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Ok. I didn't post a blog following my last race. I was so annoyed with myself after a very frustrating quali, where someone in a 420 just got in the way on the corners and then blocked my on the straights. On a drying track (I did try to hold back on two occasions to get some clear track) he insisted on racing me and as a result I was near the back, at a track that I know well. 

I had a good start but annoyingly span at Coppice:


This sapped my confidence on a wet track. We then had a Code 60 period and the result was just a farse:


Now I have been thinking about a change for a while. The 1.8 just doesn't fit well into the classes for the Welsh Sports and Sloons and is in Group 2 for the CSCC Mag 7's.


So, I sold the Westie to a very nice chap who's going to use it as a road/track car and may even race it himself (He races in Historic F3) and I bought a Caterham.


It's a Supersport, one owner car. It's a little rough round the edges but mechanically sound. Gives me something to develop a little further.


SO its over to the dark side for me!



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Yeah thank Dave. Really looking forward to driving it in anger. Never driven a Caterham before so this is a bit of a gamble for me.

It's got all the right toys on it - Lowered floors, brake bias, wide track front wishbones, shift light, slippy diff, 140bhp engine, quick rack, aeroscreen etc. I have also just bought an aluminium tonneau and race battery. I also just got a bag seat made. 

Bring on 2018!

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2 hours ago, Dave (OnliestSmeg) - Manchester AO said:

Be interesting to see the comparisons.

Always wondered what the bag seats were like, but definitely wouldn't want to do it myself and mess it up!!

How about bringing it along to the SS 21st bash at Shelsey?

...And video the procedure! 

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I'll let you know my thoughts Dave but I won't be driving it until next year.

The bag seats are surprisingly easy to make. It's just expanding foam and bin bags!

I may come to watch at Shelsey but I'll keep my limited budget for racing - it's not the largest budget by any measure.....



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Enjoy the dark side.

Honestly not b***hing (as I previously owned a Caterham) but the rear, without a touring spare wheel on the back, always reminds me of a 1950s bread van.

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