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Rolling Road



So teamed up with the guys form NWKCOG again, and met for a rolling road day.

Just a get together, see what your car ran and have a laugh, not a full day of minor adjustments to get the best.

Great weather and a good turnout.


Eventually it was my go


Now being vertically challenged next to our rolling road supremo for the day Ade, meant I had to work the pedals in my own car. As he couldn't fit in !

Result ?

Well all road vary, but those that had done it before got the results they expected, so I'm happy to think the 

100BHP at the wheels ( 118BHP at flywheel ) is reasonably accurate.

And I'm happy with that, specially given some of the other results on the day.


But all in all a great day, great company, and good to know there is a small one man garage that knows kits and carbs locally !



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