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  3. Essex Area Christmas Meal - 15th December

    Will meet you in the restaurant, i presume the table is booked for 8pm?
  4. Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    Yes she was, and I still only risked the utility room!
  5. autosport show 2018

    Pete......why not Friday!
  6. Essex Area Christmas Meal - 15th December

    7.00pm in The Ship, don't be late!
  7. Carbs to Throttle bodies cost

    Thanks Phil, Already got a fuel pressure regulator
  8. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Thank AdgeC your a diamond, tank re-sealed after re-doing all the fittings with the dreaded PTFE .
  9. Carbs to Throttle bodies cost

    I think you will need a fuel pressure regulator, I'm sure someone on here will point you in the right direction for one of those.
  10. Pre Lit Ally bodied - Build Thread

    very nice looking good,In the kitchen is Myra out then
  11. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Certainly had the pre made hose with 90deg elbow. Straight fitting from tank, which I connected the straight end of the hose to, and elbow onto the pump. Fitted hose after tank was insitu, which was a swine I must admit. However slotting the tank into place just with the fittings attached was hard enough I seem to remember. May be easier with an elbow on the tank. It'll be easier to fit the return elbow in the front of the tank before installing it. Can be done afterwards but a bit awkward getting your arm up round. Sure you will have already done so, but would strongly recommend keeping all tank holes and pipe work temporarily sealed during build. Apologies for nagging, but have first hand experience of "foreign bodies" ending up where they shouldn't, and costing £m's in unplanned down time. Nag over! Keep up the good work.
  12. Carbs to Throttle bodies cost

    Great thanks much cheaper on Matt Lewis racing not heard of them before. Do you think this would be suitable? http://www.mattlewisracing.co.uk/product.php/386/102/fuel_pump___matt_lewis_racing/d49f1613c1701435e71a38f0511a3eed Cheers think I will go with that one too.
  13. autosport show 2018

  14. Carbs to Throttle bodies cost

    I got my swirl pot from ARF. It’s spot on.
  15. Carbs to Throttle bodies cost

    Matt Lewis Racing is another good source for Sytec pumps and filters
  16. By all means. Who with?
  17. Carbs to Throttle bodies cost

    Thanks Chris. Have taken the plunge for the Jenvey route. Sourced some parts so now have QED DTH throttle bodies, fuel rail / regulator/ injectors / Omex ecu & loom. Now all I think i require is a swirl pot and fuel pump, so after any recommendations. So for an XE doing the conversion from carbs what fuel pump should i go for and what swirl pot do i need? I have found this swirl pot which looks good from an old post on here but would this suit my needs? http://www.alloyracingfabrications.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=54 Also this fuel pump again from an old post: https://www.glencoeltd.co.uk/ti-automotive-fuel-pumps-walbro/walbro-fuel-pumps/walbro-gsl392-fuel-pump-kit-fp650-includes-mounting-brackets-gcl611-1/ Thanks again for all the help.
  18. Fuel Tank Breather

    Brilliant team, I'll look for a suitable filter, any suggestions on Amazon or eBay as they are easily accessible for me? Ironically tonight I've been going over all the fittings associated with the petrol system, and had a look in more depth at the RED fitting on the tank, and it turns out I'd been a bit of a numpty, thinking there was something in the tank, when it was the ball in the fitting. Still live and learn After checking with Ian at WF I've had another go at using PTFE tape on these fittings, smaller ones needed about 6 to 7 turns, the bigger ones about 11. Nice an tight, think this is good now, and I've master that bl**** stuff, finally.
  19. Balance bar brake system

    After having a final try i phoned spoke to Mark Walker asking if he may have any tips to help me. He recommended re-bleeding the callipers and then chocking the pedal overnight and hopefully any air would move to the master cylinder. I tried that this evening so will see tomorrow the result. I don't hold out much hope, but will give it a chance. Ive been looking a brake balance bars, the bars themselves seem to range from around £30 to £130 (the ones i've looked at) Is there anything i need to look for when buying? Also, what size master cylinder would be recommended? I've seen 0.625 front and 0.7 rear mentioned, do those sound suitable? Thanks Mike
  20. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Currently sticking it to the frame, did you have the same pipe and fittings as I have AdgeC? Also did you put the tank in the chassis with the pipe on, or do it after installation?
  21. Can I DD your car John ?
  22. I learned long ago that offering double drives in my car was to be only by selective selection
  23. C20XE SEIW Sprint//Very fast road Ready to go

    Maurici Rule number 1 is that you must always have an excuse for not winning Rule number 2 is indeed that if you double drive you car make sure that you beat the other driver I still have space in my notebook for excuses but I have used or invented many of them myself!
  24. Mega S2000 Engine Mount Help

    Hi @bunje I have already been down that route unfortunately the mounts are no longer available !! Thankyou for you help on this one.
  25. Zk bonnet crimson

  26. Fun with handbrake cables

    That was great help. I followed your route and it worked out perfectly. Thank you. Just need some more conduit now!
  27. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    Self adhesive Neoprene tape is for tank frame and tank straps. I bought some more on eBay, been useful in various places.
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