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Five spoke motorsport alloys in 7x13


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This may sound like a mad one... but I'm struggling to find a set of alloys for my Megabusa build.

I'm after a set of modern five-spokes in 7x13 ET24 Ford 4-stud 108mmPCD. Preferably in black - but I'll get 'em painted if not - and made by a reputable motorsport type firm. Ideally they need to be around £400 per set (ie not split rims and not magnesium).

And yes I've checked Demon Tweeks (road & motorsport), Compomotive, Image wheels, Midland Wheel Supplies etc. The choice is either £250 a corner split-rims or magnesium Dymags at around £300 a corner (ouch!;), or Revolution five-spokes which look a bit dated. As I'm going to use the car for track days etc it seems mad to spend £1000 on wheels and them hammer them over the kerbs...

I've been offered minilite-style wheels everywhere, but not motorsport-type five-spokes. Anyone got any ideas? Thanks!

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Hi Pete

You won't get motorsport sec wheels for a £100  a corner. Brand new Motorsport wheels are built 4 lightness and strength so U CAN batter them over kerbs,thro' rally stages etc... thats why they are normally £250plus a set (mags)

Have a look in Motorsport News u might be able 2 pick up a  second hand set... might struggle getting the off sets tho'. Otherwise u'll have 2 struggle with standard alloys  which are well upto the job as they are designed 4 1200Kg + road cars...... so on 500kg+ skate board they should be well upto the job............ Hope this helps

Buzz :cool:

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Try Damien at Tweaks, he did 7x15 Compomotive MO in anthracite (special oder) with Toyo T1s for £725 inc vat and carrage for 5. His direct dial is 01978663079. :D

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