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  2. Ian K's S2000 build thread

    Nope, never had the part "6" boot, just the vaguely triangular part "9", which I kept, and part "5" which I discarded. Part 5 is the one I meant on the phone, when I was wondering if it acted as some sort of gasket for the top plate, part 11. Mine had been driven in some atrociously heavy rain - as has Phil Lloyds - he was behind me all the way down to Stoneleigh, a few years ago. It's been out in similar sort of storms after that too, though none quite as long lasting as the Stoneleigh trip. When I changed stick last year for the shorter one, there was no sign of water ingress into the gear lever housing. You may just have been unlucky, with a small gap somewhere, or perhaps as someone said, it's getting in as condensation?
  3. Is my budget realistic

    Yeah, a lot of the kit specialists seem to have minimum ages now in the early/mid twenties. I remember at 19 looking into building a Dutton Phaeton for myself, (couldn't afford a Westfield kit build), insurance back then was quoted as in the low hundreds, I forget exactly, but certainly no more than the £350 ish I paid for a tin top.
  4. Ian K's S2000 build thread

    I assume it's not recurred as it doesn't get rained on? I can't see how water's got in mine and the boot I've not fitted is shown here. Have Other S2000 builders retained this:https://www.hondapartsnow.com/genuine/honda~boot~change~lever~54109-s2a-013.html
  5. Statistics - How to calculate a realistic average

    Having had one or two issues over the years, - really quite bad in the mid 2000's; I got a right rollicking g from the doctor for becoming obsessed with the figures, to the extent it gave me, what he referred to as "white coat syndrome". I'd literally built it into such a big thing in my head, that the minute a doctor or nurse strapped the cuff on me it would rocket through the ceiling. In the end they had to be a 24 hour monitor on me, as the only way they could get reliable readings. It took ten years or so before I could get my blood pressure measured without it spiking. So while it's interesting to study, if you're any sort of obsessive/worrier like me, just be careful not to focus too much on it!
  6. Which beer have you been drinking today?

    Brew Dog Dead Pony Club. Loads of flavour and only 4% - so nice and easy on the head! I used to drink lager but found that anything under 5% was just not to my liking. After rediscovering Ale, I can now find loads of very tasty brews that don't turn you into a dribbling fool (as quickly)
  7. Ear protection against wind

    Thanks for all the comments! I had half been looking at intercom type systems (I actually think there is part of a system wired in under the dash, - I've not tackled OCD-ifying all the dash wiring yet) but I can't see me doing a lot of touring at this stage (the sprog requires a seat so most long trips are in something else, just the two of us is a rare treat!) so although those Micro Avionics look like proper bits of kit, I couldn't really justify the cost. I had half been looking at in ear buds with a mic boom, but most are designed for being in helmets, I could imagine it just electronically amplifying mic wind noise! Some are really cheap.. but I suspect they might not be any good at all. It might sound crazy, but I have full doors and a full wet weather kit, but haven't driven with them on yet, I'm concerned that too much door will detract from the "Westfieldness" of the driving experience, I'll give them a go this evening as it appears to have finally stopped raining. The wind deflectors look like they shouldn't detract too much and These look like they have a shorter lead time than the Westfield supplied ones, so I might give them a go, along with some "off the shelf" buds to see how I get on, I don't really want to block out sound totally as I like to be aware of what is around me, so I think the fitted ones (which look really good) might be "too much". If not there is only one solution...
  8. Which beer have you been drinking today?

    Sunk a few korev's last night Lovely Cornish lager (don't like ale)
  9. Is my budget realistic

    No i had a megane at the time which was a similar price. Didnt have a choice as it was the only quote i could get at the time because i was under 21
  10. Beefburgers - cheese and/or coleslaw..?

    My local is now a Co-Op.
  11. Diff identification

    Viscous LSDs, like the Ford one, are designed to be progressive, so you wont feel them. Also, they will allow some slip if abused (ie racing starts) depending on how "tight" they are built. The Ford LSD unit can be fitted to any Sierra type diff., so looking for a part number or identification tag won't necessarily tell you whether it is or it isn't.
  12. It really depends on the data. Sometimes the outliers are the important bit, other times they are erroneous points you want to eliminate. Without knowing the medical significance of the data we're all guessing. Having had my BP under observation for the last 15 years or so, the thing that sticks with me is my GP telling me to keep an eye on it "from time to time" and let him know if the situation changes, but not to get obsessed about keeping records, etc.
  13. Ear protection against wind

