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VOSA IVA Manuals


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IVA leaflet is here (pdf)

VOSA IVA Manuals can be found here

they are still draft proposals according tothe website and were last updated 31-12-08

i will try and keep information up to date to help those who are having to go down this route.If anyone gets any more info can they post it here as well.



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Hi All,

Update on link locations for M1 class (passenger vehicles) IVA are below...


Link to main Gov.UK site is here


"M1" class manual web link is here


Direct link to the PDF manual is here


Great "How to pass" link found by Master O here

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I sent a mini photo diary with my application. I don't know if they looked at it. I think it's to evidence that you built it yourself so don't forget to include some selfies!

(Very much enjoying reading your XI build thread by the way.)

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The inspector at Kidderminster said he spent the night before the test studying photos.

Presume he meant the photos of the car

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I've not gone through the entire thing yet(!), but nothing dramatic so far, mostly clarifications here & there, of the sections I have looked at. It does list all the changes & dates on pages 5 to 9 so it's easy enough to work through.

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