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gearbox noise

stormin norman

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yup ferrari modena yellow of coarse  ;)  :0  :D  :)  ;)  :arse:  :t-up:  :t-up:  :t-up:  :t-up:  :t-up:  :t-up:  :t-up:  :t-up:  :t-up:  :t-up:  :t-up:  :t-up:  :t-up:  :t-up:  :t-up: mmmmmmmmmmm yellow things  :t-up:

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Homer D

Sorry Steve D (easy mistake to make)

What do you want another gearbox for, you didn't use the one in the Cateringvan when at Croft; quite happy to cruise around in 3rd gear if I remember correctly.

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i will think you will find that it was forth gear and if i remember i was still quicker billy  :p  ;)

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