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  2. Westfield Parts Dept

    Sports Turbo Seats

    None in stock but can have a set made to order if required. Order now prior to the price increase.
  3. Westfield Parts Dept

    Headlamps Black 5 3/4 inch

    brand new on the shelf if required.
  4. Steve (sdh2903)

    Nicks LHD Sport 250 Build Diary

    Can you not take oil temp into the ecu? And then use the Can link across to the dash? That's how I've done it on my emerald ecu. Not sure if its an option on the scs ecu?
  5. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO

    Cutting Cycle Wings

    I’d go with your position 1 for my twopenneth as said previously you can always take more off later if so desired
  6. Exitus

    Nicks LHD Sport 250 Build Diary

    We actually don't have a separate oil temp sensor - we just use the feed from the ECU. Suppose that may not be an option without the Ford ECU. It doesn't half get complicated when Westfield keep changing the specs of everything! I can see why they wanted to get rid of the expansion unit. It was a bit of a bodge, and we had some trouble getting the dash to actually accept the expansion unit. Wiring everything to a custom loom is much more elegant, though not helpful if it doesn't work!
  7. Gary Taylor - Scotland AO


    Not me directly but heard many conflicting reports
  8. EBD Engineering

    Cadwell park July 9th

    Thought I was losing my marbles.
  9. syman84

    Cadwell park July 9th

    its not in the email mate don't worry
  10. Today
  11. EBD Engineering

    Zetec Tappets Noisy

    if in doubt thrash it out
  12. EBD Engineering

    Boooo-sday Gag (7 July)

    classic another cracker👌
  13. NickBW

    Cutting Cycle Wings

    Cheers all. @Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AO, i thought exactly the same. Putting them on the stays, and the backs of the wings were flexing so know i need to cut them. I was leaning to cutting to position 2. Its just seems a drastic cut. Maybe i need a glass of MAN UP @Matt S Cheers Matt, i forgot to checkout Easy Composite. Good shout @SootySport, No they were from Westfield.de, Christoph in Germany
  14. pistonbroke

    Wirrai N/Wales trip UP NORTH, CANCELLED

    trouble is they have cold rain up there
  15. EBD Engineering

    Cadwell park July 9th

    I must be blind I can't see it.
  16. Ian Kinder (Bagpuss) - Joint Peak District AO

    Cutting Cycle Wings

    I've experimented with extending my plastic cycle wings downwards to stop mucky water hitting my mirrors and then dribbling down the glass, making them unusable after 10 or so miles. You need to get them within MM's of the floor to stop water, hence I'd not go any lower than position 2 on your pic. I gave up and moved my mirrors more inboard to stop my problem. I was also getting paranoid that the extra mass on the wings was going to lead to either them or the stays breaking. they seemed to vibrate more. You'd really need a third stay shown in blue below to support the wing properly, if you leave them un cut-
  17. Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO

    Cadwell park July 9th

    Its in the email - RTFM 🤣
  18. pistonbroke

    Cutting Cycle Wings

    If they were mine I would trim them just below axle height, about halfway btw the lower edge and your first mark , do a bit at a time , easier to cut more off then add it on The way they are now looks as if they could easily pick a stone up and get it wedged between tyre and wing, thus doing untold damage to your carbon delights
  19. EBD Engineering

    Cadwell park July 9th

    I mean what time does the track open. Like what time can I start getting some laps in
  20. Chris King - Webmaster and Joint North East AO

    Cadwell park July 9th

    Wherever the first person to get there is 😁
  21. RussH

    Cadwell park July 9th

    Where do you all want to set up WSCC HQ?
  22. Captain Colonial

    We shall fight those coronaviruses.

  23. pistonbroke

    Front Vibration

    Nail biting here
  24. Andrew

    Cadwell park July 9th

    It's in the email you should have by now Ben? Gates open from 7am Don't forget to watch the on line briefing available to view from 8am tomorrow morning.
  25. Kristian

    Front Vibration

    Good reputation is always better than fancy webpages.
  26. Dave (OnliestSmeg) -  Manchester AO

    half man half synth

    The general theme for my musings have some link to multi genre integration. James Kent (born 1993) is a French musician from Paris. He became interested in music in part due to the influence of his parents, who are journalists and rock music critics. His parents were themselves musicians and had a tech trance band when they were young. He initially concentrated on guitar and got involved as a guitarist in several black metal bands. However his early influences prompted Kent to take up use of synthesizers. He combined the feel of his dark metal days with 80’s synth music to create Dark and Retrofuturistic music inspired by the 80's. Since 2012, he has produced electronic music inspired by cyberpunk culture and with inspiration from movies such as Akira, Ghost in the Shell, and the Running Man. He uses a variety of software synths in his productions, such as the emulators of old vintage synths. His music increased in popularity when it started being used within computer games by Hotline Miami. The success of the Hotline Miami games resulted in a greater amount of exposure to a mainstream audience. Kent is known by his stage name Perturbator "The legend says he's half human, half synthesizer..." and the genre is dark Synthwave.
  27. MrPid

    Oil Pressure Gauges

    0-7 bar is £35 0-10 bar is £30 Happy to post at buyer's expense if necessary. I also have videos of both gauges shown working fine.
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