and he had fitted new Avon ZZR tyres despite me telling him to fit some SLICKS! However, because the ZZRs were cheaper he is back in class F. Jason Brown was also out for the first time this year and he had great family support. John Loudon and Mark Anson were doing battle in their single seaters. Saturdays weather forecast was a bit iffy and indeed during T1 the track was wet due to light rain. We got 1 practice and then went straight into 5 Timed runs and the weather improved as the day went on. At the start of P1 Dels’ car , which had run perfectly on the Friday trackday would not start. A quick call (one of many over the weekend) to NMS did the trick and they were up and running. Practice went ok for most but Steve found gear selection using the paddles was difficult. T1 saw a damp track and in particular the yellow painted rumble strip exiting Bishops was treacherous to say the least and there were a few spins (Mark Anson in his Jedi) as well as my sideways action that caused some brown trouser moments. I always tell people to stay off outside rumble strips when its wet but I did not heed my own warning as I was pushing too hard. After T2 Matt Turner was still beating himself up as he believed he could go much faster if he stopped making small errors. Meanwhile John Hoyle was making it look easy as he posted some very quick times even though he was on ZZR tyres and it was his first time out in a long time. As the day progressed Del and Garry began to have issues with a lack of engine power/ engine cutting and they tried to trace battery power, alternator and engine temp problems etc. Mick Dent, Tony Smiley and Jason Brown were all going well and there were no major dramas that I heard of except for Steve still trying to get used to his new green mean machine and my clutch failing on the very last run. Sunday was the Outer circuit rather than the Eastern circuit we drove on Saturday. The weather was great all day so it was a shame Mick Dent was not competing today. Matt Turner in class G was again going well right from the start and backing up his Saturday success when he beat me into second place although he did spin off in T4. Steve was getting better with the gear shifts but wants a quickshifter to improve things. As I lined up on the start the left hand lens of my optical sunglasses fell out and I could not “see” where it was but assumed it was on the floor of the car. I set off and at the wriggler something flew out of the car so that cost me a pair of sunglasses! Once again John Hoyle was on fire showing us all how to do it. John Loudon in his Force managed to beat Mark Anson in his Jedi. A great weekend by Longton and District Motorclub and a great boost to the season. Pete Goulding did really well in his Ecoboost and scored well in the British Sprint. The guys in class G and H had a great battle and for me the two best drivers of the weekend were John Hoyle and Matt Turner. I am pleased to say that Westfields occupied many of the top spots in the Nat B event. There is no doubt that Blyton is always a challenge and the two tracks add variety so I hope we get lots of entries and spectators for our own Blyton Weekend in July. There will be a trackday on Friday to take part in or watch and a bring your own food BBQ on Saturday night. See you there! Terry Everall
  20. Part 2 of my Garage Clearout 3 Alloy Hose Separators/Clamps - 24mm Internal diameter - £10 2 New Blue Alloy Hose Finishers 37.5mm Internal Diameter (Car Builder Solutions £12.00 each) - £12 for the pair 1 New Blue Alloy Hose Finishers 21mm Internal Diameter (Car Builder Solutions £6.60 each) - £3 4 Zinc Plated 19mm Clips £2 Overbraid Bundle (size will strech to suit hose) - 140cm x 27mm ID, 65cm x 27mm ID,10cm x 27mm ID, 65cm x 15mm ID, 54cm x 40mm ID, (normally c£20/m) over 3 metres - £20 the lot New 90cm of 8mm Internal Diameter Braided Fuel Line with Red Alloy Finisher (Car Builder Solutions £19.20/metre, finisher £5.40) - £15 Zetec Black top Cambelt as new £3 Zetec Blacktop to Type Gearbox flange plate - £5 Or you can have the lot in a box for £50 All plus postage or collection Norwich area 07800 693968
  21. Great, out of interest what proportion of yours is closed loop, have you got an image of your feedback table? Cheers
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