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  2. Zenocchio

    Recent snap of your Westfield

    What is the difference between the Se and the Zei? It looks like a different body
  3. Yesterday
  4. Mole

    Exhaust manifold pron

    Looks good!
  5. wizzer

    20% off on eBay

    There's 20% off certain sellers on eBay, demon tweeks is one, code is POPUPSEPT20 Ends 28th September
  6. wizzer

    Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Been tinkering all year, but it got serious today 😁 Tony
  7. RussH

    Any graphic designers in....?

    I’m sorted now, thanks for the offers!
  8. wizzer

    Exhaust manifold pron

    Love the tail pipe, just slashed off no roll on it , did the same on mine Tony
  9. Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary

    Wheel Studs

    do not drill them out
  10. Chris King - Webmaster

    Any graphic designers in....?

    Well I’ve been using photoshop on an almost daily basis for 30 years, so fire it over and I’ll take a look. One proviso. I don’t have a lot of free time so Jared will almost certainly deliver before I do 😁
  11. Craigib76

    Wiper motor / linkage and arms

    Provisionally sold pending payment
  12. TableLeg

    Any graphic designers in....?

    Russ, I'm not a graphic designer but I still may be able to help. Pm me the logo and I'll let you know what I think.
  13. Chris King - Webmaster

    Westfield Siew 2.0 red top reduced price

    Ah well - green, vx motor, you know how it goes 😜
  14. AndySheldon

    Wiper motor / linkage and arms

  15. Nope not my old one.
  16. Paul Reynolds

    Willans 6 point harness

    Willans 6 point harness, out of date for some racing, ok for track days etc, in good condition, includes eyelet bolts. £50 inc postage
  17. Grizzlee

    Wheel Studs

    The wheel studs on my neighbours '89 Sei are a little short and need replacing as there are spacers fitted. When I looked the hubs have tapped holes as though made for bolts not the expected plain hole to take the usual fitted stud. The exiting studs have a knurled section on them to stop them from screwing through the hub when the nuts are tightened, ugly but effective My question is, is it acceptable to drill out the thread in the hub, which is steel and fit conventional studs or should we fit bolts instead? Thanks G.
  18. Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AO

    FW SE Zetec Build 2018

    Enjoy the experience and come out with a pass. Don't forget chockie biccies for the tester!
  19. Lundy

    Narrow Body RAC Roll bar

    Either option is fine, where are you based? Just in case there is another possibility of delivery.
  20. JAD86

    Narrow Body RAC Roll bar

    Hi Lundy. Sale going through on my narrowbody to a lovely chap from Italy. I’d like to help him with parts. If you’re happy, I’ll buy this but will need my father to collect as he’s based in Cheshire. Or I can collect late October when in the Lake District.
  21. Robin (Red Spider) - Yorkshire AO

    Wscc musical chain...

  22. Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO

    Wscc musical chain...

  23. Craigib76

    Wiper motor / linkage and arms

    Wiper motor with linkage and wiper arms in good condition looking for 25 pounds posted Chers Craig
  24. etypebernard

    Westfield SE in or around Bristol

    Hi, I am very sorry but been focused on getting my seiw through IVA. Will check tomorrow but from memory on the new one both sides look similar
  25. Stuart

    Wscc musical chain...

  26. corsechris

    Non-Westfield build

    More small bits done while I wait for the weather to improve so I can finish off paint rectification. Gearstick gaiter. Shame the gear knob is so tatty, it's got a tiny wee Alfa badge which is a nice touch. I do have another on the way at some point. I cheated and did plain seams rather than French ones. When I'm sure I'm happy with it, I'll tie off the shoelace that's used to cinch the top hole to the stick and tuck it down inside. Or maybe just tie a big bow on it And I put the closing panels on around the front. These keep the worst of the weather off the front dampers and give the air a hopefully smooth path to flow though the rad then out the sides behind the wheels. Complete PITA to assemble with everything in place, but I knew that already. This is the offside, nearside the same bar the steering column. Things done but not pictured, fitting the Aerocatches to the frunk, assembled and fitted the right side engine bay grille to the side panel, so all the panels are now ready to fit once I reach that point. Discovered a bit of a niggle with the engine cover - it no longer fits in the hole (without help). It looks like a combination of layers of paint plus probably some movement when welding is to blame. It's a simple fix - I'll just persuade the hoops it sits on to move apart a few mm. Doesn't need much. Looking at other pieces of the puzzle, I think most movement happened on the forward hoop so I'll try and move that one the most. Made a start on the surround for the handbrake. Did consider another printed part but given the size, I decided to just make it from aluminium rod. It'll need a gaiter when done of course, so more sewing. The carbon tube for the cockpit side rail trims arrived yesterday and I've printed up a marking gauge, just need to mark & cut the tubes now. Another outside job (well, the cutting anyway), so again, waiting for weather.
  27. Craigib76

    Carbon effect mirrors

    Carbon effect side mirrors with proper glass not plastic in decent condition looking for 25 pounds posted cheers Craig
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