    For microlight headsets and helmets I'd recommend flycom I know the guy who designed them as he taught me to fly and the firm is now run by his son. Top quality and would work well in a Westy.
  14. Lamborghini Barn Find in Wales

    Built tractors before supercars.... https://www.motor1.com/news/140974/lamborghini-centenario-tractors-being-built/ ..... and still do. http://www.lamborghini-tractors.com/en-eu/tractors/full-range
  15. Taking the median is a well used approach to reducing the effect of outliers (used for 'average' income etc). Easy to calculate, maybe XL has such a function? PS I have a life too ;-) PPS see Wikipedia.
  16. Lamborghini Barn Find in Wales

    Amazing what you find while on holiday ...
  17. Advice please

    Bit of an update been to look at a couple of cars,one being a Dax rush with a cossy in it,nice car and stupid fast but felt it wasnt what i wanted really set my heart on a westy,had a look at a couple of wide bodied wesfields and put a deposit on the second one i had a look at,SEIW with a duratec engine which is pretty much standard,didnt drive it but went for a ride and it went very well,looks to have been well looked after there is a couple of marks on the paintwork but nothing serious,i had no problem getting my big backside in and was surprised how much room there was,looking forward to picking it up next week,silly me was so excited forgot to take any photos so photos to follow.
  18. Today
  19. Could it happen to cars?

    In this case, I believe the back story that DJI aren't going out of their way to publicise, is that the drones are occasionally dropping out of the sky due to some problem with the battery management causing them to shut down. Given that that has the potential to cause injury or damage and potential liability, I can understand them wanting to ensure that the old firmware is taken out of circulation. That, and the fact that hacking of this device to remove geofencing of safety critical airspace is commonplace. I would imagine car manufacturers would do the same if a fault in an engine ECU could cause the car to stop unexpectedly. I wouldn't be surprised if the life of the flash memory in the ECUs becomes the limiting factor in the life of modern cars.
  20. Driving gloves

    Do as I did and (assuming removeable) take your wheel with you. The sealskinz dragon eye that I bought (without taking wheel!) were terrible when combined with my momo leather wheel, but might be fine with a different one.
  21. Is my budget realistic

    my westfeild i paid 300 when i was 25 for my insurance
  22. For the sake of doing it, I am keeping a log of my blood pressures and then graphing them – I can’t help it, I like graphs and spreadsheets. I'm a nerd... The problem is there are definite atypical spikes in the Systolic caused by running up the stairs, watching old episode of Baywatch, talking to Linda that are definitely skewing the average. So I want to drop the ‘outlying fliers’ off before getting the average, in my mind I can sort of see a Bell Curve with the average taken either side of the bell. So get the average, then only sample the figures within +/- 40% of the average. Problem is, I’m not familiar enough with all the fancy statistical terms in Excel. Any suggestions? Apart from "get a life"...
  23. Positive tank pressure

    I can't see the pressure in the tank being significant. I doubt the tank would take more than a couple of PSI before it starts to deform but the fuel system is pressurised to 3 BAR (43PSI) or more. I think it's most likely that your issue is fuel starvation due to poor baffling in the tank.
  24. Positive tank pressure

    i had problems with a hole in my cap on trackdays
  25. Reverse box for 2000 Westfield Megablade.

    Thanks @bunje for the message. I have telephoned Rob who is looking for one and let him know.
  26. Positive tank pressure

    Regarding the tank pressurising, what's happening is that the excess fuel returning to the tank from the pressure regulator has been heated up from it's trip around the fuel rail/pipes in the hot engine bay and is warming up the air in the tank, causing the positive pressure in the tank (ie the air expanding, not the fuel expanding). It doesn't take very much increase in air temp to pressurise a vessel the size of a fuel tank. It's more pronounced/obvious when there is a large volume of air compared to the volume of fuel (ie such as your situation with only about 9 ltrs fuel) for two reasons. The lesser volume of fuel in the tank gets heated up quicker from the returning fuel (compared to a larger volume which takes longer), and the larger volume of air in the tank expands more. It's also less pronounced on hot days as the air temp in the tank is already hot so does not expand as much. If you put your hand on the tank when opening the filler you will feel the tank 'relax' as the pressure releases . This is with the standard one-way vent valve that is designed to let air into the tank as fuel is consumed and so prevent a vacuum and the tank collapsing, and to not let fuel (and air) escape. Not the other way around as some have thought. Changing this to a two-way rollover valve will fix it, or drilling a very small vent hole in the cap as suggested above, although don't know it that's allowable/advisable for track use.
  27. The Three-Word, Never-Ending Westfield Story

    Walks and faces
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