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  2. I have just heard from a Garage I know in Newbury if that's any good? His name is Shaun Miller at Millers garage. 24 Bone Lane Newbury, Berkshire 01635 46757 They are about 22 miles from Reading.
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    Liquid engineering
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    The vital cup of tea installed I see!
  7. Had to search for it but you should now have access
  8. Agreed.
  9. Finding wooden stands are useful. Lowered mine 3 times (quick and easy with a band saw) as build has progressed. Have got as far as first firing of the engine on them. Currently aiming to fit body with car on them. You can even use them to keep warm when you finish, assuming you've got an open fire or log burner! Eco friendly or what!
  10. Yeah it does take a good glug. Lots of long pipe runs to fill. I remember stopping filling to check it wasn't running out the bottom somewhere! No rush on running up it was only to satisfy my curiosity. Or nosyness If you ask the wife.
  11. I'll do another run, now the euphoria has worn off, and keep a note of temps around the system. I was surprised I had to put just over 6 litres of water in the system (from memory, capacity according to Ford info is 6.2 l), had to keep topping up as level went down. Unless there's another bypass, only way water could have got into the rad and "main cooling" circuit would be via the small bore pipe from expan tank to top of rad. Until stat opened. Even then wouldn't have expected it to sit there cold, until the stat opened. I'll do another run now the system appears to be full, and see what happens.
  12. Maybe see you at Curborough, Julie.
  13. Bit of rubber hose slid over the bracket should suffice. Glue it on and make it secure.
  14. Standard silencers are quite small diameters. I would look at a larger diameter silencer rather than spend money cutting the standard silencer open and repacking. The car builder solution one is really nice and removed the standard system and fitted it and made a more mellow and sensible sound.
  15. Cheers
  16. Hi Guys, I have exactly the same problem!! But mine has a Cross Flow.. Gives me a headache! Can a company repack my old can, even though it appears to be a sealed unit currently? Or would a new custom can be a better option?
  17. I didn't bother with the kit due to the cost, the only brought a couple of bits out of the kit.
  18. Personally I wouldn't bother with EOBD/OBD2 It will just lead you up the garden path. No substitute for proper Wiring diagrams Marque specific kit and product/system knowledge. Chances are EOBD won' even comm with the system at fault anyway.
  19. Thanks for the comprehensive answers, really useful stuff. I'll get some pics of the reservoir up soon. Tom
  20. If your not happy with the panel, I wouldnt be, then speak to the factory, send a photo and ask for a replacement.
  21. i mate you just got a great car I fettled about 5 year ago fitting it with the blacktop and all the nice stuff nice number plate for the car mate wanted to buy it but you bet him thanks john walker any questions give me a pm
  22. As a further back up, if you can get it Stratford to solihull or NEC I can get it to Trevor in Derby on Saturday
  23. Some of the wifi dongles for the obd2 port and phone apps are good and not expensive to read fault codes.
  24. Halfords really is not the best place to go for diagnostics and electrical faults. Surely you have a decent diagnostic or auto electrical specialist in the area?
  25. Well I started out changing a timing belt.. knackered an engine! Following with crate engine, updated c.r gearbox, moving the engine and gearbox back 2". Fabricate New engine mounts, prop, modified gear stick set up. And a whole load more. I'd only set out to change belt... that's just kit car life....
  26. VAG Autoworks in Caversham are good, specialise in VW/Audi but are well informed on all makes. I've used them for years for servicing tin tops and mot's for the Westfield. 113A Kidmore Rd, Reading RG4 7NH 0118 947 3085
  27. Just to add to this, In my experience, Most discharge faults caused by alternator diode packs will usually be around 3A. If ever I read a parasitic drain of 3A the first suspect is the alternator. So based on your tests I think the specialist will confirm your problem is the alternator.
  28. See what you mean Mark, I'm sure the heat and the wind didn't help though.
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