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What do these engine tuning terms mean?

Pinto Boy

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Pinto Boy

What do these engine tuning terms mean and what is the advantage of them?

Larger choke carbs

Carb Jetting

Higher / longer lift camshaft

Bigger valves

Flowed head

Ported head

Polished head

Stage 1, 2, & 3 heads

Skimming head

Forged pistons

Cylinder block boring

Lightened flywheel

Electric fuel pump

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Pinto Boy

I'll start with what I think I know, those please correct me if I'm wrong or too simplistic.

Larger choke carbs, longer / higher camshaft and bigger valves

These all allow more fuel / air mixture into the cylinders giving a bigger 'bang' and more power.

Flowed head

Allows the fuel / air mixture to flow more easily into the cylinders by reducing turbulence in the flow, gives more fuel in cylinder so more power.

Skimmed head

Reduces overall cylinder volume and increased compression ratio, this gives bigger bang and more power.

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Quite alright, I like engine stuff! I built the race engine in my mini, and enjoy tinkering. As said, it depends how much money you have, and what you expect from the engine. As I'm sure you're aware, there are different types/level of cams, from mild to ultra lumpy race jobs, like mine. My A series idles anywhere from 800-1500, comes on cam at 3k, and revs out at 8.5k! You'll find overbores are relativelyexpensive, whilst head and cam work will yield much better £/bhp. Also, a rolling road setup will always pay huge dividends. My basic set up was ok, but after the RR session it went like a huge green rocket! Oh, different engines will respond better to different things. The A series likes high lift, but short duration cams. Others prefer the opposite, low(er) lift and long(er) duration.

Oh, superchargers are always worth a look too!

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