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Geoffrey (Buttercup) - North Yorkshire AO

Could anyone enlarge a picture file for me please.

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To help find the file, if you are using Windows try this:

1 Open Windows File explorer

2 In the top right of the screen is a magnifying glass search box

3 Type in this: date taken:  (note the colon at the end of taken)

4 This will bring up a calendar dialogue.

5 Enter the date the photo was taken.

6 Search!

NB If this doesn't find it make sure the search is set to This PC, and All Folders

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Was that photo one of the ones you published on here in 2016 or in your magazine article? If so it may be recoverable from either source?

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So... as others have said, increasing the physical file size makes it look very pixelated as Chris first showed us. Increasing the pixel depth/count and therefore "resampling" the image in Fireworks gets us something that seems to look better on screen. However, having done a quick A3 print test... using your original image that you sent me, it prints OK. The resampled image is just slightly worse to my eyes. Printer is an Epson R2400 hidef pro printer; better printers will be available of course. So, you could go for A3 professional/print shop with what you have and you'd be OK. I also tried a screen grab but we end up the same place, a lack of pixels for print.

Also as others have said, let's not give up finding the original as you'll have a much better choice of print sizes.

As interesting and quick an experiment as it was, I'm sorry I can't be of more help; but if the pixels ain't there in the first place (72 vs. 300 or more), it's not going to end well quality wise for a printer.

Good luck with finding the original, it's a great image...

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Thanks again everyone for all your help and also the lengthy detailed replies and also the time spent to help me.

So, so appreciated.

I will continue to look as I also love the picture.

I did submit it for the calendar in 2016 but it wasn’t used.

I will email Peter to see if he has the email I sent.

Thanks once again.


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Just a big thankyou for everyone’s help.

After a lot of searching, I picked this up today.

Really pleased with it but the colours do not show as good in the photographs.



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