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Just remembered, I own a Westfield!



It's true! After several dormant years of ignoring the car as I walked past each day, a furious amount of activity and a fist full of cash waved in the right direction has seen my car turn a wheel for the first time in 20 years. Having gotten fed up with a non-running car it came to the point where I sought help. The ever helpful chaps at Car Builder Solutions recommended Aeon Sportscars over in Marden, just a short blast away from me. Having explained my woes and citing that a car with an MOT would be lovely, Keith, John and Chris there waved their collective magic wands and within three weeks called to tell me to come get it!

There's plenty to do still to make the car better but at least after each tweak I can now drive it when I want to. First up though, our interestingly contoured lanes have highlighted the need to shorten the crossflows' very low sump. I've a sheet of 1.6mm steel so I can knock up a new bottom and include a little extension forward to make up the lost capacity from the shortening. Pictures to come.

Best I re-join the WSCC then. Certainly, I'm glad to be back.


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Blimey! Mine hasn't run, apart from a quick start and stop in the garage, for about three and a half years, but that is but a blink of an eye compared with yours! Haven't even owned mine for that long - sixteen in fact. If yours can be resurrected then obviously so can mine. 

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