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Sunday Jobs



My 5/8 impact socket arrived this week, so I got it into my breaker bar and got the crank pulley removed.

Then got the new toothed pulley fitted, also used a new.bolt and washer, and fitted and adjusted a new gates belt.


Whilst I had the bonnet off I took off the red oil catch can


And replaced it with a blue one.

The new can has a pipe into the can with holes drilled in it, then some wire wool to allow the oil to hold and not just vent out.


I might have chance to fit the crank sensor tomorrow and get another step closer to the Nodiz install.


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Got my sensor bracket fitted today.

OMG with a sump guard, and fat hands that was probably the worst bit so far !

Anyhow, test fitted the sensor and it's quite a distance from the wheel.

I suspect some bending in it's future !


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Spoke to QED who sell the sensor bracket.

They have sold hundreds and never heard of a problem, so I sent them some pictures of others that don't fit without modification. Including one from this site.


They think smaller spacers between sump and bracket, plus me tightening the sensor more will result in a perfect .6mm gap to the wheel.

I've asked them to send the spacers required as the suggested method of stacking small washers sounded a bit of a faff given limited access.


Time will tell......

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QED sent the shorter spacers and bolts, so on the dot of 4PM on work form home Friday, I downed keyboard and cracked on.


Shorter spacers, + dremmel action on the holes in the spacer to allow the sensor to fit + a bit of gentle persuasion.

Hopefully that's close enough to get a decent pulse signal.

If things got to plan Sunday, I'll get TDC set and remove the tooth on the wheel.

Then it's just a case of wiring up the Nodiz, well plugging it in, the loom is made.



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