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  2. Thanks Nigel @westy21 that's great will take it, as mentioned we can sort out nearer the date
  3. Crash pad measurements

    50mm??? im still stumped haha
  4. Crash pad measurements

  5. Crash pad measurements

    Yes Russ, Monty's correct. If you could also check the thickness of the pad measured from in front of it (how many mm's it sits proud of the scuttle side) that'd be great Thank you
  6. Don't forget if you fancy a chat about all things westfield come along to the black Country meet at the Dudley Arms on the 4th of February 7pm onwards would be good too meet you and you can meet a few of the members from your area
  7. Crash pad measurements

    @RussH I read it as the total width of the crash pad in side view, minus that measurement you took
  8. Naming and shaming!!!

    plus if you buy a second hand car how do you know it's factory standard and what does factory standard actually mean. I'm sure it's just a question that they ask hopping to get an answer that means they can add to the premium. Plus how can you have a Mini that's standard, I would not mind betting that you'd be hard pressed to find a mini that has not got some sort of option on it.
  9. Body Fitting

    As it is, I'd worry about the amount of preload you'll have to put into the GRP to close that gap. Have you sent the photos to Westfield?
  10. Problems with the road network

    what about some sort of lane monitoring system that picks up cars stuck in the middle or outer lane then flashes the reg and car description up and tells them to move over when not over taking. It would help increase road capacity.
  11. Body Fitting

    That is shocking panel fit. Even BL got theirs better than that.
  12. Crash pad measurements

    10mm there - not sure what the other measurement you wanted was. thats ZK scuttle with aerodynamix dash
  13. Today
  14. Oil catch tank/breather

    I bought a a cheap 0.5l eBay job and baffled it myself using folded sheet aluminium and wire mesh, held in place with a special epoxy resin..... I've also been considering trial fitting a peltier cooler to the exterior to keep it cold and collect more vapour.
  15. Problems with the road network

    I think the signs on the new smart motorways need to be far more accurate. I understand that’s people rather than technology but they appear to be wrong at least 50% of the time.
  16. Cobra 427 Build

    Heat in one form or another would be my guess as well Maybe BBQ it
  17. Naming and shaming!!!

    Had some interesting dealings with Swinton about 40 years ago , i swore then that i would never use them again, and i haven't
  18. English axle to chassis arms/mounts

    Thanks mate
  19. Zetec Throttle Bodies

    Did a trial fit last night I’ve decided to keep the throttle mechanism on top partly because I think it would be a bit easier to fix if the cable were to snap but also because I like the look of it. I can see the attraction of the cleaner look with it underneath though. I’m currently trying to decide whether to shorten the throttle cable a bit to make the run a bit neater. One question I have is whether the idle control output from the ECU is used (was connected to he idle valve on the original manifold). I assume not, in which case i’ll tie it out of the way somewhere.
  20. As some of you know i work in the Highways industry in the technology sector and more recently undertaking R&D and innovation projects for future roll out. My work with the first connected vehicle trials, solar CCTV, Electric vehicles, inductive charging and road worker safety changes are all great but what next. I'm after some of your good and bad driving experiences to see what could be worked on for the better on the strategic road network, that way its not products looking for a problem but a problem looking for a solution. I don't mean Simon if i get done for speeding in the westy can you get rid of the evidence trail (I can't by the way), things like phone apps that are actually accurate for telling you when the motorway would be closed for works or delivering an emergency assistance with the use of drones. i know there will be some daft ideas but often its the real crazy ones that hit the mark. thanks
  21. Anyone starting their winter tinkering list yet ?

    Well, I did look around for a place to be able to skim my discs and the nearest was 25 miles away. I have decided to buy some lightweight discs , which save 1.8kg of unsprung weight , allegedly off the front wheels. In a way the worst weight on a car. The faff involved with Cortina hubs and stripping bearings to remove the discs with the potential of them already being unflat , I will fit these and see what difference it makes to the measurements. If they are still way out of tolerance, I will go 25 miles to the place and get them skimmed on the car. I suspect that the discs weren't in tolerance from the off , as the feel of them when the wheel is spun is exactly the same as when they were new. If I was building a car now, I would check the disc in multiple places to find if they are flat. Trev has given some good information about the discs , but it was one thing I was potentially looking at uprating , so thought about the change now and the adjustment later, rather than skim, replace and skim again , potentially.
  22. Play Kool front & rear anti roll bars

    I stand by my comment, don’t put it on!
  23. Naming and shaming!!!

    Me- Hi Swintons branch, I would like to move my insurance from my Copper S JCW to a Volvo V50 Diesel. SW-Yes sir, we can do that for you. Let me ask some questions about the car you wish to change to. Is it factory standard ? Me- Yes, the car is factory standard. It has a towbar as well. Sw-If thats the case we cant insure it on the policy, as the original policy was for a standard car and this is a modification. Me- Really ? So the car I am buying , which has a towbar means I need to cancel the policy ? Sw- Yes sir. And the cost to cancel the policy is £60 . Even though it only has 2 months left. Me- Er..............so, you want £60 and a premium for another policy ? Sw- Yes and the new policy is £450 , so thats £510. Me- I'm not impressed that you cancel my policy and charge me for this . I have also looked online and for £240 I can insure this car with a towbar .............with Swintons.... Sw- Yes, but thats a different part of Swintons, we are the high street version. Me- but I walked into your shop and insured the mini face to face and the premium was good and I paid outright. Sw- So............................... do you want the policy ? Me- No, stuff you, I am going to Axa who will do it for £220 with a sodding towbar...............and I wont ever come back to Swintons. Oh and I havent changed the car so you can let the policy lapse as I am not paying £60 cancellation fee. Sw- You do know its against the law to insure a vehicle you no longer own ? Me-- Phone down............
  24. Body Fitting

    From memory I think one of the bodysides had a thick part on the back of that lip which hooks over the chassis rail, near the top corner, which was holding it further inboard. I carefully sanded it back with a dremel so that it was uniform thickness and it let the lip sit more comfortably.
  25. Naming and shaming!!!

    They all do it for all insurances call them up and say it was cheaper, to which the usual response is we're sorry but its a computer generated auto-renewal letter ....... for automated insurance quote read: Legalised theft
  26. Manchester Car Dealers

    Travelling that distance for a eurobox is simply not a good idea, you may even get there and find "sorry sir, vehicle has been sold, but we have this one and this one" (as they point to the shed in the corner of the lot, that's been unsold for 6 months). Advertising tasty cars at seemingly low prices and getting punters from 100's of miles away, is a very old trick, they know you'll feel like you should walk away with something for all your effort in getting there AND they will try to shift their worst vehicles because when someone lives 100 miles away they're unlikely to want to come back to get faults fixed.
  27. The Three-Word, Never-Ending Westfield Story

    The greedy pig
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