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Top tip cover the top of the front shocks with grease as the water collects in the cup at the top. This then makes the shock and top nut rust together making it impossible to remove the nut without grinding it off. Been there and got several t shirts for grinding the nuts off. 

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I was over on holiday in Guernsey a few weeks back and there where loads of them over there.  Once noted I kept spotting / hearing more!..    I love the exhaust note,  really Dirty....

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Tbh I hardly drive it. It’s fun but I can’t get comfortable in it due to not being able to adjust the reach on the steering wheel. I usually use our ML if I go any where but I do prefer big cars. 

Wife uses it for work and loves it. Only car we have had that she hasn’t got bored of.

we went for the 145 model and only opted for red paint, every thing else is standard. I think they are nicely specked for a little car though.

wifes brother has a fiesta ST180 and it is boring to drive in comparison. Does not feel as nippy and a bit boring to drive.

how are you getting on with yours? Which model did you go for?

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Sorry for the delayed response - I have just got back from abroad.

I went for the 145 model with the only extra being the rear parking sensors (my wife insisted on these). I collect it on the 29th of September.

I agree about the seating position - its not perfect and I felt that I was sitting on the seats rather then in them, but so be it.


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