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heating and ignition

eddie barrow

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I have two issues I would like some help with. I am restoring a 1989 SEIW crossflow and am converting it to Vauxhall 16v. I am on a tight budget. I intend to fit twin 45 dellortos or webers depending on what becomes available at the right price, and wish to know how to provide sparks using basic components,I have the standard fuel injection package at present, are any of these bits re-useable and what else do I need. Finally which heater is best fit, any help is most appreciated ???

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Hi Eddie. Look for an Electronic dizzy off a 1.8 Astra Mk2 SRi with the associated components. Also available on various other Vauxhalls too, you need to find one that works in isolation to the fuelling. This will bolt on to replace the existing XE dizzy and give you spark. Apparently you can also utilise the standard ECU to fire sparks but I cant be much more help on this. If Russbif reads this post, I am sure he can help you some more.

As for heaters, I am just about to rip mine out, as many other owners seem to, so if you want to buy one for a few beer tokens.......

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