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Catalytic Converters


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I have an unfinished project on the go and following some personal events in my life last year, have been spurred back into life to get it finished.

I have been reviewing the latest IVA regs and am led to believe I now need to run a CAT? Rather than replacing the standard exhaust system that I had already sourced, I was wondering about modifying the system to except a CAT similar to this;-


Has anybody got an experiences to share?

(1.8L Zetec, Silvertop, '94)

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Can you prove the age of the engine?

Are you going for an age related plate or a Q plate?


You may not need a CAT, depending on your answers to the above

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I have a copy of the HPI check from the scrap yard and have verified the engine number to be '94 myself, but do not have any official paperwork. When I started, it was intention to go for a new plate, however, after last year I just want to get it on the road . . !

I spoke to WF yesterday and they were adamant that I now needed a CAT since the engine was post '92?

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The factory told me I needed a CAT as well, but I didn't, and dont have one fitted, and passed IVA



You can prove the age of the engine to be between 01/08/1992 and 31/07/1995, you do not need a CAT on the exhaust.

The engine would fail the BET limits test, and then you would be directed to a CAT1 test. As there would be no exact match in the analyser database, you would end up with a NON CAT test.



You need to be able to prove the age of the engine. I did this by producing the log book for the donor vehicle at the IVA test.


If you take your time and use the flow charts in the IVA manual, you should be able to follow it through as above

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Mark (smokey mow)

This ^^^ everything that Gary said :)

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