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2 x English Live Axle's with LSD's and Disc Brake Conversion

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I have for sale 2 Westfield Wide body English Live axle's, both have been checked for straightness and then tweeked to give a fraction of toe in. Both come with disc brake conversion, High quality SKF wheel bearings ( the expensive ones that don't leak ) and std drive shafts. one or the other axle could come with / be assembled with discs and Sierra handbrake callipers 

Axle 1 is 4:4 diff ratio and has 3J Driveline NXG plated LSD ( with ramp angles for light weight cars ), 3J Alloy pigs head housing, assembled by Graham ( Windy ) Millar.

Axle 2 is 4:1 diff ratio and has a Quaife ATB LSD ( helix angles for light weight cars ) with Anglia iron pigs head housing ( lightest of the Ford housings ) and again assembled by Windy

Again I have realistic figures in mind for both of these so if your interested pm me and we'll talk.


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