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Just to add into the conversation, I have bought a part build westfield busa and a race technology dash to fit, now I have the standard rear mounted speed sensor fitted and no oil pressure switch fitted. I have found a vdo pressure sensor in a box of spares, but not sure if it the correct one, does anyone have a part number for the standard fitment one, and also will I be able to use the rear mounted prox, or do I need to buy this front hub mounted prox that I have heard of? Surely there's an easier way than to add another cable to the front of the car and buy a new sensor?




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I think the read-out in litres is better so I have come up with the following equation for a long range tank: Fuel level in litres y = 51.9x + 0.853 I called Westfield today and they gave me the fo

cast iron

Here's a puzzle thats manifested itself over christmas whilst trying to install an oil temp sensor

using a DL1 logger

1Kohm pull up resistor and the sensor wired into the DL1

Voltage across the analogue channel and earth = 4.2v, resistance across the sensor = 53Kohm = 15 degrees so all OK

However using the live monitor the DL1 has a value of 53volts!(strangely similar to the raw Kohm resistance value)

The Dash 2 when set up with a formula of 1 for 1 shows -7, and when the correct polynomial is included is sugests about 1200 degrees

Swapped the wiring to chanel 2 and chanel 2 shows the same incorrect value

Any ideas where it's gone wrong?

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Martin Rice (Sparkymart) - Cornwall AO

Is the 910ohm resistor fitted I parallel to earth or in series in the wire going to the sender also is a 1/4 watt resistor OK? Cheers

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