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Which battery

Pinto Boy

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I need to replace the battery on my Westie, but there seem to be several types: Gel, Varley Red Top, Yuasa, Halfruads?

It is for a road-only Pinto and it often requires extended turning over as the fuel lines run dry back to the tank.

Can someone please explain the various options & recommend one, thanks  :D

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The Great Fandango

Dear Pinto Boy,

I wouldn't have thought that battery 'type' was your main concern.

First concern for me was does the battery fit in the cradle/clamp?... Personally for me that meant I needed a particular battery with a mounting depth of less than 140mm (to sit in the clamps properly). Once you have selected the correct clamp depth, go for as big a battery widthways as possible for your tray (as bigger usually means better performing).

You say it's not a track car so small and light-weight batteries would not be a consideration (and most likely don't pack the punch you need in any case). That rules out many of the gel type batteries.

From that point onwards it's simple... Look for the most powerful battery you can afford. Look for high figures in:

1. Cold Cranking Performance (Amps)

2. Reserve Capacity (Minutes)

3. Ampere Hour Capacity (Amp.Hours)

Oh yes! - And don't forget to check which way round the positive and negative terminals are placed!

Dare I say it, there's nowt wrong with Halfords (sorry, Halfrauds) batteries, especially the nice new 'Calcium Technology' batteries which come with up to a 5 year guarantee. Halfords are a bit pricey though but usually have a good stock. My last Halfords battery was in my old Peugeot 306TD - it gave up nearing the end of the guarantee period and they swapped it no quibbles at all.

I can also vouch for the brand 'Yuasa'. I've owned two before. The Yuasa website is full of useful information although they do 'big themselves up' a little.

See here for example:

Yuasa Info

I also like saying "Y U ASA DE QUESTION" in a Chinese accent for some reason!


Sounds to me like you need a fairly heavy duty one so if your going to need some extra kick perhaps look for a battery designed for diesels engines?

Paul Aspden of Plays Kool Motorsport once advised that I visit "Valley Batteries" of Dewsbury (Yorkshire). The chap there is one very knowledgeable guy when it comes to batteries (but doesn't know much as knitting funnily enough). I live in Leeds so that's close to me. I'm always impressed with his stock (wall to wall and up to the ceiling)

Valley Batteries

211 Wakefield Road


WF12 8AW

01924 466035

I know you don't live aywhere near them but what's stopping you giving them a call for some information or advice. Pose as a customer if needs be.

If you have electricity in your garage I would also recommend a battery trickle charger (AKA: Battery Conditioner)

Battery Conditioner

Happy Battery Shopping!!!

Best regards


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I'd get a gel one rather than a lead/acid. I've had no trouble with my Odyssey PC680. Car starts every time, even if left for a while. Lighter than a lead/acid one too. Got mine here.
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Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary
680 is good
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The Great Fandango

And you've got a dodgy-starting road-only pinto Terry!


Seeing that Pinto Boy's Westie is a 'non starter' for whatever reason it'll need a little bit more me thinks?

Odyssey PC680

Price = £90.00

Cold Crank = 210 Amps

Reserve Capacity = 28 Minutes

Ampere Hour Capacity = 19Ah

Terminals = M5 Bolt

Width = 185mm

Depth = 79mm

Height = 170mm

Weight = 6.1kg

Clamp Lipping = None (buy/fabricate the bracket)

Yuasa Professional 049

Price = £47.00

Cold Crank = 350 Amps

Reserve Capacity = 60 Minutes

Ampere Hour Capacity = 45Ah

Terminals = Standard Automotive

Width = 220mm

Depth = 135mm

Height = 225mm

Weight = 12.6kg

Clamp Lipping = Front & Rear

IMHO the figures speak for themselves

Understanding Battery Specs

Yuasa Battery Comparison Download PDF

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Terry Everall - WSCC Competition Secretary
Good point but I did start with 2L Pinto which had a Bosch battery costing £35 incl Vat . It was heavy but V good. The 680 Odyssey is good but your alternative although twice the weight may be a better bet at half the price ???
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Kyle - thank you for all the info. It really is a case of size matters  ;)

I'll measure my battery and then start trawling the various specs.



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Ian Podmore

I've just taken out a 'type 895' battery that I think is the same as this battery which has served me well.

Mine only weighed 7kg tonight when I removed it, which is give or take the same as the Odyssey PC680 that is replacing it, but it only cost half the price.  I guess the 895 has lost some weight over time?

The 895 had a capacity of 24Ah and cranking capacity of 250A which was fine for a standard 1800 Zetec even when the battery was in poor health.

The 895 therefore appears to me to be a good choice for a 'normal' type of car battery.

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Dare I say it, there's nowt wrong with Halfords (sorry, Halfrauds) batteries

I must have been very unlucky then, I recently bought a new battery from Halfords and it turned out to be 'unservicable' went to change it and the one I picked up off the shelf was also 'unservicable'. 3rd time I got one that was OK.

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thats an odd one - runn dry to the tank?

Mine does that too.....  didn't do it with the old DGAV.... but does it now with the DCOE's....  not sure if they're the problem (nothing else on the fuel system has changed).  I thought it might have something to do with being on the back of a trailer (i.e bumping around without the pump operating..), as that's the only other thing I do differently since changing the carbs.... but sounds like yours does it having just stood still..   so that could be the case with mine too.

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The fuel thing is just evaporation over time. Both mine do it, carbs and injection. It's a non issue...

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