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  2. Latest IVA emissions proposal

    Sounds like the rallying cry has mobilised a lot of people, that's great, hopefully good news on its way. I started drafting a response a couple of weeks ago, it is quite long but I work in a related area so I wanted to utilise my experience with these matters and also incorporate lots of the good points people here have made... I have been a bit tied up with work but just got it finished and sent it in, there's still one more week to go. Below if anyone wants to use anything from it: FAO Consultation Co-ordinator I am writing with reference to the recent DfT paper titled "Road Vehicles - Improving Air Quality and Safety" published for comment in February 2018. In particular, as a kit car owner, I wish to comment on the proposals for kit cars found in Section 4. I recognise DfT's mission to improve air quality and limit pollutant & CO2 emissions. However the proposals for kit cars in 4.10 to 4.13 will do next to nothing to achieve these policy objectives, whilst simultaneously damaging individuals and businesses. As noted in 4.10, kit cars are not subject to the same emissions requirements as production vehicles. This is for a number of reasons: 1. Compliance with NEDC or WLTP typically requires an extensive test programme involving more than one test vehicle which have accumulated several thousand miles, which is clearly not feasible for an IVA 2. Kit cars make up a miniscule proportion of total vehicle registrations in the UK each year 3. As typically niche, replica or sports cars, the average annual mileage of kit cars is extremely low compared to regular vehicles, evidenced by the fact that most kit cars are insured on limited mileage policies and in turn most kit car owners also own another vehicle used for commuting or regular journeys 4. Of the already small number of annual kit car registrations, it is a similarly small subset of kits which use older engines, for example pre 1992, typically for replicas of classic vehicles. Considering the above, the impact of kit cars, including those with older engines, on fleet emissions and air quality is negligible and this has to be the basis for any discussion about regulation of them as an industry. The proposed change in 4.11 to remove age-based testing and instead impose current emissions limits on IVA tests will completely eliminate replica classic vehicles as an industry, with no benefit to the policy objective. Jobs and small businesses will likely be lost as a direct result of this change. The proposal paper suggests in 4.13 that enough time has elapsed since the introduction of catalytic converters to allow sufficient choice of engines to use for such projects. However, this completely defeats the point of a classic replica and also ignores the fact that it is often not possible to simply swap a newer engine into a classic chassis. For example, with the shift from rockers to overhead cams, engines are now much taller and in many cases simply do not fit inside smaller classic vehicles. Additionally while the law allows classic cars to be driven on public roads, this change would prohibit the same engine being used in another chassis, even though it would produce the same emissions. The provisions for reconstruction and restoration in 4.12 are also subjective and poorly defined, and there have been some high profile cases of similar criteria being used unfairly to remove "historic" status from classic cars which have had some necessary number of parts replaced to keep them running. Even without the above considerations, the lead time for the proposed changes is far too short as many owners of classic or replica kits will be partway through a build. Due to the proposed implementation dates, these builders will be unable to test or register their vehicle in 6 months' time. Large volume manufacturers have several years' notice of significant regulatory changes as well as distinct new type and all registration deadlines, plus end of series derogations, to ensure stock built prior to the introduction of the new requirements can be registered, as is recognised in your proposal paper in Section 6. I hope you will consider the true impact of these proposed changes on the kit car industry and recognise the negligible impact that they would have on the objective of the proposal paper. I look forward to your response. Yours sincerely,
  3. Which Air Filter?

    What cone filter would people recommend for an S2000 with stock manifold? Is there space for a twin cone, and is it worthwhile? To be honest there's too much choice
  4. Yesterday
  5. Newbie from Norfolk

    Not a brilliant start to your Westfield ownership, but well done on getting home unscathed! On the grand scheme of things a gearbox swap along with new driveshafts is not the end of the world. Might not be a bad idea to give the whole car a thorough going over whilst you have it in bits just to check everything else is OK. Like Thrusty said above, don't worry, its repairable.
  6. Garage clear out part 1

    Hi, I'm interested in the front uprights and hubs etc but can you tell me if this is for Sierra fitment? Thanks Craig
  7. Rich's S2000 Build

