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Self-Cancelling Indicators


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I was very impressed after having seen the FAQ on horn/indicator stalk using the Renault Clio switch but thought I could go one better. The bit I didn’t like was the fact the switch came out of the dash.

I searched high and low for a suitable alternative and eventually stumbled across something close at Stoneleigh fitted to an old Lancia Delta. What I liked was the tuna tin shape of the whole indicator stalk unit. This had a central hole and would slot over the steering column nicely. It was also flat bottomed which would sit flat against the dash. When I got home I had a look on flea bay to see if I could get hold of one only to find this style was fitted to quite a lot of Fiats as well. I found one that ticked all the boxes from a mid-nineties Fiat Fiorino van. Never seen one, wouldn’t know what it was if it ran over me but the indicator unit was perfect. This unit has the following functionality:

• Indicators

• Side lights/headlights/main beam/main beam flash

• 2 speed wipers

• Windscreen wash

• Horn – Not used

• The jewel in the crown – self cancelling indicators


The unit arrived in the post and after slotting it on top of the steering column discovered the first problem.

Problem 1 - The column was too short and didn’t expose enough to allow the steering wheel to be bolted on. I worked out that by extending the column by 1 ¼ inches it would be perfect. I took the column to a local precision engineering company who by manufacturing an insert and using spring steel pins were able to give it that extra 1 ¼ inch.

Problem - 2 came in the form of the steering wheel boss not sitting close enough. The solution was to increase the diameter of the hole at the top of the switch to about an inch deep so the boss could sit inside. By doing this you immediately lose the horn function but there is enough meat on the switch unit to bore it out enough. I used one of those tapered boring tools.



Also in this picture you can see the peg for the self-cancelling indicators.

Ok the unit fitted perfectly but how to mount it. If you look at the next photo you will see that it clamps onto something cylindrical with a hose type clamp.


So after buying some 50mm aluminium tube, a lot of fettling and the manufacture of a half moon clamp it bolted onto the column mount perfectly. I added a little tape to help it grip and stop slipping.


I fitted the dash and discovered the next problem. When the main beam flash is used the switch rocks at the bottom pressing on the dash, the only solution was to cut the hole in the dash the radius of the switch plus 5mm. I know it’s rather large but when it’s fitted it’s not noticeable.


The wiring is fairly straight forward with two looms coming off the switch. Even an electrical numpty like me managed to work out with a multimeter what wire did what.

With the unit fitted the next thing to do was engage the self-cancelling peg onto the steering wheel boss. The indicator cancel does not take much effort to operate so I found I was able manufacture a small bracket and glue it onto the boss with no-nails glue. In the hole where the peg engages I fitted a grommet as the peg is only plastic and would wear quickly rubbing against the aluminium.



The last thing to do was cut off about 1cm off the end of the boss cover which amazingly was the same diameter as the unit so it fitted perfectly.

With everything bolted on and wired, I think it looks pretty awesome if I may say so myself.

I am definitely going to Stoneleigh next year so if you want to have a butchers then feel free.

This FAQ is dedicated to Fiat for making something useful at last.  :)



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Norman Verona

I imported some bike self cancelling electronic units from the USA. 2 momentary switches, a few terminals and 1/2 hour.

2 red switches on the dash. 3 time delays depending how long the button is pressed and hazards if both touched at the same time.

Can't remember the price (bulk buy) but you wouldn't think about it for long.

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Dave Eastwood (Gadgetman) - Club Secretary

Please note the forum guidelines, (dating from waaay back) with regards to the FAQ section; posts not directly relevant to the subject of the FAQ have been hidden.

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