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Weber vs Omex


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Hi guys

Any thoughts on which is better for a Zetec installiation running twin 45`s.

Any information and advice would be great



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Hi Dunc,

I think the OMEX range of ECUs is the former GEMS system which OMEX are now marketing.

I have the GEMS ignition only system on my zetec and have had no problems at all in 13,000 miles / 2 and a bit years.

I haven't got round to trying the mapping software but according to the OMEX site it is freely available and, in fact, you can download a fully functioning version from their site.

I have heard that the Weber software is only available to their dealers meaning that you have to take it to a suitably equipped rolling road to get access to the maps.

This reduces your choice of options to only those rolling roads who are Weber agents and I think this is reason enough to go for the OMEX system.


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Dunc Kevin is absolutly spot on the Omex system is the exact system as the Gems and Luminition systems just marketed under a different liecence,if you have a lap top or can access one and have a little bit of knowledge you have to go the home mappable route just in case you want to touch it at a later date,i also would look at the Emerald and DTA systems as they are also well regaurded in the ECU scene..

:t-up: the choice is yours one out the three.just a thought a rolling road session can easily whack up to the £250 mark as well :0

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