    @Rich201060 Drill your steering column hole after physically lining up the column. I did that and it turned out perfectly right... Unfortunately that hole 50% overlapped the first attempt based on the manual dimensions so I had to put in a cover plate (link). As I have just found out myself, the area in the engine bay around the fuel pipes is extremely busy... In very close proximity are the engine earth strap, engine power harness, washer bottle, and coolant circuit. I'd recommend doing the 45 degree bends. The length of hose on the crimped banjo fitting from the fuel rail (as cut off by the breaker) is only just long enough to reach, if they were 0 or 90 degrees I wouldn't be able to connect it.
  8. Rich's S2000 Build

    It’s not just that, if you compare mine and Sychos chassis for instance, (it came up in a thread a few years ago), our lower, upper-steering column mounting tabs, near the drivers footwell end panel are in different positions, and not just by a couple of mm. It translates as quite a big variation in the position of the hole needed.
  9. Rich's S2000 Build

    Oooh, missed that bit. Dont trust the manual at all for the steering column. Many , including me was hoping for truthful information from the manual, which isnt the case on some bits , this being one of them !
  10. Garage clear out part 1

    Hi would like the gear stick extension thanks chris and liz Will send you a pm
  11. Carbon stone guard fitment?

    Screwfix own brand silicon in black works well and very thin and easy to squeeze into place .
  12. Rich's S2000 Build

    Don’t use the dimensions without checking, they’re a guide at best, as variations kit to kit means the hole needs to move to suit.
  13. Carbon stone guard fitment?

    worked a treat
  14. Garage clear out part 1

    hi - are the cycle wing supports matched to the uprights and hubs ? if so I'll have both I'll PM you
  15. Carbon stone guard fitment?

    Thanks I thought I might need like a glue or something... cool I'll go with that!
  16. Cobra 427 Build

    I’m envious of the whole build - as is my wife
  17. Carbon stone guard fitment?

    I used bog standard clear silicone sealant. Put a thin bead all round the edges and held in place with clamps and whatever else I could wedge it with!
  18. 1.6 Ecoboost Build

    I have a Mazda sdv. Only needed a steering lock, I cut the imobiliser out my loom. Also the emissions wernt hard. My engine was only running on 3 cylinders (long boring story) and it passed. Don’t know if that info is much use to you. Iva was last June
  19. Carbon stone guard fitment?

    HI Soi got some bits coming from carbon nv. Im going to stick them down as others have said they have done. My question is with what? Silicone was the shout but what type. And how much should I use? Cheers RORY
  20. Various parts

    Didn’t the exhaust sell on eBay?
  21. Rich's S2000 Build

    Here's a photo of mine, I would say you need some kind of bend.
  22. Rich's S2000 Build

    Rich, I did this. When I cut the end fitting off the banjo fuel hose , I then had enough for it to reach the fuel pipe. It would be extremely difficult to reach the steel pipes when the rest of the car is together Please dont insult the S2000 manual. The factory spent a lot of time doing that ...................... for the Zetec cars
  23. Rich's S2000 Build

    I put 90deg bend on mine it all depends how you are running your hoses. As for the column Hole I wouldn't pay any attention to the manual & measure it for your self, just take the manual as a rough guide.
  24. Newbie from Norfolk

    How crap. You were lucky. Never know a gearbox to lock up. As for new driveshafts, I am sure someone will come to your rescue on here from the old school department. It will be back together better soon, so dont worry. Glad you are unscathed !!
  25. Newbie from Norfolk

    Ahhh I feel your pain . Hopefully you can get your car fixed without to much trouble . We have plenty of forum members who have had similar experiences and we all go on to actually rebuild better and stronger cars . Good luck with getting it fixed
  26. How low have you set your flaps!!

    @pistonbroke they look great tbf! Would never have guessed they were made from a oil tub
  27. Rich's S2000 Build

    Hi Justin, Is the 45 deg necessary I was going to put an 8mm packer/ saddle behind them, will this give enough clearance I cant find anything showing the connection to them. I find the manual is rubbish and jumps about even the drop box link I have is poor. One more thing I could do with confirming is the Steering column hole dimensions the dropbox suggests 80mm from top and side? Thanks, Rich
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