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  2. Cycle wing flap

    What about adding some MLV (mass loaded vinyl) such as flashing tape or Dynamat ,by changing the mass of the wing should help reduce the resonance in the plastic .a bit like a tuning fork if you hold the top of it won't ring . The car audio boys use it on door panels to stop them vibrating Only an idea I'm no expert in this field but bet someone on here will know for sure
  3. Caption competition

    Customer-- Can I get these carbs in Gulf blue and orange? Young Mr Westwood 'thought bubble'-- Parts ain't as simple as black and white.
  4. Build Diary - BugMan's Sport 250

    OK, just been under the car again, and had to slightly undo the 17mm brass fitting to get a good picture - Defiantly say's 0-10BAR so going to re-program RS now
  5. Westfield SEiW - 2L Zetec

    Thanks Gadgetman, very useful to know. ill post an update if that’s successful.
  6. Intermittent rough running

    The Megajolt Lite uses crank position sensor (CPS) for static timing and the either Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) or Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) for load - TPS in your case. If you lose MAP or TPS or the ECU fails the system defaults to the static timing firing at 10 deg BTDC (limp home) providing the CPS is still working, if the CPS fails you won't get a spark at all. Tacho can be taken from either the ECU (this is a 5 volts so mostly for modern gauges) or the EDIS A & B drives to the coil pack (this is 12 volts for old Smiths RVC type gauges that were fed from the dizzy and requires diodes to prevent x2 over reading because of the 'lost' spark); loss of tacho during rough running would indicate to me that your tacho is being fed from the ECU. The rough running/poor performance could be because that you're losing advance, ie your engine is running in EDIS default 10 deg BTDC, which would indicate a TPS sensor or ECU fault I'd be looking at the TPS, it's wiring or the ECU wiring. It was/is possible to buy the Megajolt as a kit of components so dry joints on the PCB might also be worth looking at. If you disconnect the ECU main connector this will force the EDIS into default and you will get the symptoms as a way of confirming the theory.
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  8. Tbh, mine was pretty extreme, not quite anti-lag but getting close to sounding like it...Along with a gunshot of a flat shift. Potentially made worse but addition of boost. Signs were that the idle just rising, and rising, every few drives. Until it became ridiculous at which point the culprit was obvious. Swapped them out and not had an issue in the two years of driving since.
  9. Caption competition

    "Forkarbs" "Here you go sir, four Carburettors" "No, Car ARB's for the suspension" "Anything Else?" "O's" (you know the rest...)
  10. [SOLD] Schnitz Racing Hayabusa steel throttle butterflies

    Me neither - better make sure I pack in the backfiring I guess!
  11. [SOLD] Schnitz Racing Hayabusa steel throttle butterflies

    Wow,had no idea the standard ones could move that much from back firing etc.
  12. Intermittent rough running

    The system you have is very modular, so all individual sensors are renewable. A first step would be confirming where the rev counteris fed from, so that you kno for sure if it's a symptom, a coincidence, or a red herring! It could be fed from: ecu, in which case, it's a significant clue! the old coil feed. Would also require the old distributor to be still present and turning. Seems an unlikely coincidence foritto fail at the same time. a wireloop pick up on one of the sparkplug wires, again would be quite a coincidence to fail at the same time. The emoji's on the other hand are easy! on the strip at the top of the editor window on your posts, is a little emoticon button, it looks like a black and white line drawing of a smiley face, it's next to the <> button. Click it and it will show the available selection, to see more, click on "categories", then "Emoticons" to see the full list. Click on any individual emoticon to insert it. (The ones built in to your computer keyboard won't work, not unless they happen to insert the same keyboard shortcut as the Boardroom emoticons.)
  13. Seen by the roadside...

    Does that include the Royals ?
  14. Perfect.

    Dont try downloading it . Could be Spam
  15. Caption competition

    Yes Sir, this is the parts depot , sorry we can't help , what you really need is the department for information retrieval. I can book you an appointment if you like
  16. Cycle wing flap

    Bargain! - I'll swap you for my Carbon cycle wings then
  17. Cycle wing flap

    Solved that particular problem for me
  18. Intermittent rough running

    I havent been to the garage yet to find out where the rev counter gets it s signal from, thought I would cut the grass,big mistake have been stuck in the garden ever since. Dave, thanks for your input your explanation sounds plausible, I have never experienced a car in limp home mode so cannot say whether this is what happens to mine. Yes it is an ignition only ecu, how would I rectify issues with the coil pack,tps, or cps , are these sealed unit is it a matter of renewing components or is diagnosis only possible via the laptop. thanks again for your input, unfortunately I am from the age of carbs and distributors, ecu's,mapping, sensors etc are beyond my experience!! On another subject how do I get emogi's on my laptop, I think it runs Windows 7 or 8 . they would be useful to convey a feeling to a post ?
  19. Manifold and Exhaust fabrication

    There is also a chap set up on his own at Bicester Heritage ex ETB I think. Does very nice stuff comparable to Simpsons..
  20. Dial bulb

    Yep here you go. This is what I have.
  21. New HT Leads Ford EDIS Ignition Module

    Arh thanks Chris but purchased new ones mate literally an hour ago! Appreciate you looking for me though Dave
  22. Hethel 22nd April 2018

    should suit your car david
  23. The big show us your alloy/steel wheels thread

    Not Westfield wheels, and I don't normally like black wheels, but I do love my Alfas. 18" with 225/40 tyres.
  24. Didn't know anything about that Dave. edit - Google has answered it now.
  25. Abingdon 6th July

    Myself, slow orange one, and fast orange one, Dommo, are going to Abingdon on the 6th of July. Anyone else?
  26. The big show us your alloy/steel wheels thread

    Love the pug wheels.... reminder of my old 309gti.
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